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  1. Here is the FB video that was recorded by Meshack (Porini Lion guide)
  2. Couple days ago Jackson from Porini Lion put photos of those two wild dogs on his FB page (I guess they moved to Olare). And today Asilia Mara bush houses posted the video below (pack of 10 dogs) "African painted dogs are amongst the most endangered animals and must count yourself very Lucky to have watched them in wilderness doing their stuff. At mara houses we have had a great week with a pack of 10 dogs roaming at Acacia valley! It was great experience to see them how ruthlessly fast they caught and finished their kill...listen to music on the background!"
  3. @@snuglbear13, thank you very much for your kind words . Yes, it was all done only using 70-200 but I must say that at times I did feel that I don't have enough reach. I will try to write lodge reviews but I don't know when. I am little bit off the safari now as I have just bought my second horse. And horses and Africa compete a lot for the budget lol.
  4. No, I will not know dates for 2017 till December . I have to wait.
  5. Better chances for great sightings: off-roading, good guide, good traversing area, flexible hours Reliable, open, photographer friendly vehicle Not too many people around I don't care too much about food, tent size, and even tent view
  6. @@Atravelynn, thank you so much for all the information! I have never had a vest for hiking, but I think I will buy one @@pault, I did not think about altitude, I will take my altitude pills with me, they helped very well in Peru. Buhoma is not quite convenient for me as all habituation tracks are from Rushaga and habituation tracks start at least one hour earlier than normal tracks so they recommend to stay nearby.
  7. @@Antee, @ellenhighwater, chimpanzee experience sounds great to me, but I am struggling to fit it into itinerary. I would not want to do it before gorillas, as I want to be as healthy and full of energy for gorilla treks as possible . But I am not sure if I am in good enough shape after all gorilla experiences. But I guess at the end it is only couple hundred dollars to lose if I am dead... so if I have time, I will try to include it. Good point! Maybe I will include a rest day at least to allow everything to dry . It will be great if I can spend this day with gorilla researches. But we will see. That is exactly what I am thinking. However I try to travel with only a carry-on, it might be a challenge to pack the second pair of hiking boots there . Did you use gaiters too? Or one does not need gaiters on the trek? Yes, this is my plan B, I have my mirrorless camera. It does not have the best lens ever, but it still gives a decent shots and it is light In normal life I do rock climbing and horse riding, I was also going to sign for Zumba classes (to improve cardio) I hope it will help . Thank you! It is a good idea!
  8. Thank you, @@Antee. It is good to know! I am adding another question to the list . Today I read about safari with Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka ( ) It was Premier safaris that offered it, but i think this tour operator is out of business. I have sent message to CTPH, but I am wondering if by any chance somebody had this experience or heard about this experience.
  9. Well, my most memorable experience is not quite my favorite.   Here is my most memorable one (lions killing a wild dog) and probably one of the rarest ever. It was Kirkman's Kamp in Sabi Sand all photos are here ( ) . Here is just one to illustrate:     My most favorite sighting is probably this year leopards' play session, Porini Lion, OMC. All photos are here ( ) Here are couple that I just love :)      
  10. After I had read about the habituation experience with gorillas I got hooked . I am thinking to have a very gorilla-centric tour next year. I am still not sure it will be Feb, Jun or Sep (it will depend on work schedule). Ideally I would want to fly into Bwindi and have 4-5 tracks on daily basis (3 habituation tracks and 1-2 normal tracks). But my question is if I am going to die with the schedule like this? I mean I am in pretty good physical shape, I did Patagonia hiking (90-100 kilometers in 4 days) but it is obvious that Uganda jungles are not comparable to Patagonia mountains . What do you think? Would you recommend rest days in between? The other question is how wet the hike is? If I track gorillas on daily basis do I have to have the second pair of hiking boots or I will be fine with one pair? I am still thinking if I should or I should not include chimpanzee tracking? Is it worth it? It is more about logistic. With only gorilla tracking I will just fly in/out but I am not sure how to add chimpanzee tracking without adding too much travel time. Normally, when you track in Bwindi do you have a lot of nice sceneries around? I mean should I have a good wide angle lens with me? Which one would you recommend for Nikon but within let's say $900-1000 price (better cheaper )
  11. Thank you for all your nice words! I love Safari Talk for this opportunity to share memories and emotions with like minded people. They did say that it is incredible , they also said they have never spent so much time with same cheetahs lol I was there from Feb 9th to Feb 19th. I must say that we did not see a lot of wildebeest in OMC. We saw plenty of them in Ol Kinyei. I was told that there are couple reasons for this: 1) new fences that are blocking Loita herds migration (herds are now almost locked in Naboisho/ Ol Kinyei) 2) OMC had not allowed cattle grazing and due to unusually heavy rains the conservancy had very long grass, wildebeests and zebras did not like it so they were staying at short grass areas (on a border of the conservancy). We started to see a few calves by the end of my stay but there were still a lot of pregnant wildebeests around so I would guess it was right a beginning of calving. Thank you!!!
  12. I believe (but I can't give my right hand ): - Naborr has 14 month old cubs (as at the moment; they were around year old when I was there): 1 male and 2 females. These cubs should be out pretty soon (if not already) - Both Imani and Musiara have 10 month old cubs (as at the moment; they were 8 month old when I was there). One of them has 1 male and 2 females and another 2 males and 1 female. Don't ask which one . I believe I still have chances to see them with their mothers in September.
  13. @@Atravelynn, thank you very much for providing such a great feedback! It is getting me back to Africa and my memories. And it is especially pleasant to have another cheetah lover here Well, comparing to so many outstanding photos on ST...

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