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  1. Eye contact, Samburu NR.
  2. Samburu National reserve, our very first leopard 15 minutes after leaving the camp, beginner's luck, long time ago !!
  3. Sorry if it's not the right place to post; Do you know a self catering camp in Masai Mara (with ensuite Toilets room) next to the Talek gate or Musiara gate. We have find one in the Lemek conservancy but we no idea if this place is good for wildlife or not. thanks for sharing your experiences.
  4. Big ears, Samburu national reserve for sure A trailer , funny game .
  5. A cook and a Driver/guide, that's the real luxury. No headache for planning menus. -Wake up at 6, tea and biscuit, on the tracks for sunrise, while some are still in lodges waiting for breakfast. after 2,3 or even 4 hours game drive, back to camp for breakfast (pancakes on demand, bacon,tomatoes, eggs...) - A little pause for watching morning pics, reading or photos around the camp. -Lunch before rest or various activities. The cook can pickup your car for last minute shopping. - when the cook begins to prepare afternoon tea, it's time to go on game drive. - after sunset , shower and dinner.
  6. well to protect our camera gear, my son and I use this waterproof bags, very light and easy to use without danger to capsize, with floatable capacity in case of.... this bag is much more expensive but safer. We camp for 3 days on a remote island in the panhandle, the mokoros were stable if you are quiet. camera always in line with the mokoro and no sudden movement , smooth rotation, and over yourshoulder if you want to take photograph of your poller behind you. Use ultra wide angle lens and liveview viewer.
  7. We used to do self catering in Kenya (from small tents to guest house or tented camp ) and for a minimum extra cost, ask for a cook for 9 days. You don't have to bother to go shopping, peel potatoes, look after monkeys or porcupine (don't forget slingshot ) or buy kitchen ustensils only for 9 days. . Buy a minimum in supermarket and fresh fruits and vegetables along the road. My opinion will be different for a 4 months self-catering trip.
  8. behind the mosquito net
  9. Tsavo west , sunrise
  10. Meru National Park, Kenya Sunrise or sunset ?
  11. Bateleur. Mara 2011.
  12. Meru NP, feb2017.
  13. The sphynx, Samburu NR.
  14. Mara 2011.
  15. Mara 2011.

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