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  1. Tsavo West, Kenya. Okavango panhandle, Botswana.
  2. Tarangire, Tanzania.
  3. Sleeping beauty, Meru NP, feb 2017.
  4. As a Meru lover, I totally agree with you. We were there six months ago and not troubled with Tse tse, no more in July 2 years before, just some from place to place. There are many tse tse flies trap. Laikipia has just post photo of their mobile camp a few hours ago, it's looks quite comfortable with ensuite bathroom.,, you can have very nice sightings in Meru Np and the landscape are gorgeous. Take a look at Tom Keillie trips reports
  5. Depth of field in 8 seconds.
  6. Amboseli swamp is a good place for birds. And there is always good surprises on a game drive. In Amboseli while looking a martial eagle, a honey badger appears out of his den.
  7. So is this one on the road to the airport! Tsavo west , feb2017. f6,3, 1/400, iso 2500, 135mm. Fight or play? Amboseli, feb 2017.
  8. P is for pair Yellow necked Francolin and an European Roller, Tsavo West , February 2017. D500, 70 /200mm . F5.6, 1:1000SEC, 155mm, 400 iso.
  9. Abdim's stork, Meru national park, kenya. February 2017.
  10. Rüppel's vulture, between shade and light, Samburu february 2017.
  11. Moremi Game reserve. Botswana 2014.
  12. Leopard Sunset , Samburu national reserve, Kenya, February 2017.
  13. A favorite, not the best one . A levitating lilac breasted roller, Tsawo west 2015.
  14. @@penolva we have stayed three times at the purdy arms. Mamba, simba and twiga suites , the last one is the widest with a private balcony . it's not a 5 stars hotel, the furniture is a little bit used but the beds are very comfortable, we loved the warm atmosphere far from a standard international hotel. To have breakfast on the terrace with a view on the garden is a real dream, you can even see eagles in the trees and much more resident wildlife. we have a mixed souvenir of a Karaoke night( on the 2nd Friday of the month). there'salso some an art shop in the garden, a good choice in my humble opinion.
  15. @@pault, Tsawo west was dry, rivers and waterholes were empty. No big cats seen, but birds were there in large quantities. Dogs in the rhino sanctuary were a big surpise. The day after we saw briefly another herd on the way back to the airport. This was a group of appro 20 dogs, they were very calm but it was hot . We stayed there one hour or so, two or three cars passed rapidly, dogs are for safari lovers.

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