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  1. As a Meru lover, I totally agree with you. We were there six months ago and not troubled with Tse tse, no more in July 2 years before, just some from place to place. There are many tse tse flies trap. Laikipia has just post photo of their mobile camp a few hours ago, it's looks quite comfortable with ensuite bathroom.,, you can have very nice sightings in Meru Np and the landscape are gorgeous. Take a look at Tom Keillie trips reports
  2. Depth of field in 8 seconds.
  3. Amboseli swamp is a good place for birds. And there is always good surprises on a game drive. In Amboseli while looking a martial eagle, a honey badger appears out of his den.
  4. So is this one on the road to the airport! Tsavo west , feb2017. f6,3, 1/400, iso 2500, 135mm. Fight or play? Amboseli, feb 2017.
  5. P is for pair Yellow necked Francolin and an European Roller, Tsavo West , February 2017. D500, 70 /200mm . F5.6, 1:1000SEC, 155mm, 400 iso.
  6. Abdim's stork, Meru national park, kenya. February 2017.
  7. Rüppel's vulture, between shade and light, Samburu february 2017.
  8. Moremi Game reserve. Botswana 2014.
  9. Leopard Sunset , Samburu national reserve, Kenya, February 2017.
  10. A favorite, not the best one . A levitating lilac breasted roller, Tsawo west 2015.
  11. @@penolva we have stayed three times at the purdy arms. Mamba, simba and twiga suites , the last one is the widest with a private balcony . it's not a 5 stars hotel, the furniture is a little bit used but the beds are very comfortable, we loved the warm atmosphere far from a standard international hotel. To have breakfast on the terrace with a view on the garden is a real dream, you can even see eagles in the trees and much more resident wildlife. we have a mixed souvenir of a Karaoke night( on the 2nd Friday of the month). there'salso some an art shop in the garden, a good choice in my humble opinion.
  12. @@pault, Tsawo west was dry, rivers and waterholes were empty. No big cats seen, but birds were there in large quantities. Dogs in the rhino sanctuary were a big surpise. The day after we saw briefly another herd on the way back to the airport. This was a group of appro 20 dogs, they were very calm but it was hot . We stayed there one hour or so, two or three cars passed rapidly, dogs are for safari lovers.
  13. Tusks in dust, Samburu National reserve, february 2017.
  14. @@anniesbeard, finding budget accommodations in Samburu is not so easy. The first time we were at the public campsite but the baboons were a BIG problem , our cook had big problem with them. You need a camp attendant who provide firewood and guard against the baboons and vervet monkeys. We have stayed two times in Lion king camp ( self catering ) but it's no longer possible (2011 , 2013) . Two weeks ago we were at the Samburu riverside eco campsite for the second time. In 2015, the camp was quite a mess, BUT the new owner has totally refitted the camp. The tents are new ( a few weeks) under a thatched roof, new pathways, new kitchen and "dining/lounge " room. The camp is located near the Park headquarters, you can even see the place (old accomodations ) on google streetview. You can see the differences with our actual photos! You can book with booking but the best is to contact Kelvin Lemantaan with Facebook from Ben and Sylvie. Hope you'll find a place to stay, Samburu is such a great place. Ben.
  15. Three days ago our latest sightings were a group of tenty wild dogs , in Tsavo West NP, hidden in the rhino sanctuary . as we left them, the youngest wanted to follow the car.

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