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  1. On the way to Twee Rivieren we still had time to see this jackal drinking, And a little bit of action among oryx Really a beautiful antilope The last kori bustard Our best day sighting of a bat-eared fox And the last road block Needless to say I became an unconditional fan of KTP, a place where I really want o go back. We had great moments, wonderful sightings, the landscape is also a treat and, best of all, it was a great family vacation, so the las picture is of the four o us Thanks to all of you who followed and commented our trip.
  2. While returning to Twee Rivieren to leave KTP there were still a few nice sightings, such as these young sprinboks practicing to become dominant males. And a video of the moment:
  3. After the cheetahs left to the other side of the dune we went a bit further on the road and had another great sighting, a group of meerkats warming themselves, with the morning sunrays making a very nice effect in their fur, looking like some kind of an aura in their side hairs. I don´t need to tell you how much we enjoyed the time we spent with this family of meerkats.
  4. I think you´re going to enjoy our next sighting.
  5. The 23rd August in the afternoon we had to take the plane at Upington to start our long way back home, but we still had time for a final drive at the park until around 10:30, it was the coldest morning of all, -2º at 7:00, and there was a bit of a mist in the road and at the Nossob river bed. Probably because of the cold there were no animals anywhere until we saw a couple of cars, there was something at the left hand side of the road and it turned out to be two cheetahs, two male brothers I assume. The first one passed by While the second decided to mark the territory, first scratching the tree with his claws (pity he did it in the wrong side of the tree) and then scent marking it with his urine Then they climbed the dune, watched around And eventually passed to the other side of the dune Not a lot of action but a great sighting for a late start of our last morning at KTP
  6. I´m glad you catched up, even if the trip is entering it´s final strech.
  7. After the wonderful meerkat sightings there wasn´t much to be seen until Twee Rivieren, with the exception of these two raptors which I don´t dare to try to identify, so I´ll wait for the experts verdict. Then we had a decision to make, we were quite tired but we arrived at TR before 17:00 and although next morning we would still make a (half) morning drive in the park chances are that we won´t return there any time soon so I thought it was worth it to drive a little bit in the Nossob road, so we had a snack and a beer at Twee Rivieren and went back to the road. It was a good decision because not far from the gate there were some cars and that usually means cats, and it was the case, in the other bank there were three lions, one male, which seemed to be still young since his mane wasn´t fully developed, and two females, one of them with a collar, maybe they were the same three lions that broke inside the camp the other night but of course that may be just me speculating. They weren´t as close as we would like but it was still a very nice sighting and with the binoculars we could see them pretty well. The male was clearly in the mood for love so he tried his chance with one of the ladies But she wasn´t at the same mood Cropped picture And she didn´t let him do what he wanted to do Another cropped picture And she moved away And there they were, the girls to one side and the boy to the other and we had to go away without knowing if there was another round as we couldn´t miss the gate closure. That night it was braai night With the lamb chops and the borewoers we bought at Sitzas and a nice syrah from the western cape And before going to bed my daughter and I made some experiences taking pictures of the stars, these are the best we could do, we missed a good tripod, we forgot to change to the small lens which would be lighter and there´s much we need to learn as well. Anyway I must say I never saw such an amazing sky, we were lucky to be in KTP during the new moon so there were only stars to be seen and it was just incredible, the milky way unbelievably lighted.
  8. Sorry for the overload but I couldn´t help it.
  9. After we left the wrestling wildebeest of kept driving along the Auob until we saw this meerkat, one of my favourites animals which we had only seen from quite a distance in the sunset drive we took the day before. I really love this image of the lone meerkat on the river bed, it´s the kind of image I had in my head as been quintessential Kgalagadi without having been there any time before. Of course that meerkat wasn´t alone, there was the rest of the gang and they were really close to the road, we got a good position and stayed with them for a good while watching this awesome creature while my daughter took the pictures, and it was really hard to choose so prepare for a "massacre"
  10. You can only get out of the vehicule in designated places, like picnic sites, and I would say 99% of the people self drive in this park and vehicules are normal, no pop-top, most of the time our windows were down, except when passing by or driving behind other vehicules, because of the dust.
  11. As I said we had to leave Corinne so we didn´t know what happened, if there was some action and if she was successful or not, we kept driving the Auob road towards Twee Rivieren, once again we saw giraffes in what looked like a meeting around the tree We got some close ups of springboks Some female kudus drinking at a waterhole And we stayed for a while watching this group of wildebeest, as there seemed to be lots of testosterone in the air Two of them got engaed in a fight, although not too serious Then four And then it looked like wildebeest wrestlemania It was fun to watch, as I said it didn´t seem to be too serious and none of them seemed to get hurt, but it was a good momment of the drive.
  12. We left Mata Mata to make the 120km back to the park gate at Twee Rivieren, once again I couldn´t resist to take a few pictures of the road and the landscape. Soon after leaving Mata Mata a car made us signs with the headlights and the very gentle couple inside told us that there was a cheetah moving along the left side of the road 3,1km from where we were (perfectly detailed information), we thanked them and moved away at 50km/h and, right according to the information, there it was, close to the road and moving south, this beautiful cheetah that we found out in another forum that is a female known as Corinne. Gorgeous animal, really athletic and elegant ,a true sprinter. There was only another car nearby (then another one after we warned another family with our headlights) and we watch and slowly moved along Corinne, who had a goal, a herd of springboks grazing several hundreds of meters ahead, in the middle of the river bed. Corinne´s task wasn´t an easy one, there was a lot of open terrain between her and the herd so she moved slowly, trying to blend with the grass Then she sat for a bit to assess the situation And decided to cross to the other bank, to the dune, but that had to be done in the open By then the springboks were still quite far from Corinne but either they spotted her or sensed that there was danger because one of them was a little apart from the others, with it´s head up in Corinne´s direction, without moving. In the meantime we had a great (although brief) moment when we were watching Corinne already in the dune and in the river bed a scrub hare passed running for it´s life with two jackals running behind it, suddenly the hare turned to the dune and the jackals didn´t even notice that and kept running, but it was too quick so we don´t have pictures of that pursuit. By then Corinne was moving along the dune, as stealthy as possible. From time to time we lost her sight, then saw her again, until she sat, then laid down, and stopped moving. We waited for a good while but it became clear that there was probably going to be some action but it was going to take time, Corinne was still far from the springboks and we had all the Auob road ahead of us, if we were staying at Mata Mata we would have return later but it wasn´t the case so we had to leave the scene. It was, nevertheless, one of the best moments of the trip.
  13. At Mata Mata we had a purpose, to go to Sitzas Farmsatll to by meat for that night´s braai, it was father and daughter team´s turn Going shopping in Namibia after getting the necessary authorization from the border officer Sitzas Farmstahl, 800m from the border Back from shopping Return to South Africa Our company while we had some sandwiches at Mata Mata picnic site And time to hit the road again for an absolutely memorable afternoon

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