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  1. Thanks @xelas and @Dave Williams. Certainly I am enjoying the 9 frames per second...
  2. Thanks @PeterHG This thread is becoming a bit of a photographic diary, my apologies. A couple of weeks ago, I was discussing my camera woes with a 4x4 friend. A couple of days later, he told me he had an old D3 that he wanted to give me. Of course, I gratefully accepted. For a ten-year-old camera, it is still pretty good! In terms of picture quality, it's not quite up to the D750, but it is considerably better than the D7000 (although one does lose reach). Here are some early results, in the form of some "improved" photos of previously-posted birds: 46) Crested Barbett 36) Common Fiscal 163) Sacred Ibis: 23) Yellow-billed Duck:
  3. 176) Fiery-necked Nightjar Afrikaanse Naguil Caprimulgus pectoralis This is a bird I have been wanting a shot of for many years. When it happened, of course, I was stuck with the inferior (at night anyway) D7000, and without a flash. The illumination was the vehicle's headlights, but we were so close it was actually shining over the bird already, so the photo has room for improvement, but for now, I'm happy. Kopjeskraal, 24 September
  4. Bugger. Anyway, you're still beating me. Been trying for weeks now to just get a half-decent pic of a Common Mynah (which really is common here). Nada!
  5. You guys must watch out! I am watching you...
  6. 175) Golden-breasted Bunting Rooirugstreepkoppie Emberiza flaviventris 23 September, Kopjeskraal
  7. Thanks @xelas. I just got lucky. I think they were feeling very amourous...
  8. Thanks @PeterHG 174) Chinspot Batis Male: Female: Kopjeskraal, 24 September
  9. Congratulations and thanks for spoiling us with such a magnificent collection of beautiful birds!
  10. Some great shots. I especially like the spoonbil take-off!
  11. 173) Brown-hooded Kingfisher Bruinkopvisvanger Halcyon albiventris Another less-than-wonderful photo, but he deserted before sunrise... 23 September, Kopjeskraal
  12. Congratulations on 300! A sterling effort with some magnificent photos and birds!
  13. Me neither. My concern is not so much where you get the bees, or how to get them to move in, but with what happens with the trees that don't have hives in them.
  14. Thanks @xelas. By the way, just 167 days to go before Bots! 172) Blue Waxbill Gewone Blousysie Uraeginthus angolensis 22 September, Kopjeskraal
  15. Thank you @Dave Williams and @xelas Alex, I am convinced the D750 would have firstly acheived better focus, and secondly shown much less noise. Be that as it may, it was a wonderful little bird to see. The next weekend our camera club had it's annual weekend away. We went to Kopjeskraal, a guest farm just outside the town of Parys, on the rim of the Vredefort Dome, believed to be an ancient meteorite crater. The birdlife was pretty good, although most of the birds were rather shy. 171) Black-collared Barbet Rooikophoutkapper Lybius torquatus 22 September, Kopjeskraal

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