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  1. Thanks @TonyQ, you probably have a point there.
  2. Some lovely examples of "the art of framing" there @Whyone?
  3. 48) Marico Flycatcher Maricovlieevanger Bradornis mariquensis 1 January, Pilanesberg
  4. 47) Common Myna Indiese Spreeu Acridotheres tristis This is an introduced species and a real pest. Their range is increasing rapidly as they are very adaptable and intelligent (I suspect a lot of animals say that about us humans). 2 January, Pilanesberg 11 January, Kempton Park
  5. 46) Magpie Shrike Langstertlaksman Corvinella melanoleuca 1 January, Pilanesberg 14 February, Timbavati 17 February, Timbavati
  6. Thanks for a great trip report, I enjoyed following along.
  7. Kgalagadi really pulled the fat out of the fire once again! Thanks for a wonderful trip report.
  8. 45) Red-backed Shrike Rooiruglaksman Lanius collurio 1 January, Pilanesberg
  9. More beautiful birds, and magnificent photos!
  10. @pomkiwi, I apologise. The Kambaku I referred to in another thread is a different lodge from Kambaku River Sands...
  11. @Tulips, that is considerably scarier than being stuck in a dry river bed in the African bush! I love the convenience of a GPS, but one definately needs to be able to navigate the old-fashioned way too!
  12. Unfortunately i am back @pomkiwi. However, the farm I was on is Joubertshoop, which i believe is right next to Kambaku, and they share a dam. We saw a very nice big buffalo bull there a couple of days ago, and yesterday morning there were two hippo in that dam. I hope you enjoy your trip. The point you make about Google maps is a good one. But for newbies on their first trip out of the developed world, this may not be immediately obvious. Even my dedicated GPS with the Southern African overlander's go-to mapping program (Tracks for Africa) could not plot a decent route to their lodge, and I eventually had to resort to the off road mode (which basically indicates distance and direction only) to find the place. I think the most important advice I can give is, if you think you may be lost or on the wrong route, chances are good that you are, and it's often better to turn back and seek advice.
  13. Magnificent start Michael!
  14. This weekend I was lucky enough to join some friends at a private camp in the Timbavati. For those that don't know, many of the large private reserves bordering the Kruger have both lodges (where guests are entertained for money) and private camps (which may be accessed only by friends of the owners, and beds may not be hired out). The situation is made more complex by the fact that there are no fences between these properties, and very few signposts. These land owners are often irascible when they find uninvited strangers on their land (understandeable, this kind of exclusivity is ridiculously expensive). On Friday morning I was sitting next to a wild fig tree growing on the bank of a largish dry river bed, trying to get some decent photos of the birds enjoying the bounty of ripening fruit, when a Toyota Corolla with two people came past on the jeep track, down into the river-bed. And there, they promptly got quite well stuck. The noise they generated in the process chased all the birds away, so I moseyd down to see what wass going on. It turned out they were a young German couple, trying to get to their lodge. They were following a mixed set of directions (given to them by their bookign agent in Germany, who had also hired the car) and Google maps on a cell phone. They firmly believed they were on the correct route. I towed them out of the river bed, led them to an air strip, told them to leave their car their, packed their luggage in my car and drove them to their lodge, still following their cell phone as I do not know the area and did not know the location of their camp. Suffice to say, the route they were on would have completely destroyed their little Toyota. Suffice to say also that the lodge is easily reachable by normal sedans, assuming the correct route is followed. I am not really sure what the moral of the story is, or what advice I would have given beforehand, but if I had not been there, they would probably have spent a very uncomfortable night there...
  15. 44) Rufous-naped Lark Rooineklewerik Mirafra africana 1 January, Pilanesberg All these birds from the Guineafowl onward were spotted in or near the denser areas along the dry river beds at the inflow of Mankwe dam. Most birds are to some extent dependent on water, and tend to congregate near water sources, or at the very least the lusher vegetation in the rivirine areas.

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