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  1. I don't know whether this also holds true for other parts of the world, but here in Southern Africa snake experts say the colouration range of snakes is so wide that colour and even colour patterns should not be used for identification. Instead, identification should primarily be based on head shape and scale pattern, and the better field guides show scale pattern diagrams.
  2. Beautiful shots. Especially the Cuckoo!
  3. Beautiful pictures Gill @KaingU Lodge and Martin @Soukous!
  4. I have only been there once myself, and that only for one day/2 nights. My opinion is that the main circle route is already a very long drive, and despite having been there in a 4x4 and being a keen 4x4 trail driver, we just couldn't find the time to do a 4x4 trail. I suspect this may be less of a problem if staying at Afsaal. For the main circle route, any normal car will be fine.
  5. @Elsa Hoffmann, i have already treated @Tom Kellie to Skilpadjies. Pofadder (and the ingredients thereof) seems scarce here, and Sonja refuses to cook me offal... I will never forget how i used to help my dad saw open the head to get the brains out. This is then tied into a bag made from the stomach lining. I understand why most people get squeemish at the thought of offal, which is a pity since it is a truly tasty meal, and to me at any rate far less offensive than polony. I once had the misfortune of visiting a polony factory... Anyway, my Safaritalk friends need not worry about getting offal in my house... This looks like a very interesting tour. On a more topical subject, Have they managed to deal with the feral cat population on the island, and are birds breeding there again?
  6. Thank you very much @AndMic
  7. @Xelas, with D610 i would try one or two shots like that to check the composition, then cut the ISO to 400, and later lift shadows and then exposure. This way, i get a little bit less noise, and much less sensitivity to other lights or light painting. Also, the built-in interval timer is a great alternative to a remote, unless you specifically want to do a star trail stack afterwards.
  8. That roundabout is called Paaltjies. You will see road signs leading you there @Levante
  9. Beautiful images Elsa, as I have come to expect from you. I camped there for one night on the way back from Cape Town in December 2015, and although we never saw anything particularly impressive on the large mammal front, i did see plenty of ordinary game and felt it was a great stop-over. However, the cabin you stayed at is definately has a much better view than the campsite! But where did you get stuck in sand? I never found any. Anycase, if it were possible for me to visit you and @xelas next year, perhaps my ti.e would be better spent taking you both to Atlantis dunes for some sand driving as your night photography skills are obviously top notch...
  10. @Game Warden, even though I am a confirmed lover of red meat, i would place the meals as a strong draw-card to any lodge or caml you served at. If i could think of any job in the industry that i actually think i could do without seriously compromising my ability to maintain my family to the limited style they have become used to, i would do so in a flash, but i guess the only job i could actually do would be as a mechanical foreman, possibly also taking the odd marketing photo...
  11. Beautiful area! OK, lesson no. 1: You need to use the D610 and 20mm f1.8...
  12. Well done! The friagtebird has a really unusual shape!
  13. Fantastic photos from Farne islands and you garden, and congratulations on the tonne!
  14. That is correct. The salt factory is at the southern end of the lagoon. The salt works and the road across the southern end of the lagoon (between the evaporation dams, which are the colourful ones you refer to), and up the breakwater to the lighthouse is passable with any car. Do not venture into the area south of the salt mine unless you know what you are doing or have company, and definately 4x4 is required. Best to use a guide, there are many. Also, to venture south of the salt works, a permit is required. This can be purchased from the offices of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
  15. I would love to come, but i very much doubt i will be able to. @Elsa Hoffmann , i will look out for those. @xelas , january will be bad for night sky fotos, as the milky way will be below the horizon. Best time is pretty much right now... But as Elsa mentioned, there is some health risk...

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