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  1. Thanks to you guy's eagle eyes!
  2. Looking around, I suspect this must be a Long-tailed Widowbird. Thanks for the help @PeterHG and @xelas. Total comes down one, as long-tailed widow was bird no. 4, in post #4. And @xelas beat me to the post...
  3. I'll have another look @PeterHG, but this was definitely too large to be a pin-tailed Whydah. Any other contenders?
  4. 211) Sabota Lark Sabotalewerik Mirafra sabota 3 December, Rietvlei Nikon D500.
  5. Amazing total, with some truly fabulous birds captured! Well done.
  6. Like all your reports, this has been a real joy to follow. Thank you!
  7. Thanks @Galana Right now I am deleting rubbish photos...
  8. Somehow I am still struggling to get decent shots of even the most common birds in my garden... 210) Dark-capped Bulbul Swartoogtiptol Pycnonotus tricolor 22 October, my garden, Kempton Park, Nikon D3 2 December, same place, Nikon D500
  9. What a pretty little dove!
  10. Thank you @Dave Williams. So far it seems like a much better birding camera, and is even surprisingly good at elevated ISO's, but the newer AF system is the star of the show.
  11. @xelas, i do hope so. @Tdgraves, that was not the intention, but it's probably the best christmass present I have gotten in several years...
  12. 209) Pin-tailed Whydah Koningrooibekkie Vidua macroura First bird with my new camera, a Nikon D500 5 December, in a friend's garden in Rooihuiskraal, a suburb of Centurion
  13. @Atravelynn, a holiday whith no challenges whatsoever will be forgotten by next week... Well, that's my belief anyway.
  14. According to the forum, I have run out of likes. I disagree. What a magnificent trip and report, thank you very much!
  15. Thanks for dragging us along, it was a wonderful ride! Wonderful photos throughout!

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