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  1. @@Peter Connan the first 2 pics of the Malchite are adults. Pics 3 and 4 are juvenile. Beautiful images
  2. @@Game Warden, it works very well for me. I also use the 7D II with the Canon 300 f/2.8 lens which gives sharper images and focuses faster but can be frustrating when a large subject is close to you. or when a bird is not close to you.
  3. I upgraded from the 7D to 7D MKII and from the Canon 100-400 to the Canon 100-400 II lens in December 2014 just before our trip to Kruger. So a completely new system which I had to get use to. The 7D II has plenty of customised settings and each person will have to find what works best for them. I like the new lens as it is not push/pull but ring zoom. The AF is fast and it just feels good.The images are great. OK not as good as those we get with our prime lenses but this is the set up for the first image at any sighting. If a subject is hanging around I may then chage to a prime lens. Southern Carmine Bee-eater Lion cubs in low light - early morning European Roller Wild Dog in low light - early morning Cheetah White Rhino Masthulele - presently the biggest tusker in Kruger Giant Kingfisher Lilac Breasted Roller Yes, Kruger delivers every time
  4. Thank you @@Shaka. Safe travels and enjoy your trip to Kruger and good luck with the sightings.
  5. You were very lucky with your bird sightings @@michael-ibk I think from all the beautiful birds you have shown us this one is my absolute favourite
  6. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful birds @@michael-ibk and beautifully captured.
  7. Their colours are amazing @@michael-ibk
  8. It was a awesome sighting @@Tdgraves and patience paid off.
  9. @@Marks, Jeff Gordon the author of "101 Kruger Tales" did approach us to submit our story for consideration and we did. I have not seen the book yet but I assume it will be our sighting.
  10. African Fish Eagle - Kruger
  11. @@Big_Dog I guess it is unfair for me to say Kruger has lost its charm, rather let me say, it has lost its rustic charm for me, at least. Remember I have been going to Kruger since before the advent of most of the technology we have now. As children we were also very impatient to see animals around every bend but we were taught to be perseverant. Nothing against technology but with the new generation I find their expectation of the bush experience is much more ‘here and now.’ They rush to and from sightings which I have no problem with, but many tourists expect to take home action shots. This is when the problem comes in. Some people hoot and throw items at animals to attract their attention or to get up so that they have their perfect photos. People get out of their cars at lion and leopard sightings to get a better view. We have Blackberry Groups and 2 way radio groups and therefore people speeding to get to a sighting. As far as crowds are concerned I do not have a problem with attracting more tourists. It keeps our Parks viable but it also becomes more difficult to monitor the tourists in such a large unpoliced area. We as visitors have to obey rules without being told to. Unfortunately many believe rules do not apply in the Parks because you are in the bush. As children we learned the etiquette of behaviour in the Park from our elders. Each car that we passed either waved a greeting or stopped and had a little chat about their sightings. There was no hurry! You had to carry your rubbish back to camp with you; you did not want any animals to be killed because of your lack of consideration for them. They had right of way here. That was drummed into our heads! Having said all this we still do find quiet spots in Kruger and still have sightings all to ourselves. So there is a place for all who want their own kind of bush experience in our Parks as long as you have some consideration for other travelers and the animals you come to see. In Kruger, my sense is that animal numbers have not fallen so that you do not see anything. I still get to see plenty. The first warden of the Park summarized it beautifully. Colonel James Stevenson-Hamilton said when he retired in April 1946 after 44 years of being a Warden in Kruger. “I had at least brought up Cinderella and launched her on her career. I loved her best when she was a pathetic and dust-covered little wench, derided and abused; always I felt that, given her chance, and her attractions recognised, unlimited possibilities lay before her. Now that she has become a great Lady it was fitting she should be provided with custodians perhaps better suited to provide her new requirements. Might her success, and the gifts increasingly showered upon her, not at last permanently affect her character, and transform her into a Dame so bedecked by human art that her natural loveliness would be hidden, and her simple nature spoiled? Might those holding her future in their hands, realise the true nature of their Trust, and not , by estimating her worth at artificial values only, cause her to languish, and ultimately perhaps to perish?’ @@michael-ibk, will try to update with sightings from our future trips.
  12. Bateleur Eagle
  13. Punda Maria and Pafuri We reach the last leg of the journey. Punda Maria is a little camp and it still has the communal braai area from back in the day. It was a great tradition of Kruger to gather round the communal braai and share stories, meet old friends and make new ones. Punda offers both camping and chalets. The name comes from Punda Maliya, which is zebra in Swahili. The first ranger of the area found zebra at the camp site and his wife was named Maria. The area is Sandveld Vegtation and has unusual Geology compared to the rest of Kruger. It also has relatively higher rainfall. Punda forms a good base to visit Pafuri. This area also forms the southern limit of some birds not seen in the rest of Kruger such as the Rackedt Tailed Roller, Dickenson's Kestrel and Bohm's Spinetail. I love the north for the sense of place and the peacefulness. The animals tend to be shy and skittish in the north and will peer at you Pride of lions at Klopperfontein Dam on the road from Punda to Pafuri. Curiously looking at us As was this Leoparad close to Punda Camp before slipping away into the bush On the H1-8 to Pafuri you will find the landmark Baobab Hill With a bit of luck, five cheetah on the road near Baobab Hill. Chances are you will enjoy the sighting on your own You are guaranteed a Nyala sighting in the Punda/Pafuri area and have an excellent chance of seeing the Sharpe's Grysbok. The bridge over the Levuvhu River is an excellent place for the Pel's Fishing Owl - I am yet to see one. Yours truly on the bridge My favourite River Drive in Kruger is the S63 from the Pafuri Picnic Site to Crooks Corner. You will see elephants, nyala, impala, buffalos, warthogs, baboons, vervet monkeys. Maybe lions and leopards or Pel's. You will see plenty of birds and you will feel good. Kruger has lost a lot of the charm and qualities I fell in love with yet it still holds a special magic and attraction and you can find what you want from a bush experience. We have not made a long trip to Kruger since January 2011 (only long weekend trips) visiting the Kgalagdi, The Cape and Natal parks in the last three years so I am looking forwad to our 12 day trip to Kruger in December 2014. Thank you to those who joined me on this nostalgic journey through Kruger and will only be glad to try to assist with any queries you mey have.
  14. You can say that again @@johnkok. We were in Kruger last weekend and had the pleasure of hearing the very distinct call of the fish eagle The sequence as we saw it. Just love the way it throw its head back. Then it took off. We missed the take off as we were too busy checking out the pics I put these pix together to the Call of the Fish Eagle
  15. We saw the Afsaal Pack of Kruger on 22 March 2014 at Afsaal There were 13 dogs and they were on the move, trotting in the grass and on the road, which made photography difficult. They ran for 8 kilometers in 90 minutes before going off into the bush. Always a thrill to see wild dogs If any lagged behind the alpha male was at hand, or on foot, to look out for them

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