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  1. It looks like this is going to be one of those groundbreaking TRs @@Kitsafari. Loving it so far and your photos, especially of the gharial. The difference in the water quality is astounding, with the brown waters being more akin to the colour of the Kinabatangan River in Sabah, the still black waters are great for photography though. Looking forward to reading the next instalment.
  2. Fantastic TR @@TonyQ, you managed to see so much on your holiday. Loved your photos and they all take me right back there. Now I want to go back again! The light in the rainforest is a real issue, even with a 1DX and a 300/2.8 it's a challenge, if I do go back I'll do a bit of research and see where I can use flash next time. Thanks for posting. Cal
  3. @@Tom Kellie I'm no expert and could be wrong It has been known and pointed out on numerous occasions
  4. @@Soukous They're straight out of the camera with 'as shot' setting. The others have been w/b adjusted as I posted them online already.
  5. For anyone heading to the Farne Islands in Northumberland soon I thought I'd let you know that things are starting to get busy now. The best time to go will probably be in around 4 - 5 weeks when there should be hatchlings around and a Terns still on eggs. I was here a couple of weeks ago and thee Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes and Shags were starting to lay eggs, although some nest building of epic proportions was still going on. The Arctic Terns had still to arrive, but the other birds were all there in force. Here's a few shots from the trip.
  6. My experiences have been similar to Soukous, the main communal areas are normally where you get a signal, and I guess it can be a bit of a pain when you just want to chill and forget about 'normal' life. But I can understand why wifi is important to others. Whilst I don't search out a wifi signal I am guilty of taking my memory card and laptop to communal areas after a hard days photography and probably having the same affect on other safari goers, hmmm.... best have a think about this!
  7. Great stuff @@TonyQ, glad you had a great time in Sabah. Loving your TR and photos. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip
  8. Hi @@BonitaApplebum, I'm not sure if I received all of the money I was owed by Caters but I did receive some of it. I've noticed my photos appear in many online magazines that I wasn't notified of, but have never been paid for these. However, the fine print does state that you only get paid when they receive the money themselves. They are busy, and don't communicate at all, so you have to do all the chasing. Don't expect anything close to a personal relationship with them, they want your photo to make money with... that's it. Having said all that, I did receive payment for the use of my photos in the more reputable online websites. If you don't mind chasing them for payments and understand that if they don't get paid for letting sites use your work then you don't get paid then go for it, you'll at least receive something for your efforts. Just clarify copyright before signing anything. Good luck. Cal
  9. Fantastic sequence of photos @@Bush dog, thanks for sharing them.
  10. Hi @@KaliCA , I shoot in raw and convert in Adobe Lightroom on my Mac afterwards. in my opinion there's no real need to shoot in mono with digital, can't quite grasp the Leica strategy with their mono only offering!
  11. I agree with @@Soukous, doesn't look like a fox. Black backed jackal cub for my money.
  12. I'm interested in a couple of caps GW
  13. Always... hmmmm But when I was there in August there were 4 glorious days of non-stop sunshine
  14. Thanks @@Soukous. These photos were taken on Loch na Keal on the Isle of Mull from on board the MV Lady Jane which sails from Ulva. The weather was fantastic and the eagles were eager to please on the morning I took these shots.

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