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  1. And I can't wait for the trip report. How exciting!
  2. With regard to open vehicles and Tanzania, open vehicles are not allowed in Ngorongoro Crater any longer. Serengeti and other national parks yes. The first time we went to Tanzania we had a vehicle with a pop-top but it also had canvas sides with plastic windows. The entire canvas side could be rolled up so you pretty much had an open vehicle with a roof. Once the Ngorongoro Crater rules went into effect, the car got sold. So you will see open vehicles used by camps that never do transfers but not by safari companies that go to multiple areas and parks. I like the pop top roof but I look for a vehicle that has roll down windows for the seat behind the driver and extra large custom made windows that slide for the back two or 4 seats. This gives you much greater ability to photograph from your seat when you don't have the option of a completely open vehicle.
  3. Hi Julian. I've taken two routes over the last 8 years going back and forth. KLM through Amsterdam. Always easy and rarely any problems but once. I've also flown Qatar twice and really liked this but the connections to where I go in the US from Doha are not good. There is always a really long layover for me in Doha. But, the advantage was it arrives mid-afternoon in Kilimanjaro instead of the evening or middle of the night. I used Qatar in June and the flight into Kili and out of Kili connected directly to Doha. No stop either way. I noticed that this depended on the day I was leaving Kili. On certain days there was a stop in Nairobi or Zanzibar. On other days there was not. I always get my Visa at the airport. I have flown Coastal air to Seronera airstrip from Arusha. They did weigh our bags although it was a "collective weight". They did not weigh any hand held items but these have to be small. I was in northern Serengeti in mid October a couple of years ago. No tsetse that I remember and they are a real problem for me. If I do get bit I take a half of a tablet of diphenhydramine and it does seem to help. But take it right away. If I'm going in an area with lots of tsetse I take it before I go. It did pour with rain on two afternoons. And I mean pour. Closed the Kogatende airstrip one day. But the storms last only 30 minutes or so, then it was beautiful and sunny. And very green. I've slept in several places in Arusha from the more upmarket to the very budget. Rivertrees Lodge is very nice but expensive if you are only going to be there one night, probably not worth it. Arusha hotel was also nice, although not as nice as Rivertrees. Breakfast there was awesome. Outpost Lodge but can not recommend it any more. Accommodation there varies greatly. Some good. Some really bad. Tumaini hotel was economical and nice but too far out of the way if your not staying in Arusha for a while. My most frequent choice now is Mvuli hotel. It is not luxury. Basic. But very clean. Great air conditioning. Very helpful staff. They will pick you up from the Kili airport if needed and charge less than the standard rate, but your safari company will probably handle this anyway. They can also take you to Arusha airport and it is fairly close. I think the fee for all of us was something ridiculously low like $10. Breakfast is not luxurious but what they do offer is very good. Cost is about $50/night so I usually choose this place if I just need someplace to sleep. Have a great trip!
  4. I was with George for a week in June in Seronera and saw many similar pictures that he had taken during your safari that he had downloaded onto his I-pad. When I got to the leopard kill and the honey badger I said," What!! Where is my leopard kill and honey badger.' He just laughed and shook his head and said what he always says "You must be patient"
  5. Exciting report as usual. I will be in Ndutu for 10 days next March. Can't wait!! Looking forward to the rest of this report.
  6. Wow. What a start. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  7. I can sympathize with this. One of my trips to Tanzania was for a friends 40th birthday. A Masaai asked how old she was and she said 40. He then asked how hold I was and I replied 52. He said "WOW"
  8. Hi @ice, In 2015 I went to Ndutu in May with my own guide. The only options at the time that were open that time of year were Ndutu Lodge and Lake Masek Tented Camp run by Tanganyika Wilderness. Normally Lake Masek would be well out of our price range but because it is their very slow season it was less than $200 per night. I don't remember now what it was exactly but I can look. Certainly might be more now but always good to ask. For 2 out of the 5 nights we were the only guests. Service was excellent/. Food was very good. Even though it was May we saw a couple of very large herds of wildebeest heading somewhere. Cheetah of course. I've notice many more camps opening in Ndutu and maybe some of them are still open. Most of the mobile type camps close April and May.
  9. I have flown with Precision air between Nairobi and Arusha or KIA several times and all was well. Good service. On time.
  10. Just to clarify the above, while I stayed overnight in Doha due to a long connection, they don't allow you to pick up your bags. The bags were checked to my final destination.
  11. Hi all. Just returned from Tanzania via Doha with Qatar air. I had just left Chicago when the ban by some neighboring countries went into effect. I had a scheduled overnight stay in Doha, then on to Kilimanjaro. The flight was slightly longer, by about 20 minutes. On the return flight from Kili to Doha and Doha to Dallas, both flights were longer than originally scheduled by less than 30 minutes. I assume this is due to rerouting but I don't really know. With regard to electronics: No one at the Qatar counter at Kilimanjaro International Airport asked about electronics in my carry on. I had packed them in my checked luggage, but I would have been able to proceed with them. They were however weighing all carry on and being fairly strict with people. I again over nighted in Doha. Leaving Doha, there was an additional security check at the gate. If people had electronics, their bags were checked, or in some circumstances, packed in cardboard boxes by the staff there. These were then picked up in the luggage area just after immigration in Dallas. I packed my camera but kept my lenses. I was asked to remove my lenses so they could run them through the screener separately and then they also had the explosive residue check done. Then I was allowed to carry them on with me.
  12. @@PCNW gorgeous photos. If you need a future travel companion just let me know.... unlike your husband I do not require nice accommodations or good food and won't even mention football. Good wine would be nice, but even that can be replaced with a tolerable beer.
  13. Flying Qatar to Tanzania in 8 weeks. Connecting through Doha. Guess I will find out how this all works.
  14. @@pault on it!
  15. Four more days and off to Tanzania again. Pathetically addicted. Going to Saadani NP, Amani Nature Reserve, then chilling out on the beach south of Pangani.

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