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  1. Interesting idea - hiring a cook. We have a driver/guide but hadn't considered a cook. Might check it out. And then learn from them for the rest of the trip.
  2. Just downloaded it now....hopefully there aren't too many tricky recipes!
  3. Good question! No - no dietary restrictions and not teetotal! Happy to braai, but equally happy to do vegetarian. Cheers.
  4. Hi all,In just over 3 weeks, our big adventure begins! Hubby and I are doing a 4+ month trip through southern and eastern Africa. We are easing into it gently by having a driver-guide take us through Tanzania. We will be camping and self-catering for 9 nights, departing and returning to Arusha and going to Tarangire, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. I am a novice camper, and would appreciate your assistance in working out the best way to self-cater for this trip. I'm assuming we will have to buy everything in Arusha or will there be places to top up along the way? Anyone care to share a shopping list, or meal plan that they have used in the past?Cheers,Julie
  5. I think it would take a zombie apocalypse to stop me now! I'll hopefully set up some kind of blog for interested folks, so will be sure to put a link up on Safaritalk.
  6. Hi @pault - the best flights at this stage get us in to Nairobi at 2.45pm and there is a connecting flight to Kilimanjaro at 4.50pm. We aren't flying out of Arusha and we actually have two nights there. We are doing a camping safari in a 4WD with a driver-guide, so we have a full day in Arusha to do all our food shopping for the trip. That does give us time, in case anything happens with the flights. We could always overnight in Nairobi and fly to Arusha the next day, if need be, and still have time for shopping. I've done the booking for this part of the trip through Doug MacDonald - my part of the organising is to get us to Arusha on the 21st of Feb. Hopefully all will be fine with Precision!
  7. Driving Nairobi to Arusha? That could be an option too.
  8. I hadn't seen that option @pomkiwi but have just looked now and unfortunately the flight times don't match up with when we need to be in Arusha. Emirates also use Precision Air for their Nairobi to Kilimanjaro leg, so it looks like I'm stuck with them regardless.
  9. Hi all, I'm at the very exciting point of being able to book our flights to Africa next year. Our first destination is Arusha. Flying from Brisbane, it looks like I'll have to fly into Nairobi and then fly with Precision Air to Kilimanjaro Airport, or into Dar Es Salaam then on to Kilimanjaro, also with Precision Air. It gets some pretty dodgy reviews online though, so I'd be interested in any experiences that Safaritalkers may have had. I can't see any other options from Nairobi other than Kenyan Airlines, who seem to codeshare with Precision anyway. Cheers!
  10. Great advice thanks @luangwablondes I bought the Tracks4Africa atlas which they just released which is really great and will come in very handy I think. We got stopped at a roadblock in Namibia once and the very stern officer was checking the vehicle and asking for the triangle etc when he sneezed. When my husband said "bless you", he was suddenly all smiles and waved us along. Being polite surely came in handy that day I think.
  11. We'll do a loop around and back again!
  12. Thanks for the tip. This is at the beginning of the trip rather than the end so we are heading north rather than south, but obviously the route is still the same, and looks good. I haven't really planned this part of the trip other than the number of days we'll be travelling in this region but it sounds like we need to allocate a few days in this area. And yes, Marrick game farm is now on my list after that recent trip report.
  13. Thanks for all the tips! (Sorry I haven't replied sooner - I must have missed the notification!). We have hired a Landcruiser 79 series Bushcamper from Bushlore so hopefully it will be reliable, and we have the back up from Bushlore as well. It has two spare tyres and dual fuel tanks, so 180 litres from memory. Do you think we'd need extra jerry cans as well? We are travelling alone, but hopefully we'll meet others on the road and travel together. If not, we plan on having a satellite phone, as well as mobile phones with local sims and a "spot" device to use as an emergency device if need be. I do worry about the road blocks in Zim. I read as much as I can about how to manage road blocks, but I guess there's nothing like experience. We are meeting a guide half way through our trip to Zimbabwe and will travel with him for about 9 days so at least for part of the trip we'll have an experienced local to help us out. I didn't really look at Mozambique to be honest, after reading something about needing to travel in a security convoy for part of the journey - maybe next time we'll add Mozambique.
  14. You're right. It depends on which countries they went through on the way and on the way back. I hope they have a great trip without any border issues.

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