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  1. Dear Stokegirl, As always I appreciate your experience and knowledge. I also agree with you that $3,000 each way is far too expensive for me, and the overwhelming majority of potential customers. I'll be happy to see wild dogs in Botswana as it is cheap by comparison.
  2. Hello All, I'll be the first admit that many of you know more, and in some cases considerably more about safari and wildlife than I do. However, I must ask that doesn't having a fixed camp especially one with a superb reputation for guiding like Norman Carr improve the chances of seeing wild dog? I've long heard that Liuwa Plain is an especially great place to see interactions between wild dogs and hyenas, but of course that is all due to luck.
  3. Dear Scootr, I've been once to Little Kwara, and twice to Lagoon Camp. I'm sure that you'll enjoy your visit even more than your last safari as you'll be going to unenclosed areas, and all unfenced camps. I hope that you see wild dogs at Lagoon camp, and possibly Little Kwara because the green season isn't the best time to see them.
  4. Dear Scootr 29, Please tell us more about your proposed trip to Botswana. I notice that you'll be going in green season so you'll be getting much lower rates. I've been to Botswana twice already, and without a doubt will be returning. It is one of my favorite destinations. I think you'll it even more than your last trip.
  5. Hello All, I had Mark as my fellow canoeist when I did the three day canoe safari down the Zambezi river. He couldn't have been kinder,more polite or better at spotting hippos and warning them of our presence. He is a good man who definitely has my respect. At Goliath Camp there's an elephant that's constantly in the camp. It is incredible not only to be so close to a wild elephant, but to be able to actually look him in his eye. Stretch actually had eight of us pose with a live elephant in Mana Pools this year in August. that was something I'll never forget!!!
  6. I saw one once in Madikwe National Park in South Africa. I won't forget it.
  7. Dear Tyrone Phil and Tyrone, I'm genuinely interested in your operation especially as I've been to South Luangwa National Park twice. I would like to combine your camp with of course with Busanga Plains, and Nanzihila. How are you marketing your camp other than directly? I deal with the best travel agency in the U.K. specializing in Africa I would love to visit you in 2015. Best regards,Owen
  8. Dear Wulff, I know that sable sightings can't be guaranteed anywhere, and especially not in Kafue National Park, nevertheless your fabulous photo only increases my desire to go there. Sable and klipspringer are my favorite antelope for very different reason; I feel like most people on ST that they are the most beautiful and elegant antelope of all.
  9. Dear Graceland, I can't wait until next year since I'll be going to Kwihala camp, and then walking for 5 days. I'm now much more excited. My experience will be nothing less than mind blowing. I thank you very warmly.
  10. I feel that the estimate of 2,000 rhinos in Kenya has to be optimistic.
  11. The Kenyan Department of Wildlife Service announced yesterday that all of the estimated 2,000 rhinos will have microchips inserted in their horns. This measure albeit welcome is long overdue. It is an attempt by the Kenyan government to improve it's image which has been badly tarred by recent events, and of course improve it's badly damaged tourist revenue. Yes, I do feel that microchips can be an effective conservation measure. but only if the KWS is serious. I remember very well that World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with the government of Cameroon put microchips in the horns of last remaining rhinos belonging to the West African subspecies of the black rhino, but unfortunately it failed to prevent them from extinction in 2007.
  12. I have to say that he is also one of the funniest people I've ever met, on almost every game drive he succeeded in cracking me up. He has a marvelous sense of humor, and has the incredible ability to make almost anything not just funny-but hilarious!! I think that you'll all agree that all superb guides have their own individual styles, yet one thing they all have in common is a sense of humor. Furthermore, as a guide one should never take thmemself too seriously.
  13. Dear Safaridude, I love your photos and brilliant and amusing text. Yes, I remember seeing the lions eating a zebra at night. And the hide at Mwamba and carmine bee-eaters were also incredible. I can't wait to see the rest of your report. Best regards always,Owen
  14. I've stayed twice at Kicheche Bush Camp and can highly recommend it. You get to have the Masai Mara without the crowds because as it has been mentioned, it's in a private concession. You'll have plenty of sightings of leopards, prides of lions and cheetahs. There are also plenty of giraffes,hyenas, topi,etc. You can always cross in the Park itself. The guiding and management are both superb as is the food and tents. The co-managers: Darren and Emma are two of the nicest people you can meet anywhere. Please check the reviews for Kicheche Bush Camp on Tripadvisor.com
  15. Dear Armchair Bushman, I hope that you and your girlfriend have a wonderful trip to Thailand. I hope to get to know you when you return. I'll be going to the states for a month at the end of October. I send you my warmest regards,Owen

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