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  1. Creating new boreholes doesn't strike me as being a particularly good idea as it will lead to habitat homogenisation. It's good for species that need access to lots of water, such as elephants. It's bad for specialist species that do well in arid environments as they will be outcompeted when other species are drawn in by plentiful water supplies. I'm not familiar with the areas discussed in Graeme Pollock's message so I may be completely wrong with regards to this specific area but I think that it's a bad idea in general. To give an obvious example, lion and spotted hyena numbers increased in Kruger when new water holes were created. This lead to a decrease in wild dog, brown hyena and cheetah numbers. New Scientist article describing this interaction here. Edit: Just noticed that the post I'm referencing was made 5 years ago
  2. Thank you both. I'll have a look at Brian's Youtube channel when I've finished moving house.. I would be very surprised if the footage is worth much money. I'm hoping to get some professionally edited footage out of it. Anything more than that is a bonus.
  3. A couple of shots from Gombe NP taken last month: P8010057_PS by Halfw1t, on Flickr P8010220_PS by Halfw1t, on Flickr
  4. I had no problems carrying electronics in my hand luggage flying between Edinburgh and Dar last month. Yellow fever is very unlikely to be checked even if it is a supposed requirement. I've had it checked once when crossing a border overland (can't remember which countries I was crossing between). By the time I'd dug it out of my luggage the woman that asked me for it had knocked off for lunch.
  5. When I was in Ngorongoro last month I saw a hippo defend a dead calf's body whilst a hyena clan attempted to feed on it. A couple of companies have contacted me via Youtube's comment box. Earth Touch SA have offered me $100 to use the video to make a short clip and Newsflare want to try and sell the video to their clients. They offered a 60/40 split of any money made. Googling the two companies indicates that they both appear to be legitimate. Does anyone that has been in a similar position have any advice to offer? Both companies have stressed that I keep copyright of the video so selling direct to Earth Touch then letting Newsflare try to sell it appears to be optimal.
  6. Nice trip report, thanks for sharing. I have a few questions about Mahale. Myself and my friends were considering going to Mahale but ended up opting for Gombe as it was easier to access. I was wondering if you've been to Gombe and how you would compare the different parks if you have? Do you think there's much chance of seeing non-primate species in Mahale? According to Lonely Planet there are lions, elephants, leopards and so on but I think they're in parts of the park that are impossible to reach as a tourist.
  7. Lion hunt and kill that was broadcast live on the safariLIVE Youtube page. Hunt footage starts around 1:30:00:
  8. Taken in Amani Nature Reserve: Moon - Amani by Halfw1t, on Flickr Amani Nature Reserve - Tree Frog by Halfw1t, on Flickr I got a genet's tail several times on the camera trap. Annoyingly, this is the best shot that I managed to get. Genet photographed by camera trap by Halfw1t, on Flickr Taken in Katavi NP: Hippo pod two minutes from Ikuu campsite Katavi - lake next to campsite by Halfw1t, on Flickr Some camera trap footage Elephant silhouette - Katavi day 2 by Halfw1t, on Flickr Katavi by Halfw1t, on Flickr The herbivore density at Katavi was surprisingly low. The biggest elephant and buffalo herds that we saw both had less than 10 members and there were periods where we drove for over an hour without seeing much of interest. Our guide said that it would be a lot easier to spot animals in around a month. I'd be interested to hear how this compares with other people's experiences of the park. In the four days that we were in the park we only saw four other vehicles so there were times when it felt like we had the place to ourselves. This included being the only vehicle at two excellent lion sightings so it was a very enjoyable trip.
  9. Sorry, I meant to species level. A quick look at google image search and species range diagrams suggests that it's Civettictis civetta.
  10. Can anyone identify this species? The video was recorded at Ikuu campsite, Katavi.
  11. The photo was taken in Katavi last week. Criticism of settings, composition and so on would be appreciated. I haven't done any Photoshop work yet. It's the only shot from the trip that I'm happy with so far. I'll upload some more photos when I get home and get stuck into the RAW files. Settings: Aperture = 5.0 Shutter speed = 1/400 ISO = 400
  12. Doesn't really answer your question with regards to whether or not it'll be of use in your situation but I use a home made bean bag that I empty before I travel and fill up with rice when I get to my destination. I can fit it in my pocket so weight isn't an issue.
  13. Delete please
  14. Some camera trap footage taken this morning:
  15. I’m going to be taking part in a field course at Amani Nature Reserve in Tanzania in a couple of months’ time. I’m thinking about picking up a camera trap before I fly out so I would be interested in recommendations if anyone has any experience using them. I have a couple of free weeks after the course so I’m hoping to visit a few other NPs whilst I’m out there. Gombe and Selous are on my to do list but it’ll depend on what other people on the course want to do.

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