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  1. more lion fest! skip this if you are tired of looking at lions.....
  2. I had very fond memories of the south pride of lions. last year, I witnessed the two sisters reuniting after a long separation as one of them had cubs and stayed away. then on my last morning, the entire south pride, minus the sister and her babies, paraded in front of me to give me a long and most memorable farewell - making it one of my top experiences in my safaris. the pride once again did not fail me this time. we found them on the road, as if waiting for us to appear and yawning at us for taking our time about it. with the golden morning sunrays lighting up their tawny coats, the sub-adults were mingling with four tiny tots. Last year's sub-adults had become independent and were translocated to other reserves looking for new blood. This year's sub adults will probably face the same fate to prevent inter-breeding. there are only two prides in Tswalu but hopefully the addition of a large tract of land further south, now in the midst of being fenced, can expand the territory and perhaps provide space for another pride. the south pride however had a bit of tragedy. one of two sisters had died earlier in the year, but her most capable sister adopted her cubs and brought up the sister's cubs and her own cubs all by herself. It is one of those more remarkable stories that reflect how animals can truly stand up for their empathy and fierce loyalty to the family ties. the current group of young cubs belonged to her daughter. grooming, bonding, loyalty
  3. Next morning we decided to see if we could catch the lionesses with the cubs and so crossed into the eastern section. On the way, Ben's sharp eyes caught sight of a very spiky creature. a porcupine minding its own business in the early hours o the morning! this is the first time i've laid eyes on a porcupine's face, and I was surprised how large this amazing spiky rodent is.
  4. Now I'm back and aghast to see that Joel has started and finished his TR report while I"m still sitting on mine. so to get going.... Since we had arrived, we had been asking about the wild dogs. When I was there in May last year, i heard the dreadful news that the entire pack was wiped out by distemper. I think there was some mention about how the fenced and managed reserve could not prevent the disease. What was also disturbing was that the dogs were vaccinated but still succumbed to the disease. while the dogs did not run out of the reserve, it was suggested that the smaller canids like the bat eared foxes could have run out of the reserve and brought in the disease. When I heard the dogs were back in Tswalu this year, I had thought it was an entirely new pack of canines brought in from other reserves as Guy had told me last year. But there was a lovely surprise! The original pack from last year had seen a split of four young males which somehow managed to dig their way out of their reserves. while its former family was being destroyed by distemper, the runaways were saved because they did not contract the disease. They were found running towards Uppington before Tswalu caught up with them, captured them and brought them back into Tswalu. The reserve then introduced some female dogs and they have formed a pack and had pups earlier this year. We could not see the dogs the first few days of this trip as the dogs have found home in the mountains. as long as they were up in the mountains we weren;t able to find them. But earlier today there were reports of them coming down from the mountains and this was finally a chance to find them. and found them we did, even if the long grasses prevented good views of them . a rather long video of the dogs much of which were hidden by those dastardly long grasses. watch out for the pups at around 2:15mins.
  5. So sorry to hear he's still unable to access ST, but glad to hear my sighting of the zorilla has cheered him up! hope he gets a sighting very soon in his next trip to Africa. Thanks @offshorebirder for conveying his message. when and where is he going for his next safari?
  6. By getting lost, you were found. and what a discovery! my favourite small cat ever. and isnt it just so gorgeous. what a wonderful long sighting of it.
  7. that sable bull with his beautiful horns is just stunning @optig
  8. I was wondering whenyou would return to kwando and now youve gone and returned. Looking forward to more excellent pics and exciting news on the new cheetah domination!
  9. @gatoratlarge you put me to shame for completing your TR in super time while i havent even finish my tswalu TR. Im utterly envious that you saw the aardvark in daylight hours! What a grand sighting. And the dogs in play in a clear open area too. We didnt know there wasa group of four sub adult cheetahs - what a view. I'm really sorry we missed each other in tswalu by 2 weeks and then at musekesee by 5 days but The musekesee guys remenber you fondly. 😁
  10. @kittykat23uk we were very lucky indeed! We could have missed it by seconds too - it was that fast!
  11. @michael-ibk @Peter Connan @offshorebirder @TonyQ thanks for following along. I was hoping to put in one more instalment but I've run out of time. I'll be heading to the airport soon and won't be able to update until over a fortnight later. meanwhile, stay happy and stay safe till I return!
  12. thanks for sharing - I saw this earlier. I can't wait to watch the docu.
  13. a few species that we stopped for a minute in our search in vain for the perfect photos.
  14. we headed off to have our brekkie in the bush at a beautiful large flat pan. with little water still remaining, waves and waves of burchell's sandgrouses flew in and out for quick seeps of water. wildebeests, oryx, a sable found their way to the pool, and despite our presence, albeit at a far distance, they seemed quite relaxed. Kosie said he would usually bring guests to the pan for the bush dinner and this was the first time he'd done for brunch. sometimes rhinos would come to the waterhole.

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