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  1. Thanks @Geoff wow such an incredible memory and Pat looks so young for his age. I remember Andrew - a very polite person and a bonus since he worked with Egil. such sad news for the cubs, but the takeover was inevitable. I'll eagerly wait for your TR to unfold! there is never a lack of excitement at SLNP.
  2. SLNP - one of most favourite parks - and Mwamba - one of my top places in Africa to stay so I can understand very well why you stayed there longest! and why I'll follow you faithfully on your journey... did Patrick guide you? and is Peter the Peter from Mwamba camp that I met? say Hi to him for us. Malaika is as accomodating as ever. who is the pride male for the Mwamba pride now? many apologies for the numerous questions - but I just love south luangwa...
  3. so nice to hear from you in the middle of the bush! taking me straight there now, and making me jealous..... Have fun!
  4. Just to give an eg - just one page of my unread content for today and yesterday was just this - i sort of gave up reading anything because there wasnt any other thread to read:
  5. Just a suggestion - ive managed to save a few unread content streams thanks to guidance in this thread. Sorry if this has been raised before.... In the past version, when a thread has been commented on a few times, the notification for the unread comments for that thread occurs only once. In the new version, the notification appears for every unread comment in the same thread so it hogs up my unread content list. any chance of reverting to only one notification for a number of unread comments in one thread please?
  6. Seems kafunta camp is outside the park but has its own access unto the park via a pontoon rather than going through the gate. Looks like game drives is close to the Mfuwe end, which means dogs are a stronger bet! Being outside the park will mean costs are lower but im not sure what the sightings of leopards will be? Flatdogs is just outsidethe mfuwe gate although that area becomes very crowded as most of the camps are around the gate region. It doesnt mean sightings are worse, just that you probably have to share it with more vehicles.
  7. SLNP would be one of two places I would return in a heartbeat too. It is an awesome park (not crowded in northern part of SLNP beyond Mfuwe when we were there). although as Tdgraves mentioned, there's a premium to be inside the park, there are benefits - less camps, hence less crowds, and you are in the heart of the park, so no need to take hours to drive into the park. The park is huge and you can cross the river into Nseful reserve as well. Plenty of cats - both lions and leopards, and elephants as well. Sept and October are very good for sightings, but very hot; still, waterholes are drying up so all the wildlife will be at the river and sightings will be incredible. we spent all 10 days in the park, and never felt bored or thought the sightings repetitive. one of my top experiences, if not the top, was in SLNP watching a lion battle with a buffalo. I'm not one for multi-country trips, so I can't give a view on Bots and Zambia, but you may have to fly from Bots/Livingstone into Lusaka and then into Mufwe. I would highly recommend Mwamba or Tafika (across the river) but as Lion camp is closing for renovations, the other camps in the park will get a little more crowded.
  8. love that B&W picture of the wildebeest especially, on an earlier page! as well as the hyena babies too! we loved our stay at Londolozi,and the food, and the leopards, and the dogs....
  9. @johnweirNot at all, I should thank you for your initiative in digging up more research, I've learned more about lions. It is always fascinating and educational to know more about the wildlife we've seen. On my first safari four years ago (it seemed like just last year!), I only knew there was one species of lions, one species of giraffes, one species of topi, etc - but thanks to members like yourself on SafariTalk, I've learned so much, and have much much more to learn. I most welcome discussion like this in any of my TRs. I know that you will have an absolutely awesome trip to Zakouma next year and wish you and all those who are heading to that magical place a fabulous time - dreams of what Africa was in the decades of plenty will come true in magical, mystical, mythical Zakouma.
  10. @SafariChick you saw them so you have those images in your head still and those pictures will help you recall those moments.
  11. finally found the time to read the TR in one gulp. your photos were great and you did have such great sightings too - leopard cat, a skunk in a jungle! that stunning beeater - a Tarsier for goodness sake! they are so adorable. the marbled cat was gorgeous and i had turned to my cat and asked why he couldn't have been marbled as well. he just gave that indifferent look. thanks for sharing Jo!
  12. you saw bat-eared foxes in the day! wow so happy for you. they are so cute. and so are the hyraxes!
  13. Okavango Delta flying in from Maun into Vumbura Plains March 2, 2014 - emerald season still okavango delta flying from Vumbura to Mombo Old Mombo camp with its row of solar panels.
  14. Thanks @JohnR!

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