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  1. argh - what an awful start that your stay was never recorded and you were left on your own at the airport, not knowing if anyone would ever pick you up. very kind of the Tongole Lodge staff to check out what your situation was. did you ever find out why your stay at the Bua River lodge was never recorded? i hope you got your funds returned! as you say, things can only get better.
  2. a very typical cat - take the fluffiest spot for a snooze.
  3. i missed all those updates so i'm glad you have revived this thread @Caracal . such fascinating stories and please thank Sheilah for being so generous to share her memories with us.
  4. wonderful pictures all around. the starlings were magnificent, as were the bats and the manta rays - @Atravelynn was that a call to Batman?! I still can't bear to admire those snake pictures - had to skip them quickly to those gorgeous polar bears.
  5. greedy male! but wow you almost saw a hunt but definitely saw the kill and was pretty cool. i'm not sure I would be so cool watching the kill and warthogs make the most awful screams. thanks for sharing and I'm glad your friend had a great safari.
  6. I'm going to be really sentimental and mushy about this - I'm quite depressed I'll not see Lady Liuwa, but somehow I knew I never would after my failed attempts last year at going to Liuwa Plains. some of you may think she was just like other famous lionesses like ma ti dau in Duba Plains. She was anything but. She defied men's definitions of the habits of lions and against all odds she survived without a pride for more than nine years on her own, and managed to make her kills on her own. she cleverly avoided the humans who poisoned all her pride members and sought out the right humans to help end her loneliness. she was against all typecast. a true unique individual and it is stories like this that help the larger world population to empathise with the carnivores and help the lions' cause.
  7. @optig have a fabulous time in Tanz. greystone mahale sounds really awesome. as you know, I'm always envious of your trips thanks to your location in NBO.
  8. wow all really stunning beautiful birds.
  9. Love the giraffes - the tall one and the stylish hairy young one with the tiny masaai prints! and wow! you got there in time for that awesome shot of the kill. the rains were showers of blessings in disguise. i think the rainbow was a good omen.
  10. thank you @Peter Connan ! i hope so too. I practised a bit with the dial on Aperture and there is a neat light meter dial with which I can easily increase or decrease light. but my left hand was left aching from holding the camera too long! i'll definitely need a monopod to hold it steady. here are a couple of pix i took - some not so perfect like the little bird among the leaves came out a bit blurry (it was max zoom and i prob shook the camera while shooting) while another sitting on the fence came out nice as it was in the sun. the one of my dog came out sharp. i'll have to study @Jochen lessons to practise on too
  11. AN update: My Lumix FZ200 is seizing up each time I try to take a series of pictures so it's motor is giving up. A huge hint to get me off my butt and since I had settled on a bridge, I finally decided on the model. I tested the weight of my target bridge camera yesterday and brought it home. @Botswanadreams thanks for the recommendations. I also wanted to thank everyone for their advice, guidance and suggestions. What did I buy finally? the Sony RX10 mark IIII. I did a bit of research before my decision. So I compared Lumix FZ1000, Lumix FZ2500 and Sony RX10 mIII as they all made it to the top 10 bridge cameras for 2017. The 2 lumix models have a reach of up to 480mm, less than my current fz200 (which has up to 600mm). But they have a larger sensor of 1in. Sony has the same reach as my existing lumix fz200 and has a 1in cmos sensor. If i take the lumix FZ1000 or FZ2500, I'll lose the zoom which is important for me. So the advantages of the Sony are - I retain the zoom and get a large sensor But the disadvantages are that the sony model's price is almost double the other 2, and heavier than the other 2 lumix models (double the weight of FZ200). But after weighing pros and cons, I want both the zoom and sensor, and I'm alright with the Sony budget. Now for more lessons and practice on the Sony camera, since the features aren't as accessible as Lumix.
  12. @pomwiki so sorry to hear that. it does sound like the guide was just doing his job to show a bit of this and a bit of that. it's disappointing and frustrating and i Hear you.I would be completely tearing my hair out. who doesn't stop for a brown hyena and try to see find it again. But I also wonder about the camp - whether the guide's attitude and ethos reflect that of the camp's. If it does, i think it'll be more suited to the first-timers or those looking for a quick trip to the bush with no deep interest in wildlife, so just not suited for the more serious safari goers. and quite a fair chance of wasted opportunities to get people more involved and connected to the bush and in a way lure them back! but you and your friend saw cheetahs and lions - that must have been so cool.
  13. WoW! what a sequence of events! it was just incredible seeing that baboon chasing the cheetah, and then to have that catapulted into the poor koribustard meeting its end is just surreal. it's almost like watching part of a movie. i think your lesson is - never underestimate Bibi. she still can spring a surprise or 2! and you caught the wild dogs in OMC! i'll need to go back day.....soon i hope.

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