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  1. Hi. I am planning a trip in oct. to Botswana - taking us from Moremi,Khwai,Savuti, Chobe and Vic Falls. My question is : Savuti is very dry in oct. If there is no water in the Channel, is it worth staying there more than 2 nights, in terms of wildlife. I know there are boreholes but are most wildlife migrated to Chobe river or Linyanti except elephants. Thanks.
  2. I have been to Selous several times. Selous is a gamereserve and it is allowed to go off-road. Furthermore you can camp where you want if you pay for special campsites and pay for a ranger while camping. 20 $ pn. There are not many places left in Africa where you can do that, giving it a very wild touch. Cheers.
  3. Just came back from 17 days in Uganda - Pian Upe, Kidepo, Murchinson Falls, Kibale and Bwindi. I have to agree with Sangeeta. The Bandas is lying next to ranger station and headquarter for the park. It is noisy and there is allways a lot of people around. We camped at a public campsite on a hill, with spectacular views, constantly wildlife in view. Big herds of buffaloes, more than 2000, hartebeest, giraffe, ect. If you have strength, try to organize a trip to the IK tribe, in Kidepo. They live on the top of Morungole mountain overlooking Kidepo valley. It's like going back to the Stone Age. It is only a few years ago they began to wear clothes. I do mostly camping in dome tents, lying on a mattress - love it. But some operators can provide bigger tents and bedding. You will be disappointed if you stay at the Bandas. Kidepo is getting less and less remote, roads better, more people, and a new lodge is build, sadly.
  4. Today I will embark on an epic trip to Uganda - at least for us😀 with my daughters and Julie's boyfriend. We will head northeast to Pian Upe GR, visit Karamojans, Kidepo valley, visit the IK tribe. Head southwest to Murchinson Falls. Head south to Kibale for chimps and finally Bwindi for the grand finale - mountain gorillas. What a good day it will be - hopefully for you guys too 😀
  5. Let's not forget that there is only about 2500-3000 adult male lions, more than 6 years left in the wild, according to Scientists. And still we need to - as hunters say - harvest some of them. There is still millions of plains game to hunt, which makes difference to me. Although I am aware that hunters say no lion/elephant no hunting in really wild places. South Africa is a different matter. They have a lot of hunting farms to "amuse" the average hunter, who doesn't have the money to go on "real" hunting.
  6. It seems that there are hardly any lions left to hunt outside protected areas - in the hunting areas that surrounds PA - since lions that roam outside PA , might get shot. Can anyone clarify that. Trophy hunting if managed well, protects animals and vast areas, I believe. Although I don't understand that one has the moral to shoot a magnificent lion esp. With a collar.
  7. Welcome back Jochen - great to hear you live your dream out and take a chance. I have often thought about the same. Hope you will tell us about your business.😀👍
  8. Great experience - when was that?
  9. Wow, great stuff, fantastic photos. Bring it on. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Tom. We do have a guide.
  11. Thanks Tom. Did they drive to Kidepo or by plane. We will be driving to Kidepo, staying in Pian Upe and visit Karamojan people for 3 days, that's why I am more concerned about the warnings. I would be less concerned if I were alone with my guide.
  12. Dear ST friends. I am about to go to Uganda next month. We will be driving to Kidepo valley via. Karamojan area. Next Murchinson falls, Kibale, Bwindi. Although my Safari operator says it is safe. I am a little concerned. I see warnings about especially Karamojan Area and close to South Sudan. Since I am traveling with my daughters I more concerned. Does any of you know how the situation is in northeast Uganda and would any of you advise me not to drive around that area. I appreciate you answer. Cheers Michael
  13. Allmost every day I dream of leaving the modern life I live in Denmark and travel around southern and Eastern Africa - buying and old Land Rover or Land cruiser with a rooftop tent and drift around. For now I do 2-3 weeks - but maybe one day I leave the concrete jungle and live the dream. Maybe ST should make a forum where people like me who often travel alone can join together on Safari - self drive or guided trips. I would love to participate with for instance people from SA on a self drive to Mana pools or Kgalagadi. Cheers Michael
  14. Thank you "Timon" for letting us enjoy your wonderful trip. I want to do a self drive in the future in Botswana and Namibia. I just need to find people to join me.
  15. I agree with madaboutcheetah - mobile camping in Botswana is one of the most authentic ways to explorer the bush. I allways do bush camping. You are close to nature and alone with only your family around you. I recommend Unlimited Tours and Safari with Moses Ntema and his wonderful staff. They recently won mobile touroperator of the year in Botswana. You can read my Tripreport from 2015 with UTS. Friends of mine just returned from a trip with UTS and they were extremely satisfied with their safari - saying it was the trip of their lives.

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