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  1. Very enjoyable report with lots of beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. The Weaver you were asking about it a Southern Red Bishop I'd suggest.
  2. Wow, I really regret not going to Nanzhilla now. Fabulous sightings, and the otter is super-special indeed. Only ever had a short glimpse of them in Botswana. Enjoying your report very much indeed!
  3. Looking forward to see what a wildlife-based NZ trip can produce, Denise! I´ve long wanted to travel there but it would need to be about at least four weeks to make sense, so I will probably will have to wait for retirement.
  4. Welcome to the new game, Peter. I am getting very nervous here, all of you are super-active or even in Africa while I haven't even touched a camera.
  5. @Renee Please don't panic, that's an extremely unusual amount. Most recommendations camps and operators give are more in the USD 10,-- to 20,-- range per day and person.
  6. A very enjoyable Mara tale! Since you asked about IDs: the light-coloured Tawny looks ok to me (Brown eagles are quite tricky though) but the last Tawny looks quite peculiar with those markings on back and primaries. You could well have a youngish Greater Spotted Eagle there. The Isabelline Wheatear is in fact a Northern (European) one, the Violet-Backed a Rüppel's Starling and the Black-winged A Spur-Winged Lapwing. The last vulture you asked about is a Lappet-Faced.
  7. What about doing one night or at least a daytrip to Lake Bogoria? 3 nights is quite long for Nakuru, and your chances of finding the desired Flamingo spectacle is much, much higher there. Saw them in great numbers in December 2017. It's a top birding place but does not deliver on the mammal front. That said it's one of the few places in Kenya where you have a good chance of finding Greater Kudu.
  8. 51 days, and the finally off to Zakouma!

  9. Off to a cracking start, and not a bad place to begin the new year. Seeing your Plover I immediately thought Kentish.The bill looks a bit strong for it and the leg colour a bit too dark but that may well be the mud. I've never seen a Lesser Sand Plover but the distinctive white collar around the neck seen in the first picture would point more towards Kentish to me, at least according to my books a Sand Plover should not have that. Anything but sure, though. What d the others think?
  10. I remember Doug talking about camping in Liuwa with you, and Iike you, I certainly would have expected this. Looks more like a mobile camp, what a nice surprise that must have been. Looking forward to seeing more of Liuwa, an area rarely featured here on ST.
  11. namibia

    Sorry to hear about your (hopefully resolved) health issues, and happy to see this report continue. Gorgeous photos of the Vlei. A porcupine is a great sighting. Wow, spending a night out in the car can't have been fun at all for these people.
  12. A wonderful first report, thanks so much for sharing. You had some absolutely wonderful sightings in Ol Pejeta, Cheetah, Leopard, Wild Dog - wow! Great photos all the way! Especially like the first Cheetah shot (stretching). About the Rhinos, the Blacks are browsers, more wary and therefore generally much harder to see. Like you I quite enjoyed visiting Baraka some time ago, touching a Rhino felt pretty special and I was under the impression he leads a good life there given his condition. Not 100% convinced about your Martial, something seems a bit off for me (not dark enough for an adult, too brown for a juvenile), looks more like a Brown Snake Eagle to me. Looking forward to the next chapters very much!

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