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  1. Congratulations Dave, it's a great cover indeed.
  2. Thanks, @TonyQ, come join us next year.
  3. "Go" is the perfect quote for all of us here. Thank you for this report, Peter, I really enjoyed it. Some wonderful bird photos in this latest section, I look forward to seeing some of these myself next year.
  4. 391/E167.) Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) / Löffler Seewinkel, 9/9/2017. The last entry from the weekend. I was very happy to get them this close, certainly the best sighting so far for me. Seewinkel is the only place in Austria where they can be found.
  5. 390/E166.) Curlew (Numenius arquata) / Großer Brachvogel Seewinkel, 9/9/2017. The largest wader in our area.
  6. 389/E165.) Crested Lark (Galerida cristata) / Haubenlerche Seewinkel, 10/9/2017. Back to last weekend - eagle-eyed Alex spotted this one while driving and of course immediately stopped with smoking brakes on the middle of the main road - that´s what a proper birder does. Like so many other grassland birds this species has become a rare sight in Middle Europe. Their population has decreased 98 % (!) since 1980. Some other Seewinkel stuff from the weekend: Starlings are abundant at this time of the year. Interestingly we saw several Pied Flycatchers, a pretty rare bird, but apparently lots of them are migrating through right now. Some non-birds. I think this is the first wild baby Hare I´ve ever seen: Pheasant - a common sight: Mute Swan - an extremely common bird but I could not resist this BIF opportunity. Not common at all in Austria - a Little Egret:
  7. 388/E164.) White-Throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) / Wasseramsel Stausee Reißeck, Carinthia, 4/6/2017. A favourite of mine - it can walk under water. I had seen them flying to the dam earlier in the year and suspected they could be nesting there - I was delighted to be right. "What do you think, shall we take the boat to get out of here?" And some more babies - a Tufted Duck family from Stausee Reißeck.
  8. 387/E163.) Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) / Steinadler - NEW Pinnistal, 19/7/2017. Our most impressive raptor, a huge Eagle - one normally only ever sees them high, high up soaring in the sky. But even an ebc Golden Eagle is better than no Golden Eagle.
  9. 386/E162.) Ring Ouzel (Turdus torquatus) / Ringdrossel Westfalenhaus, Lüsental, 26/8/2017. Another alpine specialty. A juvenile here, and the only one I´ve found this year of this species. And a pair of Siskins just because I really liked that pose.
  10. 385/E161.) Water Pipit (Anthus spinoletta) / Bergpieper Valser Tal, 5/8/17. A frustrating bird - they are very, very common high up in the mountains but not very approachable, and I have totally failed this year in getting a decent photo. Tuxer Joch, 22/7
  11. 384/E160.) Alpine Accentor ( Prunella collaris ) / Alpenbraunelle Geraer Hütte, Tirol, 5/8/17. Switching areas now - this is a high alpine bird and one of our "specials" here in the mountains.
  12. 383/E159.) Marsh Warbler ( Acrocephalus palustris ) / Sumpfrohrsänger Seewinkel, 27/5/2017. Looking almost identical to the Reed Warbler, but found in different habitats (not as water dependent) and the song is very different - so I´m quite sure about this ID.
  13. 382/E158.) Corn Bunting (Emberiza calandra) / Grauammer Seewinkel, 26/5/2017. The third of Austria´s regular Buntings after Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting. A juvenile
  14. 381/E157.) Rook (Corvus frugilegus) / Saatkrähe Seewinkel, 26/5/2017. Only occurring in the lowlands of Austria, they are not found in the Alps. Pretty common birds but surprisingly difficult to get a photo - they are wary and clever.
  15. -/E156.) Eurasian Hoopoe (Upupa epops) / Wiedehopf Seewinkel, 27/5/2017. My favourite bird, and we had three sightings of them in Seewinkel in spring, and I also was very excited when I spotted one in Carinthia in March - unfortunately never got a good shot. At one time we were in a hide and suddenly a Hoopoe flew away from the roof of the hide, less than five metres away, but I was too slow. If you love Hoopoes like I do, you should watch this - it´s a most excellent and charming documentary on this wonderful bird.

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