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  1. I have strong views about this, but in the interest of fairness, I'll just post the link to the Zambezi Society article and survey on this proposal. I trust this is OK @Game Warden ? (they do say 'distribute widely,!)
  2. We recently lost a hold case (well, BA lost it for us!) Whilst there were no expensive electric devices (incl cameras) in the case, I was faced with 3 sources of redress - BA (whose liability, in common with other airlines is limited to £1000), our travel insurance, which carried a significant excess, and out home contents insurance. It was the all-risks complement of our contents insurance which came closest to covering our loss. I'm reasonably sure this would also cover cameras and lenses (which are itemised on the policy). However, cover is only a part of the equation for me, I would be very uncomfortable indeed heading off on Safari knowing my camera equipment may go awol. The thing that puzzles me with this latest requirement is why it is apparently considered ok for airlines to travel with potential bombs in the aircraft hold?
  3. I'm not sure how this thread turned to rants against folk taking selfies?! Anyway, back on topic, my biggest problem (like others here it would seem) is dialing in exposure compensation and then promptly forgetting about it!!! I use the dual card slots in my bodies to record jpg and raw versions of all photos - partly as some insurance against a corrupt card, but also to give me raw versions of photos which, as noted above, on occasion allow poorly exposed photos due to my incompetence to be salvaged. A couple of people have mentioned near and actual reformatting of cards containing images not yet downloaded to a computer. If you do this don't panic - the images are still there (just flagged as deleted) and there are numerous software solutions which will recover them - just do a Google search!
  4. I would also encourage anyone walking in the bush to collect any rubbish they find and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. It is depressingly common to find bottles, tins and plastic whilst out and about at Mana.
  5. Hi @@Kitsafari - apologies, I missed your TR, but rest assured I am will be catching up on this later today, thanks for the link. Yes, I attended the F1 races in Singapore (and saw Queen and Imagine Dragons!) and Malaysia, shame we missed the opportunity to share a drink (jolly expensive though it is in Singapore!) and an ST chat. I agree with what you say about Hamilton. Brilliant driver though he is, I cannot bring myself to support him due to his lack of sportsmanship.
  6. Thanks Andy. I agree, lovely looking birds. Out on the Kinabatangan river at night a number of birds appear to go into a trance-like state (possibly sleeping?) after dark, and can be approached v. closely indeed without them flinching - I could easily have reached out and touched this (tiny!) Blue-eared kingfisher: 2R4C1317 by Whyone, on Flickr
  7. Safer territory here than flaming F1 cars - Stork-billed kingfisher, Kinabatangan river (Sabah, Borneo). 2R4C1098 by Whyone, on Flickr
  8. Given the nature (no pun intended!) of this website, this image probably(!) pushes @@Game Warden's specification for this thread to breaking point! Howevere, for me this certainly fits as one of my "...most memorable images: favourite photographs, taken anywhere in Africa, India or elsewhere on your travels: wildlife, landscapes, people, architecture..." Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes W06 F1 car giving up the ghost at last weekends Malaysian GP at the Sepang circuit. Smoke and flames2 by Whyone, on Flickr
  9. Lesser Short-nosed fruit bats roosting. Langkawi, Malaysia. 2R4C0798 by Whyone, on Flickr
  10. Dusky Leaf monkeys, Langkawi, Malaysia. 2R4C0755 by Whyone, on Flickr
  11. An animal I don't recall seeing on ST before - Bearded Pig, Gaya Island, Sabah. 2R4C1830 by Whyone, on Flickr
  12. Macaque on a stick 2R4C1129 by Whyone, on Flickr (Long Tailed Macaque, Kinabatangan River, Sabah).
  13. Good to see you enjoying Mucheni 3 where I have spent some of the happiest days of my life @@hubertj. Your description (and pictures) of the wild dog hunt are fantastic - they really capture the excitement and at times, sensory overload, you experience whilst being on foot with a hunt going on in front - and at times around(!) - you. Whilst the Old Ndungu area is a common haunt for dogs at this time of year, it is unusual, in my experience, to see just two / four dogs hunting - anyone know what is going on with the Mana packs at the moment? Bird ID - my best guess is a Hadeda Ibis (Bostrychia hagedash) aka the 'hadida bird' on account of its distinctive call.
  14. Generally true, but not the case at Mana Pools.
  15. This sounds a tremendous trip @@kittykat23uk and one I would love to join you on. Unfortunately my time working in Malaysia comes to an end this coming November, and after a year of 'commuting' from the UK I'm reluctant to add another flight so soon after I am back home. I had an excellent (albeit cat-less) trip to Sabah last August, visiting several of the areas you mention. We stayed at Sukau Rainforest Lodge and a Clouded Leopard had been sighted there a couple of days before our arrival. Good luck finding a travel companion - hopefully this photo taken near Gomantong Caves (yes, jolly smelly!) will help encourage someone to join you. 2R4C1413 by Whyone, on Flickr

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