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    I am a part owner in Zikomo Safari Camp located in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.
  1. RT @NsefuW: Let's keep the beauty alive and wild! #conservation #africa

  2. New short video: Zikomo Safari Video
  3. Opening Days Special - 10% Off Regular rates From May 15, 2016 to June 15, 2016 take 10% off our regular low rates by mentioning the Promo Code: Billy The Elephant. Reservations must be booked directly. See our new video:
  4. Here is a unique way to measure the market for ivory: "GlobeScan spent eight months conducting surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups in the five countries in which demand for ivory is known to be concentrated: China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the United States." NG STAFF SOURCE: NG, GLOBESCAN
  5. Please contact ZAWA,, and Minister of Tourism & Arts Ms. Jean Kapata,, and, The Permanent Mission of Zambia to the United Nations,, may also be contacted. Kindly let them know that for the sake of human safety and of species survival the hunting ban must be restored. Point out that killing elephants, lions and leopards must stop before they are gone. Killing animals is not conservation. The wildlife belongs to all, not only to those who pay to shoot it. Without Zambia’s heritage wildlife tourists will not visit. Tourists do not want to witness gunfire and slaughter of innocent creatures. If the careless shooting near schools and tourist camps continues, not only will the animals disappear, but there is likelihood stray bullets will hit a person. Then, tourism will surely disappear. In addition, please like Zambia Ban Hunting on FaceBook and sign and share both petitions below. Thank you for taking the time to speak out against the reckless hunting that is taking place.
  6. I hope the Zambian gov does reconsider and reinstate the hunting ban. I noticed Zambian Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Stephen Mwansa in a lead Lusaka Times story today talking about the need for conservation... Here is the link again. Let me know if it does not work. This petition has over 9,500 signatures on it. I am not certain if petitions help, but it is worth a few minutes to add your name.
  7. As Allen points out, after two years of no shooting the animals are relaxed. I saw a leopard lounging on the shoulder of the road. These animals will be easy picking. In three weeks I saw two leopards. If leopard hunting resumes, the chances of seeing a leopard at all diminishes. There are not that many of them. Hunting's time is past. Trophy hunting accounts for only a small part of tourist dollars. The response I am seeing from tours is that they do not want to go to a killing field. People want to see endangered species preserved as heritage animals, a legacy for future generations. If hunting is reinstated, tourists will go elsewhere. Zambia's big cats will be condemned to the fate of Zambia's rhinos. Another problem is control. Who is going to police the hunters? The door becomes open wider for poachers posing as hunters. As in the past, a license to kill one animal is used over and over again to kill many animals. The door must remain shut. I found another petition with almost 10K signatures. Please sign and share.
  8. I just signed the petition: "STOP GOVERNMENT WHO IS LIFTING BAN ON THE HUNTING OF LIONS AND LEOPARDS IN ZAMBIA'S GAME PARKS" Will you join me in supporting this issue?
  9. Kitsafari, I am glad you appreciate the map. It's about the best I have found for the area. Google has not quite got it yet. I spent three weeks in the area in May 2013. We would start out at the hot springs, which I referred to as a salt pond in my last post. The spring bubbles out of the ground. It is salt water. Then we would make our way down to the river and over to the lagoons. We saw many elephants, zebra, impala, kudu, puku and eland. There were baboons, lions, leopards, hyenas, cape buffalo, wildebeest and so many birds. I missed the wild dogs also. We would drive all day and only see a few other game drive vehicles. I would recommend this wild part of Africa to anyone.
  10. ZIKOMO SAFARI CAMP SOUTH LUANGWA, NSEFU SECTOR ZAMBIA OPEN: 15 MAY to 15 NOVEMBER Zikomo Safari Camp is a remote family-operated bush camp in a game rich area of South Luangwa, Zambia. The camp is spread out under a canopy of ancient shade trees on the banks of the Luangwa River. It is in the Nsefu area away from other camps yet only a 45-minute drive from Mfuwe International Airport. Full board includes: Accommodation and Amenities Mfuwe airport / lodge transfers All meals Soft drinks High teas Two activities per day, i.e. walking safaris; day / night game drives Service charges Amenities: Nine River Front Chalets (Ground Level, Elevated & Accessible Chalets) Bar & Restaurant Swimming Pool Pool Table Gym Wi-Fi Internet Gaming Table Campsite Group packages/terms and conditions available on web-site: Reservations and Information: Email: Zambia: - Tel: 011 260 216 246 202 (or 203) Mobile: +260 978 694 031 / +260 965 757 403 USA - Tel: 1 (619) 567-9752 Zikomo Safari Camp P.O. Box 114 Mfuwe, Zambia GPS: S13.02179 E031.89151

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