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  1. No, like most people that live near something I never go look at it, can always do that "next week" eh?
  2. Lovely bird. Do you live in Bargara @@monalisa? I'm not far away in Gin Gin.
  3. Great build. As a serial builder of motorhomes and campervans I can relate to this and appreciate how much work is involved.
  4. We have about 14 of them here every day (up near Bundaberg). They are not nervous at all, if you stand still they will approach with a view to pecking your toes. We even have some of them come inside. Watching their antics can be hours of fun for the whole family as they chase each other up the trees, under the house, etc.
  5. This looks beautiful grey nomad..where is this situated and can I ask you approx how much would something like this cost?....We live in Tassie and are very interested in these container homes.. I don't want to highjack this thread, but just quickly it's in central Queensland in Oz, cost, no idea as I just build stuff until it's what I want Maybe $20,000. More info here, @@elefromoz, Grand Designs? My previous creations (motorhomes) have been on TV a few times. But don't hold your breath.
  6. Yeah I've not been active here, mostly because I can't ever see myself getting back to Africa, but also we've stopped traveling for the time being and are building a house from shipping containers. That takes most of my time and I'm usually knackered by night and have an early night.
  7. It's been a while, here are a few recent shots of "our" wildlife These guys live in our kitchen, up on a couple of the shelves. "Notch" cooling his bits on a really hot day. Another hot day in the pool. Dinner time at the Gray's. Another mum and bub living between the truck's cab and the body. Sometimes you just gotta shake all those troubles off.
  8. Geoff and Zubbie, some great images, thanks for posting the. Makes me want to pack up the Cruiser and head back north.
  9. I had a London TA get be stranded in Nairobi in 1979, they sold me a ticket for a flight that didn't exist (IIRC Nairobi-Madagascar-Perth-Sydney), there was no such thing as a Nairobi-Madagascar flight, I had no extra money to change it to something that did exist, my job in Somalia fell through yada yada. Fun times.
  10. Good news (for me at least), by gazing wistfully at these photos with an appropriately hang-dog expression on my face I've manage to get tacit approval from 'er indoors for a return trip to the Mara. Not for a couple of years (no money yet) but at least it's back on the agenda. Have we started a "What are your plans for 2016" thread yet?
  11. I are one, you can tell just by looking at my avatar.
  12. @@Treepol @@TonyQ Interesting bugs guys. Do you use flash? It looks like it.
  13. Oh dear, just when I was reconciled to never going back to Kenya you guys go and do this to me. Great shots.
  14. Great shot.

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