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  1. I hope you are still responding to this post. My wife and I are doing this trip in Nov 2017. If you have a moment for some questions.... How long are the beds in the lodge? I'm 6'2". Given the small storage space in the charter flight, where did you keep you camera gear? I am very hesitant to place it in checked baggage or even have it gate-checked and claimed plane-side. Thank you!
  2. Julian - I used a Canon 60D mated with a Tamron 18-270 on my first safari and it worked well for me as my all-around lens. I also had a Canon 100-400 (trombone version) for the longer shots. I believe the Tamron 16-300 will serve your lady well. Jeff
  3. ^^^^This. I kept my long lens on the head mount, pointed at my subject while at a stop, waiting for action. It kept me free to use the other camera with the shorter focal length lens or my binoculars. If something started happening with my subject, I was already on it and ready.
  4. This is exactly how I have my 7DII set up. I limit myself to 32Gb cards.
  5. I keep a Tamron 18-270 on my Canon 60D as an all-around combination for general and travel photography. It works well for me and I have been satisfied with the results. I am trying to get my better half to use it and put away the point-n-shoot camera. My Canon 7DII mounts either the 24-105L or the 100-400L II.
  6. Plus, how close do folks expect to get to the animals to use a flash? The intensity of the flash, or any light source, falls off fast with the square of the distance (inverse square law).
  7. While it may not "bother" them (I don't believe him, either), it will certainly knock their night vision out of whack for a period of time. That could curtail some from hunting and put others at risk for a period of time.
  8. Be sure to refer to the camera and lens instruction booklets to see if there are any autofocus compatibility limitations with the Canon 2x III extender.
  9. @@Marks - I was going to give it a rest for a while, and got busy. Yes, I will put some more pics in soon. Thanks for the nudge!
  10. ~ @Tango: May I please ask what the pangolin was like? As you're the only person I know with first-hand experience, I'd be interested to know the sensation of holding it. Was it noticeably warm...or not so much so? Were the scales hard and unbending? Was there any strong odor? I hope that you don't mind my asking, but I've never seen a pangolin in a zoo, much less during a safari. From your broad smile it was a happy experience. The nature of pangolin scales has long puzzled me. Tom K. Tom - message sent.
  11. On our first safari I used a Canon 60D. Unfortunately, the 60D/100-400L/1.4x TC combination would not autofocus, so I ended up not using it very much. Our second time around I used the 100-400L with a Canon 7DMkII; this combination WILL autofocus with the 1.4x TC. My 60D stayed mated to the 24-105L.
  12. Yes, please. Remove the post. Thank you.
  13. Autofocus may or may not work w/a TC depending on the camera you have (at least with Canon).
  14. When I "graduated" from Canon's PowerShot long zoom cameras to my first DSLR, I purchased a Canon 60D along with a Tamron 18-270 all-in-one lens. I used it on our first safari along with a Canon 100-400L I lens. For general photography I found the 18-270 a great single lens for this amateur.
  15. @@NJW - thanks. Going to work it with and without the 1.4x TC. We have some woods in the area so I will see if I can catch some of the local hawks flying around. Also want to try some moon photography, weather permitting.

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