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  1. interesting article and video. @Tom Kellie I will be visiting Kahuzi-Biega in September to see the Eastern Lowland Gorillas
  2. We have been playing around with our trail cam recently. We set it up at the bottom of the garden and were pleasantly surprised to find that a fox has been visiting. This clip is only short but we enjoyed it. We also got this guy during the day. No surprise as we had been hearing him for a while.
  3. @Game Warden I am trying to post to the topic 'What wildlife is in your woods/backyard', but it no longer seems to have a 'reply to topic' box at the bottom.
  4. @Chakra This has been a really fascinating report. Very witty and extremely informative narrative and some really lovely pictures. I have enjoyed it very much.
  5. @xelas Caught up now and loving every minute of it. Stunning pictures of the dunes and Dead Vlei and the chameleon shots are superb. All the scenery pictures are brilliant and I enjoyed the tour around Swakopmund.
  6. @@xelas Finally got to start reading this report and what a start - only on Day 1 and loving the wonderful atmospheric pictures of the sunsets, clouds and rain (hoping the latter didn't play too big a part in the days to come).
  7. @@Peter Connan Stunning set of pictures. Particularly like the first Love bird picture and the sunset with the palm trees.
  8. @@kittykat23uk I love your badger pictures, the 2nd one especially. The white stripes are a wonderful contrast to the gloom of the background.
  9. Really enjoyed reading this report @@Davesg Mana Pools is my favourite place in Africa. Looking forward to hearing about the 2016 trip.
  10. @@Kitsafari Loving this report. Amazing to see the elephants with the water hose, and love the picture of the tree lined road
  11. @@Tdgraves Like the close up shots of the ground hornbill, really good opportunity to see their features in detail.
  12. @@Dave Williams Really enjoyed reading along with this. Loved the Desert Chameleon pictures.
  13. @@PeterHG Really, really like the Hartebeest picture.
  14. @@PeterHG Lovely pictures of Fish River Canyon - somewhere I have always wanted to go.

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