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  1. Hello Ice.  I understand your reluctance to post any criticisms or disappointments.  I don’t post often, and even less after a ruckus I created by simply posting a negative experience with Porini Camps who I still like and would use again!  

    I am very interested in hearing your experience with Doug McDonald as I have an interest in joining one of his safaris.  A bad experience in a particular area could possibly be bad luck, but a bad experience with a guide grabs my attention. I would really appreciate your candid thoughts regarding your Mana Pools experience with Doug.  Thank you in advance.

  2. Thank you for such a fun and informative read. A safari in India has long been on my list. Maybe this report will encourage me to take the leap.
  3. My friend purchased a battery powered CPAP machine for safari last summer. It would operate for 8 hours on a charge so she charged it in the main tent each day while we were away. We had no electricity in our tents, but they did have power in the main tent during certain times. Maybe this is something you could check.
  4. @Gilgamesh I am thouroughly enjoying your report and photos. While I was at Porini Rhino Camp in Ol Pejeta in June, I had the pleasure of having Little John on one safari ride with me. He was a delightful man with a sense of humor and he was leaving the next morning to take his silver test. We certainly tested his knowledge with the numerous questions we asked. You don't happen to know if he achieved his rating, do you?
  5. Perhaps worth a mention here is that on my last safari my travel companion brought a battery powered Cpap machine. She did have to charge it daily but it made the lack of electricity in the tents a non issue.
  6. I am enjoying every word of your report. It brings back so many memories as some of,your experierences mirrored mine, What an adventure you had.
  7. Would you please provide dates? I am interested but have a limited travel timeframe.
  8. This is bringing back memories. I loved Wolvedans!
  9. @optig I saw the wild dogs at Nkwali-they had just come from farther north so when I got to Tafika the guides said they had just left. It's just the luck of being at the right place at the right time. Good luck to you!
  10. I think @wilddogs comment about commissions paid to different TO's is very true. Many people on TA have reported that ATR are pretty forceful with their recommendations and bookings, so for that reason alone, I personally, would not use them. I'm sure there are also people who are quite satisfied.
  11. Wow-I was the one who started the "controversial" post, and I think that the Porini Camps being a step above backpacking or over landing is ridiculous. I've been to fancier camps, and I've been to more basic camps, and Porini is a step down from say Robin Pope, but I actually felt more at home with the accommodations at the Porini Camps. They have a less formal feeling, yes. I like that, as I don't feel as comfortable in places with claw foot tubs and such. I also preferred the food at the Porini Camps for the same reason. If you look at the Porini website, their portrayal is quite accurate. For whatever reason, even Expert Africa tends to downplay the Porini camps. I think it depends entirely on what you want and expect from your safari experience. I like everything about the Porini camps (one bad experience aside). Sometimes there are small lapses with regard to hosting and guiding. I accept that because I personally prefer having local Massai running and guiding the camps. They are having to learn an entirely new culture and are attempting to adapt their thinking to our western ways. By staying at these camps, I feel like I am helping the people in a small way. For me, the occasional glitch in service is far preferable to having a westerner brought it to host at a camp in the bush. That feels sort of "fake" to me. All that said, I would go back to either Robin Pope OR Porini, or any other camp I've been to, in a heartbeat. I loved the Porini Adventure Camps too! (even more basic/rustic) My advice is to ask yourself what sort of experience you really prefer, and go with that.
  12. I don't think Naboisho has access to Ol Kenyei. Ol Kenyeii does have access to Naboisho though. That is what I was told by my guide at Porini Mara Camp. I thought 4 days in Ol Kenyei was about right, but it may differ for you.
  13. Your pictures are great @monalisa! I'm sorry that your jeep companions weren't as keen to stay and watch the good stuff! For anyone considering a trip, the Robin Pope Camps I used in June of 2016 did not put a lot of people in the jeeps. I had several solo drives and some with one or 2 others. It's higher priced than Flatdogs and there are no guarantees of course, but something to consider. They also have no single supplement if that is a factor. I'd consider Flatdogs for the main gate section of SLNP and maybe spring for the more expensive camps at location farther north.
  14. Thanks @Atravelynn for the kind words. I had forgotten I needed to finish this report!

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