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  1. Ugh this is so frustrating. I'm selfishly glad for myself that I went when I did in February, but feel so sad for the wildlife in Laikipia, not just the dogs as the article makes clear. I hope they will be able to rebound again as apparently they have done in the past.
  2. Fantastic photos and I can really feel your excitement from your writing @Alexander33! Isabukuru was our first group this past February as well, and we were there before Isabukuru himself died. It was a tougher hike for us than it seems it was for you, though not as tough as the one @michael-ibk and @AndMic had! Really looking forward to your next two treks!
  3. Wow, I didn't remember that you booked the extra couple days near Jo'burg either - I do remember all the worries over the electronics policy though, and rightly so! Shame about the lodge you wanted being closed - I think I remember reading about that one too! Same thing happened to us with Jack Hanna's place closing for renovations - but we ended up being very happy with our altnerate lodging, which was also a bit cheaper! You got some fantastic shots of the monkeys! Looking forward to hearing how it all plays out.
  4. I remember those photos that @divewop posted years ago, so striking! I know that with this trip at the end of it you are also planning a scenic flight over Gambella National Park in a small plane, which I imagine would be really incredible.
  5. Thanks for this report @optig - very enjoyable, your photos of the chimps are really great - you captured their expressions really nicely. I was actually thinking of going to Mahale this year with a friend and pairing it with Ikuka but then I ended up feeling I needed to postpone the trip. I still want to go to Ikuka but now you've made me consider possibly doing Chada Katavi with Mahale when I do end up making the trip. I knew it would be more economical to do so but I didn't know Chada Katavi would be so good, so thanks for sharing your experiences. Sorry you hurt yourself but that is interesting to hear that you felt you had so much of a good experience with your other two treks that it didn't matter. I totally know what you mean about not being able to take it all in when you have such an incredible experience - I have had that happen as well.
  6. ah very much looking forward to your report @Alexander33 and reliving my happy Rwanda memories through you!
  7. I stayed at both Londolozi and Phinda on my first safari in 2012 and both were great. Lots of leopards, elephants, rhino etc. at Londolozi and amazing service, Phinda great cheetah with five cubs experience, also rhino, lions with kills, etc. The flight between the two may be different now than it was then so I can't comment on that but we flew straight from the Sabi Sands to Phinda.
  8. @Jakob that is kind of strange to me that they canceled the trip - it said it would depart January 2019 - I would think they have more time to get people on board with it?
  9. @Atravelynn ha ha - sure, that would be great! Not presumptuous at all - just have to make sure it's at a time when I'm not traveling else where!
  10. Yes in Pacific Gove, CA which is near Monterey (about an hour and a half south of where I live) the Monarchs come from about October to February.
  11. Actually we stayed at Bale 4 nights but I was sick one day so that day I really did nothing. So three full days minus one being sick meant really two full days for wildlife-viewing, plus the afternoon we drove through the Sanetti Plateau on the way to the lodge and then the morning we left, we did devote a bit of time looking for wildlife. But we didn't do that kind of searching for the monkeys that you did, so that is good advice for those going to Bale: devote that time if they want to see them. And it makes me feel better to understand that none of your closer sightings were on foot. We really didn't see other vehicles out there that I recall, not ones looking for wolves, just the buses zooming through with locals going from town to town.
  12. No, no problems at all; we brought some for packing our things and no one minds - we specifically asked our guide about this in fact and he said it's no problem to bring them for your use while there but just please take them out of the country when you go.
  13. Beautifully said, @Sangeeta thinking about that trip brings back such emotions. It was so difficult to plan and carry off and we had some problems along the way for sure. We never got to see Busangadude but I'm so happy we got to spend time with Lady Liuwa. So sad to hear she is gone but she lived a really long life. What an amazing lioness. RIP, Lady Liuwa. Here is our report from that crazy trip: The part after we actually got to Liuwa starts at page 4 at post 94 though the trip to GET to Liuwa starts earlier. Here are probably the two best photos I got of Lady Liuwa from that trip:
  14. WOW @pault- finally getting a chance to comment - been loving this action-packed report. The dogs in the Mara? Amazing - but I think you should have stuck with them! The shocker about Bibi - interesting! That was quite a graphic one too. VERY jealous of the Fig and cubs sightings! I could see the cubs in each photo and they are adorable. I didn't even get to see Fig herself when I was there - I must go back. Enjoying it all and glad there is still more to come.
  15. Just fabulous photos, guys! I am a bit jealous that you were permitted to walk and approach the wolves. We were told that it was no longer allowed due to the pressure on the wolf population (this was by our guide who worked for Bale Mountain Lodge). He did let us get out and walk very short distances from the road but not very far. Of course, having a great camera and being a good photog would help too! Love the videos as well!
  16. Yes, I did encounter a snake near the bathroom on that trip @amybatt and @Gilgamesh - see post 132 in our joint report here: However, it was not IN my tent or in the bathroom and the whole thing was an exciting but not really scary experience for me. I remember I was nervous about staying there before we did due to the outdoor bathroom situation but I don't think it was snakes I was worried about! However, it was perfectly fine and if you just shine a flashlight around before you walk out, you should be ok. In terms of things getting in your tent, I've had bugs in the tent - one time at Musekese there were a ton of them on my bed after dinner - it was the one night that something had hatched and there were a lot of them in camp - but I just called the guides and they got rid of them for me. I have heard you should check your shoes before putting them on in case a critter is in them but I always forget! I've always been a big scaredy cat but over the years I've grown to love Africa so much that the minor things like this have become no big deal at all and the great stuff of being on safari to me far, far outweighs any concerns like this.
  17. @buddy4344 Love the report so far, just found it. The photos in the video combined with the music are so evocative, makes me want to jump on a plane to get there right now! Of course the other photos posted are great too. Hope there will be more soon!
  18. Hi - I don't have any insight, haven't been to that area. I know @madaboutcheetah went to Ikuka and loved it and he has a report on here from it.
  19. Great photos of the Bale monkeys and the wolves @Atravelynn We were not lucky enough to see any Bale monkeys. I wonder if the wolves were generally closer to your vehicles than they were to ours or if your zoom is just better than mine (which I know it is, actually!) Do you know about how far they were? Someone (I think @pault) asked me about how far the wolves were in my report and I have no clue about distances but I asked Mr. Safarichick and he made some estimates which I now can't recall but which are in my trip report!
  20. @vikramghanekar Lovely photos - would love to see more! I used to put mine on Flickr and then on here but with the new version of SafariTalk you can do it right from your computer if you like - at the bottom of where you type your post you'll see Drag files here to attach or choose files. I like that option.
  21. aw that is very sad, @Lyss but thank you for letting us know.
  22. Ah good to see the beginning of the Bale section! Some great photos already! You know @Atravelynn I know it's the common wisdom that it's not so great to look for wolves early in the morning, but we asked our guide if that was true and whether we might see them more in their family groups if we got there early enough, before they separated to start hunting and he said it could be. So on our second day, we left at 6:30 a.m. with a packed breakfast, and we did see wolves and also some different behavior than we'd seen the day before. See post 9 in my report here: I think it's good to try both earlier and later on different days. I look forward to reading what you guys did.
  23. @amybatt oh don't get me started on how long we waited also - though not as bad as you since we only got there 3 hours before the flight - but yes, through security so quickly and waited forever at a gate that seriously had only a Lavazza coffee shop that was not open until about 7:30 a.m. and then said its coffee machine was broken and could not make anything but instant decaf for which they charged me almost 5 euros!! I don't think they intended to have you bring the screwdriver with you as they said if you require one for your case, do that before you get to the airport. Of course, this begs the question how will you put it back together after they inspect it?
  24. I am just back from Europe (to the U.S. where I live). I was flying on United. About two days before our scheduled flight home from Paris (which was this past Tuesday) I received an email from United titled "Additional security measures for international flights to the U.S." The body of the email said: Our flight was at 9:15 a.m. from CDG to SFO so we already had planned to be there at 6:15 a.m. which was bad enough and I wondered should we get there even earlier? As it turned out, there was no heightened screening at all that I could see. When we arrived at security there was no line and the agents and seemed startled out of a conversation to have to come attend to us. They were very nice though and we simply put our laptops into bins and they went right through just as always. We just have a Panasonic Lumix camera that was in a camera bag inside my husband's backpack and I don't even remember if he remembered to take that out and put it in the bin but there was no issue at all! Maybe they haven't gotten with the program yet? The warning made me nervous. Anyone else seen that in the past week?
  25. @michael-ibk just getting a chance to catch up where I left off on your report as I've been away - so sorry you were so sick! I am just up to post #90 now - those photos of the Abyssinian Rollers catching their prey are amazing! @Atravelynn I love your black-chested snake eagle photos from post #82!

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