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    Lions, leopards, cheetah, all cats, wild dogs, elephants, baby animals of all kinds, pangolin, pretty much everything in Africa. I've been to Africa once and haven't stopped planning how to get back there since.

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  1. @monalisa thank you so much - the baby elephant really was adorable, wasn't it? and YES they do let you go on the ground with wild dogs and I agree it is pretty crazy but I'd seen other people do it in trip reports and I sort of did it in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe but not this close so I knew it could be done but when you actually do it, and they get close to you and look you in the eye, the adrenaline rush is amazing!
  2. Hey @Sangeeta - can you say a little about what Tinga is like now? I believe they have done some updates over the past few years - do you have some photos of it? Thanks!
  3. hmmm ... very tempting. It is so hard to pick which of many wish list trips to try to do next! This is definitely something I'm interested in doing at some point! I just visited the DSWT orphanage in Nairobi for the second time at the end of my trip to Laikipia and I still have to add in a little report on that at the end of my Laikipia trip report - soon. @beverly both @Kitsafari and I have reports about our visits to the Nairobi orphanage in the report called Lions, Leopards and the Lipault Ladies -- here and Here:
  4. @Lyss I think for all the safaris I've been on, the typical routine is to ask for a deposit at the time of booking to hold your reservation - I think it's usually about 30% - and then the rest is due all at once about 60 days before the trip begins. So if you are planning a year in advance, if you can come up with the 30% at that time then you could save monthly until the 60 days prior comes and have saved enough to then pay the balance at that time. Some travel agents or safari operators will also allow you to use a credit card, but typically they will then charge a certain percentage extra for that service, maybe 4-5%. Otherwise, if you can wire the money i cash, then you save that cost.
  5. @KI-NRT I haven't been to Giraffe Manor though I've always thought it might be fun to go. Perhaps someone else here can comment.
  6. @Tulips Yay, I agree, fantastic choice! I would love to go back there myself. Make sure you try their signature drink - called a DAWA - absolutely delicious! Here's a photo from Facebook:
  7. @offshorebirder aw, sorry to hear that it may seem to be ok but later succumb. But thank you for the links, that is so interesting to know such a product exists - I had no idea. I will check it out.
  8. We have very tall sliding glass windows from our living room leading out to the back yard. Occasionally, a bird will fly into one of them. Often they recover after a period of time and luckily that happened with this little bird that flew into one of the windows this morning. Luckily we saw it happen. Our dog, Dusty, was outside when it happened and he saw it too. He ran over and sniffed at the poor thing that was lying on the deck with its wing at an odd angle breathing but otherwise not moving. Fortunately, we ran out and stopped him from doing more than sniffing. My daughter tried to gently pick it up with a towel I brought her but the towel was making it hard to do without fear of hurting the wing so she used her hand. She snapped this photo right before it flew away. Can anyone identify it? Is it some kind of dove? Edited to add that my friend who lives near me says it is a dove but I'm not sure what kind.
  9. @Tulips I stayed at Emakoko not Nairobi Tented so I only know what Emakoko do. They gave me my own driver and car at no extra charge, so he did whatever I wanted! We did a game drive for a bit on our way over to Sheldrick, then he took me to Sheldrick and waited, and then we continued on our game drive after. I booked through @Sangeeta 's agency Chalo Africa.
  10. Thanks a lot @JohnR!
  11. No I don't get bored with game drives either! When I was there we did a game drive AND Sheldrick in the afternoon. Sheldrick is in the park so it's possibly to start on a game drive for an hour or two, then be at Sheldrick for an hour, and then do another hour or whatever is left of game drive.
  12. Besides the 11 a.m. free visit, you can also visit Sheldrick at the 5 p.m. visit if you are a sponsor of one elephant for $50 if you want to do that. To me visiting there is invaluable but since you've done something similar in Zim, perhaps you don't feel the need. You can also do it without staying there of course, and could do a drive through the park and visit Sheldrick with a driver and not by staying at Nairobi Tented. But I don't know where else to recommend staying if not Nairobi Tented other than Emakoko which is fabulous but I believe more expensive than Nairobi Tented.
  13. The BE Foxes were one of my favorite sightings and totally unexpected - the babies were so cute, I just am kicking myself I didn't get my camera snapping quicker before they ran into the bushes!!
  14. Safari Njema, @pault!
  15. Here are a few from Navajo Bridge in Arizona a couple years ago (does that count as my backyard?)

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