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  1. I'm with you @michael-ibk - wild dogs make me very happy, the more time with them the better! I think you captured some of the reasons I find them so appealing: the way they resemble the cuteness of our pet dogs but yet are such amazing hunters working as a team. And the way they are so social. I really like what I've heard about how they take care of their old or sick members sometimes, bringing them food like they do to the young pups. And of course yes, the pups are adorable. But then most young creatures are! The Nyala are lovely, the light seemed really nice on them and their colors.
  2. Good points @Whyone? - I think opening the tent flaps might still leave a fine mesh screening between inside and outside tent? Spray is a good idea too. @anocn4Thanks for the nice words. I've only been to Zim once and Zam once so maybe you're thinking of StokeyGirl - she has been to Zam a lot as I recall, not sure about Zim. She hasn't been around here on SafariTalk lately that I've seen but used to post here more. Sorry @michael-ibk please go on!
  3. Fabulous photos of a wonderful day @michael-ibk! From the early morning lions with their adorable cubs (that position IS funny!) to the imposing ABSO - and that angle is quite something - to the beautiful birds and interesting bird battle, to the mud-bathing eles, what a fun-filled day. @anocn4 when I was in Mana Pools it was "only" about 40 but two things helped me with the heat, and I am one who suffers a lot from the heat. One was I have my own little battery-powered fan that I take on all trips to hot places. The nice thing is you can bend it at a right angle and set it on a nightstand or even on the bed next to you to have it right up close to your face and I have slept all night with it on for several nights and not had the batteries die. This is the fan Just be careful if you have long hair as if you get it too close to your hair, it can pull a hair or two into the blades and the hair gets wrapped around it and then it may not work any more. But other than that it's quite reliable. The second thing I find very helpful is a Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad. You get this thing wet and squeeze it out then put it on your face, neck, etc. and it really cools your skin as the water evaporates. I have taken it on game drives and walks or just used it lying in bed at siesta time and it really is amazing how much it helps - more than just a wet bandana. It's made of some synthetic material. I love it. You can get a khaki-colored one if you like to stick with safari colors. Ok sorry for interrupting the report, Michael, please continue!
  4. ooh yay, been waiting for your reports too - and like @TonyQ didn't expect the fun of two at once! will have to go back and forth but I certainly don't mind! What a great beginning at Mana with the leopard AND the dogs - wow! But those temperatures you describe! It was around 40 when I was there and that was quite hot enough for me! Looking forward to more.
  5. @AKR1 Yes, I was glad to see Trump's tweet (didn't think I'd ever say I was glad to see any of his tweets, actually) saying: Hopefully he does not decide to go back on this again!
  6. I think it would be great if we had some kind of calendar that would show which of us is traveling where and when as it is so hard to keep track of from the threads. But of course this is tragic whether or not we "know" the people involved. I found an article with a little more information at least on nationalities: Read more:
  7. Oh no. Seems we rarely hear of this kind of thing happening in Africa, considering we know how many of these small planes are flying around all the safari countries every day. But how terribly tragic.
  8. @jeremie I understand. Just know you have an audience here who'd love to see them if you are able to do it!
  9. Just got a chance to read this report @jeremie and really enjoyed it. Stunning photos!! So sorry about Karina's eye - I wear contacts and do always wear them on safari because I hate wearing glasses, especially in heat and sun. I bring wetting drops everywhere as my eyes do get dry but never thought of it leading to an infection - I'm so glad she didn't lose the eye but very upsetting experience, it sounds like. Did you ever get to process the baby otter photos you mentioned?
  10. Love the wet elephants, @madaboutcheetah - especially that first close-up shot of the one with foliage on its tusk! Nothing like eles in water! And the leopard cub is just beautiful! Also, cool shots of the lions hunting warthog.
  11. Wonderful photos @BonitaApplebum - takes me back to my wonderful stay in Mana Pools. So glad you got to see the legendary Boswell and great to hear he is well and still doing his thing.
  12. Loved this report @gatoratlarge - such good sightings and as you said such a variety of wildlife you saw! So jealous of the pangolin and aardvark! Thanks for sharing all this!
  13. @Botswanadreams I am enjoying this report very much and also just looked at part 1 of the German version (translated as I do not speak much German!) I am curious about the Alledeghi Game Reserve part of your trip: how much time did you spend there? It is a shame you could not find the wild ass but I am sure they are hard to find under the circumstances.
  14. I highly recommend you consider staying at - we stayed there in February and it was great but reasonable. Maybe more than Mountain Gorilla View but way less than Sabyinyo or Virunga. Very good food, rooms modern and beautiful, great service. You can read about it in my report in post 9 and see a few photos:
  15. Lovely leopard @madaboutcheetah and great to see the cubs from last year. The male lions certainly has a glorious mane and you got some super shots of it! Sweet bonding photos of the lionesses as well.

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