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  1. @madaboutcheetah these photos are all terrific, as usual, but I especially love that first and last shot of the cheetahs in post # 15 - I love the way the cheetah on the viewer's right is looking so intently at his brother. They seem very intimate and I feel like these photos really show the closeness of their relationship.
  2. Yup. Totally, @lmonmm And you may have heard that after Chad was put on the travel ban list, they pulled their troops out of Niger, where they'd been fighting Boko Haram. Rachel Maddow is making a connection to the four U.S. soldiers killed in Niger just days after Chad pulled out and all that having something to do with why Trump has been so reluctant to talk about those men losing their lives. Wow. What a mess he created. Short video clip below:
  3. Hmm - this is interesting as to one of the reasons Chad got ON the travel ban in the first place: they ran out of passport paper?
  4. Thanks @gatoratlarge it is fun for me every time I look at these photos and remember how great these encounters were. I already want to go back - with the new price point it will be more challenging but I hope to go back some day.
  5. @gatoratlarge hmm - I did do a separate one for each country and posted them in that country's forum but I don't remember if I did tags - I forget about tags. I will post links here: Rwanda: and Kenya: Still keep meaning to add on to the Kenya one our last day in Nairobi at Sheldrick but haven't managed to get around to it!
  6. Thanks @gatoratlarge - maybe you were on safari when I posted it! Did you see the other TRs from the same trip, one on Rwanda and one on Laikipia in Kenya?
  7. Happy Diwali @madaboutcheetah - looking forward to another great Kwando report from you!
  8. Good news! A Hawaii federal court has just blocked major portions of the new travel ban before it was to go into force tomorrow! So for now, Chad is no longer affected by the ban - it will not be in effect as to Chad. Hopefully our persistent president won't attempt to renew any travel ban against Chad. Sigh.
  9. same as Amy said - this would be very cool but I am not qualified.
  10. Don't panic, Americans! I mailed in my application for a visa to visit Chad in March 2018 a week ago, on September 29, to the embassy in Washington, D.C. Today I received back my passport with the visa in it - so I'm going to Zakouma for real now! I hope that Chad will realize the value of tourists coming to see their beautiful wildlife and not reciprocate against this move by the U.S. (I also hope the U.S. will revoke the ban on Chad).
  11. Great sightings, photos and video - so jealous of aardwolf and aardvark!! But really glad you and H got to go
  12. Ugh this is so frustrating. I'm selfishly glad for myself that I went when I did in February, but feel so sad for the wildlife in Laikipia, not just the dogs as the article makes clear. I hope they will be able to rebound again as apparently they have done in the past.
  13. Fantastic photos and I can really feel your excitement from your writing @Alexander33! Isabukuru was our first group this past February as well, and we were there before Isabukuru himself died. It was a tougher hike for us than it seems it was for you, though not as tough as the one @michael-ibk and @AndMic had! Really looking forward to your next two treks!
  14. Wow, I didn't remember that you booked the extra couple days near Jo'burg either - I do remember all the worries over the electronics policy though, and rightly so! Shame about the lodge you wanted being closed - I think I remember reading about that one too! Same thing happened to us with Jack Hanna's place closing for renovations - but we ended up being very happy with our altnerate lodging, which was also a bit cheaper! You got some fantastic shots of the monkeys! Looking forward to hearing how it all plays out.
  15. I remember those photos that @divewop posted years ago, so striking! I know that with this trip at the end of it you are also planning a scenic flight over Gambella National Park in a small plane, which I imagine would be really incredible.

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