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  1. @Grasshopper_Club...thank you!
  2. Some of us who have visited South Luangwa have not had these issues. It was unfortunate for @janzin and i would certainly be unhappy and vocal. The plus is that the photos are beautiful!
  3. @vikramghanekar...another thank you and congratulations!
  4. @janzin.....on our last trip we were at two Bushcamp Co. camps with a private vehicle. We left earlier and stayed out later. Looking at my notes we were never served eggs for breakfast. Just toast or porridge and fruit and we were on our way.
  5. This might a lesson for all of us to state up front when we arrive in a camp, that we do not want to leave a sighting/s for a meal. Let others enjoy eating and we will get a bite to eat later.
  6. I do not import to the IPad each day. I wait until a memory card is nearly full then do it. The memory card is not wiped clean and not used again. This way I am sure to have images in two places, but also need to travel with quite a few cards.
  7. @bettel....I travel with my IPad and bring a camera card reader connector. It works well and my photos are imported, uploaded and arrive on the IMac. Also on my IPad is the Sasol bird app and the books that I am reading.
  8. @Grasshopper_Club....beautiful Litte Bee-eater photos. Eagerly waiting for more!
  9. heart warming. thanks!
  10. @Peter Connan...thanks! I just printed your directions and will try them out.
  11. @Caracal...yes. It was a very special sighting.
  12. idea on numbers. I suspect that there are some spread out around here as we are next to mountains and desert. A couple of years ago friends told us that there was a family of bobcats in their back yard. They also live in Joshua Tree National Park. Several years ago a ban was placed on trapping them in the park. And, we have coyotes in the area.
  13. what a way to begin the new year...a bobcat in our yard early this morning. It was the first sighting in nearly five years.
  14. It has been quiet here bird wise but the ones that we always hear first then see are the Common Ravens. They are here all year. and are everywhere. But, there is a first's Nuttall's Woodpecker. They are heard pecking away in the palm trees and always too far away. This one flew into our yard early one morning as I was outside waiting for the newspapers.
  15. Just an update on what we have been seeing here in the middle of nowhere. Several weeks ago a bobcat came through our yard with a Mourning Dove in it's mouth. The bird got away. Last week the Great-tailed Grackles returned for the season. A pair of Red-tailed Hawks have been soaring searching trees for a proper nest site. Then, yesterday morning we had a Snowy Egret on our roof. The hawks and the egrets are year-round residents.
  16. It's time for a last update this year. I was very sad after the loss of the Red-tailed Hawk nest and nestling. But, there is a happy story with a Cooper's Hawk. It is interesting that the Red-tails build their nests in taller trees where they are exposed to both the wind and the ravens. Cooper's Hawks build their nests in more protected trees and areas. Hidden away this summer was a nest with three nestlings. Three successes! The photos were taken in a two week period
  17. Thank you @Kitsafari! You are the influence that makes us feel better. What a pleasure it was not quite a year ago to meet you. And, thanks to those of you who make this site work. Happy New Year to all.
  18. that's the flight...and the Proflight flight leaves right around four. We cross our fingers that we make it.
  19. you know that with the long layover Emirates will provide a hotel with transfers for the night? Our last trip we flew out of San Francisco. We started in the desert early that morning and had an eight hour layover before getting on the a380, it made for a very long day but it was wonderful on board. The connection in Lusaka for the Proflight flight to Mfwue is not very long and by the time we arrived in the park it was dark...three days later.
  20. Two years ago we were in SLNP and on a late afternoon game drive we came across five giraffe. The light was beautiful. Then we spotted a game vehicle from a camp outside the gate (a familiar name) and there was a woman standing in the back row with her phone on a selfie stick.
  21. @bluebird...we have taken that flight. I had the window seat and there must not have been much to see. I often take photos from the plane but not this time. What is your departure city?
  22. @Geoff...thanks for the great photos, especially the Lillian's Lovebirds!

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