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  1. @vikramghanekar..WOW! how exciting to see this action with dogs
  2. @Tallybalt...when we get our travel insurance, we must book it within 30 days of making our trip deposit. We use Travel Guard. Surprise this time is that if you live in California the rates are better. Your price seems high.
  3. @philw...and have a great time!
  4. Oh dear....We all travel differently, where we like to go, how to travel, and how much to spend. The most important thing in booking a trip to Africa is to have someone who understands what you want, and will take care of you in getting you in and out of the best camps for you. I occasionally read TA to see what is going on in certain camps. But, I am also in the "Grain of Salt" camp. What did it was the time I read someone's report on Duba Plains. When they were there, the buffalo had gone across the channel. They wanted to know why their travel agent would book them there when the buffalo would not be there. ST is really the best site to visit for our safari reviews.
  5. @philw....when you get to Tena Tena please say hi to Bertram. First trip, first camp and first guide ten years ago. We were there again two years ago.
  6. @BieneMaja...thanks for the trip report and the great photos. You did it right by taking a longer trip so to get to the outer islands. We did it when I was still taking photos with film....a long time ago. Love those Sally Lightfoot Crabs!
  7. @janzin...okay another comment. Two years ago we were in SLNP the end of August/early September and it was very, very hot. More years ago we were in South Zambezi and had one very cold evening. I wore my long underwear and we had hot water bottles in bed. I no longer take long underwear but I always have a couple of long sleeve tees and a lightweight fleece top as well as a fleece vest. The weather..... who knows?! I bet you do not wear your fleece.
  8. @Alexander33 I am very sorry about your mother. She said what she thought was best for's being a mother. They usually know and you listened. How many times I have looked back at the words my mother said. Now I smile.
  9. yes....and remember Solo at Mombo. We saw her hunt and then regurgitate for the jackal pups which were part of her family.. @ice..what a wonderful experience for your daughter. A STer of the future.
  10. @deano...Ten years ago we stayed in the same tent! On our canoe trip down the channel we encountered no elephants. But, we did have two big males in camp one evening when we were having dinner next to the river. First one, then the other eating leaves on the trees right next to the table. We were told to stay very still and quiet. I was nervous and ready to jump into the river. Don't think that was a very good option. One day we decided to skip the afternoon drive as there was so much activity on the dry river bed. We sat outside and enjoyed the view, the animals going down to drink and to bathe in the Zambezi. They brought us gin and tonics as scheduled, then came to get us for dinner. It was really nice. Lots of vervets on the roofs as well....some things have not changed. Thanks for the great trip's a bit like going down memory lane.
  11. @bluebirdWe have always used miles for our trips to Africa. We have Alaska Air miles and they have a good partner list and I am sure the Delta does as well. The last trip two years ago it took me about two months to finally get the tickets that we wanted. I would check on line several times a day as well as call the partner desk. I was getting worried but it did work out wonderfully well..Emirates first class. Now they have upped the miles needed so we will not be doing that again. Most tickets can be booked 331 days in advance. We have also used British Air but be aware that their fees and taxes are very high. And, I also check the flights on Google Flight Search. It will give you all of the flights available and at least give you the information to get you started. Good luck!
  12. One night in Botswana after dinner we brought some dessert back to our tent. We did not eat all of it, left it on a low table and started to get ready for bed. I looked over and a small mouse was nibbling away. I flushed the rest of it down the toilet. Do not know where the mouse went but it must have shared the tent with us.
  13. @janzin.....and you decided not to go canoeing?!!
  14. @janzin...depending on where you are staying in the lower Zambezi when we were at Chiawa, our canoe trip was in a channel. When we ran into hippos, the guides just had us go over to the side and wait to see where the hippos would go. Sometimes we stayed on the side a good while but eventually when it came up it, we would find out where it was going. Then we proceeded. It gives great viewing of birds. My husband was in one canoe with a guide and I was in another. The funny thing is before we started my guide asked me if I could swim! It is a good experience....hope I am helping!
  15. @Geoff....SLNP delivers once again. Thanks for a great trip report with fabulous photos!!
  16. Wonderful!
  17. @Kitsafari....finally I have read and viewed the entire trip report. A most compatible group, a discovery of a place that most of have not been, and what a wonderful report you have given. Love the White Pelicans. Now must get out Jonathan Living Seagull and a couple of poetry books! Thanks for the inspiration.
  18. welcome back! and it is wonderful that you living your dream.
  19. Scotland is a beautiful country. We had a couple of stops there a few years ago. Mull and a trip to Iona. It is charming, even without any bird sightings. Thanks!
  20. have the SASOL eBirds of Southern Africa app on my IPad. It is not cheap, but it works for me and is better than packing a book.
  21. great news! It was just announced that the laptop ban is no longer in place for Emirates and Turkish airlines.
  22. yes...but nothing like some of these stories. On our first trip (SLNP) we had so many mock charges that it was not until a year later that I told my husband that I was afraid of elephants. No longer afraid. Not too thrilled with hippos when canoeing.
  23. One time I moved with my camera too quickly, and a lion really snapped to attention. Our guide told us not to move and I thought that I was going slowly...but. You will have a guide won't you?

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