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  1. this is why I hate to go to sleep at night when I am in always hear something, near or far.
  2. There is an article in the Los Angeles Times today about this, titled Cougar gene pool is still shallow. Much of the difficulty is that their area includes two different mountain ranges and the populations are separated by freeways which they need to cross.. Down here...not so easy.
  3. Mfuwe Lodge is close to the gate. We spent one night there at the beginning of our last trip and watched a leopard surrounded by a bunch of vehicles as we headed out in the morning. Loved Kuyenda! Take a look at Chindeni. I think that if you stay a certain number of nights with the same company, you will get a discount.
  4. With your shorter time availability I would limit the time to one country/area. We have been to SLNP twice, the last time for two and one-half weeks. And, will go again. Closer to the gate there are more vehicles. Take a look at the Bushcamp Company camps. They are small. We had great game viewing with no other vehicles around. And, you are inside the park so can stay out later and do not need to to through the gate both coming and going. More for you to think about.
  5. The Los Angeles Times had an article about sunscreens today...the major problem is that people do not apply enough or often enough.
  6. code sharing....the same flight with two or more airlines flight numbers. Can book the flight with either carrier. You need to see which airline is actually flying the plane.
  7. my husband just walked into the room "any thing new on Safaritalk?" Yes! A new streamlined web site. "Oh, the Game Warden!"
  8. another group of ten at Mombo in 2010 and still using the Nikon D70
  9. but it is just a small herd...Selinda ten years ago. Camera specs?....this is the trip when I asked asked a professional photographer about needing a better lens, the response was that I needed a new camera. Three cameras later.....
  10. @@Sangeeta...thank you for posting this link.
  11. @@PCNW...your photos are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing with us!
  12. another first sighting.....Last Sunday I was in our back yard and spotted what I thought was a hawk being harassed by two ravens. Got the binos and found the "hawk" sitting on a chimney. But it was not a hawk. It was a Turkey Vulture. Went inside to grab a camera and could only get it in flight.
  13. @@Towlersonsafari...a different question for you. Will you still love the camera in a year when you still have another year of payments on it?
  14. @@janzin...can't we take the lenses off of the cameras? Then, take the lenses with you and check in the camera bodies?
  15. @@Peter Connan...ravens are a real menace. This time of the year we see them being chased by smaller birds just trying to protect their nests.

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