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  1. @Geoff...thanks for the great photos, especially the Lillian's Lovebirds!
  2. finally gave us photos!
  3. @ExtraordinaryAlex...have never had sushi or tacos in Africa. PHEW!
  4. the food. When we were there, they had a chef from Austria or somewhere near there. I do not believe it was an influence but rather an effort to serve this style of food. We have never had food like this in any other game camp. On the other had they served eggs for breakfast and my hubby was happy. I just wanted to get going on a game drive.
  5. @anocn4..We stayed there ten years ago. The elephant experience was great. I hesitate to say more, but I will. We did not like the camp. The food...a no as it was in our opinion an attempt to be too fancy with too many sauces. The tent...really in need of updating. The guide...not impressed. And, the morning game drives did not start until eight. Now, considering the time frame all of this may have changed. There are other camps as mentioned above that many of us really like and return to because of the areas, the camps, the guides and the game viewing.
  6. @Geoff...thanks for being hot and cramped. The photos are worth it!
  7. @Geoff..and I forgot to mention the great leopard shots!
  8. @Geoff...great photographic puppies! Then, to view the wild dog and hyena interaction...there is almost nothing quite like it. It's both exciting and frightening with sounds to match.
  9. let's say our prayers!
  10. @AandA.....try Emirates next time. It's still long but not miserable.
  11. @LarsS..enjoying your trip report very much. The video tours are a nice addition.!
  12. @Raelond in other a Girl Scout and be prepared for whatever the weather may be. And, have a wonderful trip1
  13. @Kitsafari....thanks! Great report and great sightings and photos. And, your companion must have been very happy to have your company in Africa!!!

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