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  1. @madaboutcheetah...welcome home! .... looking forward to your report and photos.
  2. fortunate you are to be so well traveled at only 22 and to already have the Africa "bug"! Welcome aboard!!
  3. were not afraid of getting your Gator cap wet?!
  4. @gatoratlarge...your sleep out home looks great! Sorry about the lack of stars, but at least you did have some excitement weather-wise.
  5. @Zim Girl....very sorry to hear about Ben, Have a loving weekend with him. We can wait.
  6. We were in Vietnam earlier this year. I asked two different guides the same question after first stating that they did not have to answer me if they did not want to. I questioned them about the ivory that comes into Vietnam. The first guide said that "no it does not happen". The second, "yes it does". I do not know if the first guy thought he would give me the answer that I wanted, or was just in denial.
  7. @vikramghanekar...great photos with beautiful light!
  8. @Kitsafari....again! Just had John read your report and view the video. Great sighting!
  9. @kitsafari...yes you can do it! OH must have been very happy to have you along with him. And, your new camera works! Eagerly waiting for more.
  10. @Ginny ...take a look at the Bushcamp Co camps in SNLP. They are small and we have had great game viewing in the area.
  11. @vikramghanekar..WOW! how exciting to see this action with dogs
  12. @Tallybalt...when we get our travel insurance, we must book it within 30 days of making our trip deposit. We use Travel Guard. Surprise this time is that if you live in California the rates are better. Your price seems high.
  13. @philw...and have a great time!
  14. Oh dear....We all travel differently, where we like to go, how to travel, and how much to spend. The most important thing in booking a trip to Africa is to have someone who understands what you want, and will take care of you in getting you in and out of the best camps for you. I occasionally read TA to see what is going on in certain camps. But, I am also in the "Grain of Salt" camp. What did it was the time I read someone's report on Duba Plains. When they were there, the buffalo had gone across the channel. They wanted to know why their travel agent would book them there when the buffalo would not be there. ST is really the best site to visit for our safari reviews.

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