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  1. The Painted Bunting is a fairly common bird in the Southern USA, but here in New York City its a real rarity. We were amazed that one took up residence in our local park in fall of 2015 and stayed for over a month! It became quite a celebrity and made local news reports with folks coming from all over to see it. One of our most colorful and beautiful--if a bit gaudy--North American birds.
  2. Ah so you did see the mystery cheetah!! Great photo I really wonder if its still in the area or will be when we get there in September. We are staying at Amanzi camp, which is just a bit further upriver from Old Mondoro. Jeki is our arrival airstrip. I know that @CaroleE stayed there recently and was able to do a full day game drive to the Jeki area--whether or not she saw the cheetah is still a mystery, as she hasn't gotten that far in her trip report yet! I've read that some think the cheetah crossed from Mana Pools, but who knows. Cats will roam! As for this movie quote...no idea...these are tough!
  3. wow, incredible leopard sighting--and on your first drive! How lucky can you get! We have that same JNB-->Lusaka-->Jeki connection, over a three hour wait. Wish I'd known about the possibility of a charter flight! Our agent didn't mention it and it never occurred to me that it was a possibility. But too late now, oh well. Had to look up that quote, but once I saw the source I remembered I won't say, since once again I cheated! looking forward to more...can't wait to find out if you saw that cheetah! I've read that it was sighted a few times...
  4. Well this report is getting "Dumb and Dumber" Love the movie quote idea, but no one else is playing! (and you never gave the answer to the previous installation...) That bike ride looks like a fantastic idea! A definite possibility for a future trip. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate for your whale watching though.
  5. no, that's too high-energy for us LOL! Class IV or V I think! No thanks!
  6. Its not only in Africa...I've actually never had a problem in Africa but once in the Amazon there was a large tarantula in our shower. I didn't take a shower the entire time we were there! (Luckily only about three days...)
  7. I also had to look up that quote...found it but I won't say either because I cheated. And I never saw that movie! Tick tock...waiting for Lower Zambezi
  8. haha Devil's Pool seems less scary than capsizing and being eaten by a hippo or croc But canoeing may be a spur of the moment decision too!
  9. 12 more sleeps to Zambia...just booked some activities at Victoria Falls. Call me crazy (and I think I must be) but I booked the Livingstone Island/Devil's Pool trip ...there's 100% chance that DH won't do the swim (given that he can't really swim) and I'm sort of 50/50 lol. But I read that its worth it even if you don't do the swim, so we'll see. I booked early morning for the rainbows. I might do it...but I won't jump in! You only live once.... Also booked a sunset small boat cruise for our last night (ridiculous because we'll have plenty of cruising for "free" in Lower Zambezi, but...its our last night ) And made dinner reservations at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. And re-confirmed our birding tour with Charles Brightman who was really hard to reach and I was getting concerned but the very helpful folks at http://www.victoriafalls-guide.net/ phoned him for me and its all set. On top of that I am mostly packed, so its time to start getting antsy!
  10. Fantastic stuff @Atravelynn ! Love the bats, the snakes and especially the bears...that's something high up on my list. And sure, I'd go see the migrating monarchs!
  11. oh I'm really looking forward to this as we leave for Lower Zambezi just two weeks from today, and there really aren't many reports here for that park. Not to rush you or anything, but I do hope you get up to it before I leave And I must of course apologize for our NYC "Taxi Driver" (s) but really, they are not all like that!! (nor like Robert DeNiro in the film you reference
  12. This is the Zambia trip...I guess its rolled off this page at this point Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa, Victoria Falls...
  13. I'm down to two weeks from today Packing is commencing (photo gear is pretty much already packed.) Although I haven't dared to weigh it yet...
  14. Wildlife photographer and safari guide Andy Biggs has been posting some short videos on safari photography on his Facebook page--shot while he's driving around the Masai Mara on one of his tours. They are pretty basic, but there are some interesting observations and tips. There are five of them so far and he seems to post at least one a day. They are also available on Vimeo. Photography Creativity and Safari Thoughts: https://vimeo.com/user517761/videos
  15. Did we stall? How about a tanager to keep it going. The South American tanagers are some of the most colorful, beautiful birds in the Americas. And found only in the Americas! This one is less gaudy than some (really!) but one of my favorites.

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