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  1. Extremely influential to me personally! I never would have even thought about Zambia, for instance, if I hadn't read so many wonderful trip reports here. And it was an India trip report that finally convinced me to go there. And of course the depth of knowledge of the people here is invaluable. Its also one of the friendliest forums I've ever been on--and I'm on a lot, of photography forums, other travel forums, etc. No trolls and no insults (well, some debates get heated but I've rarely seen it get personal or insulting.) I'm not sure why this is so but it encourages me to come here daily to see what my "friends" are up to. Unfortunately it seems that many travelers I speak to are unaware, but I do try to spread the word. I also have spoken to some who say "oh yeah, I visited ST it years ago but haven't really been back." I think there are just some people who rely on forums and appreciate the interaction with like-minded folks; and many more who just don't, for whatever reason. Not sure how to engage them. But I do encourage anyone I know who is planning a safari to come over here and take a look! Also unfortunately I don't really have any friends who travel the way we do...most of my traveling friends are birders and when they do travel internationally to "exotic" places, they take tours. Not the type who do a lot of personal research.
  2. This is the a post that was shown to me as indicating it was Lolparpit. Hope you can see it (its public.) The post shows that he was in the OMC area with the Enkuyanai pride earlier in the season.
  3. @jeremie we weren't THAT close. I was using the 200-500 on the D500 so about 750mm equivalent. I also had the 70-200 on the D810 most of the time, for wider shots and bigger beasts like elephants. These guides were really great at maneuvering the vehicle so that the lions would be walking directly towards us. They really knew how to optimize the photographic opportunities.
  4. Alas, I have run out of time and am leaving early tomorrow morning. And I'm not QUITE done with Porini Lion camp. We still have the quest for Fig to cover Until next week!
  5. @Geoff well I can't be sure but the person who told me seemed to be sure. this is exactly where he was seen:
  6. @Marks All of the wide ones are just cropped that way, not shot that way. Sometimes I do shoot panoramas, but all of these are just shot with normal aspect ratio of 3:2. Re: the'll see, but I'm sure you can imagine. A combination of reasons though.
  7. I'm going to be away for a few days as of tomorrow so I'm trying to get Porini Lion done before I go. So where are the cheetahs, you may ask?? Lest you think we didn't see any...indeed, we saw a few around Porini Lion! I just haven't figured out how to fit them into the narrative. So without further ado, here they are, sans much narrative Well, GOOD MORNING! There was one cheetah that was hanging around close to camp, and another we saw further afield. I believe out near the edge of the conservancy. Most of my images (at least from my Nikon D500) have GPS data embedded, so if you look at the Exif, you can click on Map Link and see exactly where they were taken. We saw this male early in the day, and then later, close to dusk, we found him with a kill. Time to wash your face!
  8. thanks @jeremie I much admire yours as well, your Pantanal photos were awesome!
  9. Thanks @Lyss I see you are involved with a Mara leopard group so I just sent a joining request on FB. Perhaps you will be able to help identify some of the other leopards we saw!
  10. One disappointment we had on this trip was that we were only able to do two night drives. Two other evenings, we attempted night drives but had to turn back due to torrential rain (once was here at Porini, and once at Encounter Mara.) However, we did get one night drive at Porini which was productive. A nice thing about night drives in the conservancies is that you can actually go out AFTER dinner, instead of trying to fit it in at the end of an afternoon drive and then have to rush to dinner with no chance to clean up or relax even for a moment. Our night drive at Porini started at around 9 p.m. We were super excited to have barely pulled out of camp when we saw this Serval! Well, the back of a Serval is better than no Serval at all In fact, it seemed that Serval was rather common in the Mara (more to come later) and there were many sightings in the area around Porini Lion Camp. I think this fella was seen quite often, but it was a thrill for us (only our 2nd life Serval, the first being in the Ngorongoro Crater.) One cat we were really dying to see was Caracal. A Caracal was seen during the time we were at the camp, and we spent quite a bit of time searching and waiting in that area, and another vehicle even saw it while we were sitting there (the brush was really, really dense at this spot) but alas, we missed it. Hoping to see one on our upcoming trip to Zambia! The only other mammals seen on the night drive were Hares and Spring Hare, but no other photos worth posting.
  11. On our last full day at Porini Lion, our guides asked if we wanted to do a full day out and head towards the reserve to try and find a river crossing. We really weren't that keen on it since we knew that we'd be spending five days in the Triangle at the end of our trip, with the aim of seeing a crossing or two; but Gerard and Jackson twisted our arm, assuring us that there would be plenty of wildlife along the way, and we'd see some different areas of the park. Okay, why not... I might mention that at this time there were vast herds of wildebeest in the plains right outside the camp. Every drive we saw something like this (click to get the full size image in better resolution, its another wide one.) I also might mention, in the aim of transparency, that some of these encounters may not have happened in the order or even on the dates they are assigned but I assure you they all happened. I really do need to start taking better notes, but I am just too occupied with photographing! So off we went heading towards the Mara River. When we first were picked up at the airstrip, on our way to Porini Lion Camp the guides mentioned that they knew where there was a jackal den with pups. In fact we passed the area but at that time there was no jackals to be found. So we asked if we could drive by the den area and see if the pups were visible. We were fortunate enough to see two pups right as we got near, but I could only grab a photo of one before they scurried back into their den. Mom (or Dad, not sure which) was around too. and gave us a little stretch... and some other nice sightings along the way. Like this Banded Mongoose... A Topi who had JUST given birth... a Hyena having fun in the dirt... Some hippos... and then this... (not for the squeamish!) We knew this meant there must be lions around. Sure enough, not far we found some flat lions, doing what flat lions do after a nice hippo lunch (sleeping...) She was nice enough to raise her head for a little washing... Well the lions weren't going to do much, so we continued to the river. We actually got there just in time to see the end of a small crossing. We literally just saw the last few wildebeests climbing the bank, and then it was over. Rather anticlimactic, but we were sure we'd see more and better later in the trip, so we were fine with it.
  12. Wow! Not safe for work LOL! What a sighting!
  13. Thanks everyone for your kind comments Since I've already managed to mix up dates, I'm not going to try too hard to stay in sequence. We're still at Porini for awhile, though I do believe it was this first morning that we came upon this group of elephants in a small stream. (Make sure you click on the image to see it full size, as its wider than most.) The light was kind of flat, so I did a little creative processing here with Nik ColorEFX. At one point, photographing this Secretary Bird, we got photo-bombed by a lion! This is one of my favorites of the trip! Speaking of lions, we saw some good-sized prides. Now I know some of you are keen about knowing the pride names and names of individual lions and other cats. I confess that I am terrible at taking notes and often we just forgot to ask. I paid more attention to Leopard names because they are my favorite cats. I did ask about the lion prides and I know that we saw the Enkoyonai pride and at least one other in this area, but I am sorry to say that I don't know which lions I photographed are from which. I'll try to do better next time! I do believe it was that first morning that we came upon this very photogenic group in the early morning light. and this lovely couple... I actually learned the name of this magnificent male from the couple above just recently, as I posted the following photo on Facebook and he was identified by someone as Lolparpit. Isn't he grand!! and his lady friend..
  14. The chameleon shot is awesome!! I'm really looking forward to night drives in SLNP. Hoping for aardvaark but I'd be happy with some of the more "common" critters such as porcupine and civet, which we've never seen. We've certainly been on some dud night drives but I've heard great things about the night drives in SLNP!

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