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  1. 22 and 15 safaris? Is that a typo? Did you do your first at five years old??
  2. The easiest way is to install an "exif reader" in your browser. I use a Firefox Add-on called FxIF but there are others. Similarly for Chrome. (If you use a Mac, I have no idea.)
  3. @AmyT as far as I know all the vehicles in northern Tanzania are pop-top or closed, from what I've read this is because they need to travel between parks on busy highways. In the southern parks they can be open. I don't recall seeing any open vehicles in the Serengeti. I'm short and I didn't have a problem in Tanzania, I either stood on the seat or if I recall they had a crate I could stand on.
  4. Fantastic, glad I found this report as we are considering a similar itinerary, in part, in 2018. Excited to see that you had platypus, and that stripped possum is gorgeous, and so many colorful birds! Australia is calling...!
  5. What a fascinating report! PNG is on our bucket list for birding but its always seemed so daunting, even with a tour (as it would need to be.) Just catching up a bit late but I look forward to the continuation.
  6. too cute! That cub looks so fat she can't even stand up! Glad to see momma ate some as well.
  7. Well just as a stark comparison, here is the exact same view of the bridge as you posted...two months later! Incredible difference!
  8. aardwolf video = WOW!
  9. Well you have certainly teased us enough now about Day 9 that we all are waiting with baited breath Now we know it involves a lion! Meantime, thoroughly enjoying the report and photos...love to hear the enthusiasm of a first-timer! Although I don't think the thrill of a lion staring at you ever goes away....
  10. I've been terribly upset about this too. Those photos of the dead Flamingos on Cayos Coco and Guillermo, Cuba, were horribly distressing, especially since we were just there a few months ago and saw them in all their glory. A fund has been set up to benefit BirdsCaribbean which is an organization protecting birds in that area. I've donated...don't watch the video unless you want to see these beautiful birds dead and dying https://www.razoo.com/story/Birdscaribbean-Hurricane-Relief
  11. haha NO! At least, not once in South Luangwa. We did wear them briefly in the mornings in Lower Zambezi, it was slightly cooler there. But I think we would have been fine without them because I don't think we wore them for more than 1/2 an hour in the morning.
  12. Having just returned yesterday from Zambia and Lower Zambezi I had to revisit this report. We will now join the ranks of "lovers of Lower Zambezi!" We actually preferred it to South Luangwa (shhh don't tell the fans.) It really was fabulous and since it will likely be awhile before I get to my own trip report I'll answer the question I know @deano is wondering--no we didn't do a canoe trip The hippos were frightfully frightful and seemingly in the millions and even the small boat ride was a bit nerve-wracking--but we loved it!
  13. Having just returned from South Luangwa (and Victoria Falls) myself--just yesterday!--I was eager to read your report! Wow, you had some incredible sightings. To be honest I think you fared better than we did, and it seems to me that June might just be the perfect time to go. I will wait for my trip report to go into details, but we were a bit disappointed in the sightings we had. Although it is always said that later in the season is best for predators, I think they may be more active in the cooler weather. And its certainly a bit greener! The only negative I can think of for a birder is that the Carmine Bee-eaters aren't there yet in June, and the colonies were a highlight of our trip. But now that we've seen them many times, if I returned, I'd do it in June or even earlier in the green season, I think. The Easter egg leopard is fantastic, and I can't believe you just casually posted a Pel's Fishing Owl!! One of the most sought birds in Southern Africa! Fantastic leopard and dog sightings too; and I'm so envious that you saw Ginger and Garlic (I knew we wouldn't as we weren't in their territory of the park, but I was sad not to see them.) Its incredible how different just a few months makes in Victoria Falls. There was almost no water on the Zambia side (we also stayed at the Avani) and no need for ponchos, lol, even on the Zimbabwe side. It was still fantastic to see but I'd love to see it in full force!
  14. I don't want to turn this thread into a critique of ATR, but I have to say take what they recommend with "a grain of salt." Twice I have asked them for quotes for a safari, and twice they came in with quotes WAY over the budget I said I had...I mean, not even close, it was insulting. They are definitely pushing more expensive camps. Only after me telling them that their proposal was out of the question did they reluctantly come back with less expensive suggestions which they were very clear "would not be as suitable." On top of that, one of their agents was very condescending to me when I suggested combining Laikipia with the Mara, he literally said "why would you want to go on safari in degraded farming habitat?" I would never bother with them again (although their website is very useful Anyway, we loved Porini Lion camp and had excellent guiding and sightings there (see my review on this site as well as my trip report "Can you have too much time in the Mara".) I would go back in a heartbeat and I would definitely like to combine it with other Porini camps for a future trip.

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