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  1. oohhh this is enticing. Am I feeling lucky? I've got no trips planned for 2019 yet
  2. I know what you mean...I have no Africa at all in 2018 and actually today reading your report (and a few others) I actually started feeling physically ill at the thought. Could it be an addiction? Great report and photos, that goes without saying!
  3. Some great Carmine Bee-eater shots! I can definitely relate, we too spent a long time with them in South Luangwa, and it was one of the highlights of our trip as well...just getting into that zone....everything else is forgotten...even the tse-tse flies!
  4. I find it really hard to believe it is only $300 per week...if it were, everyone (including me!) would pay it. Something is fishy there. As for small camps with excellent guides...have you looked into Enaidura, the Wild Source's camp, with Ping? Probably more expensive than the others you are considering though.
  5. I confess I don't usually follow the Big Year posts--there are just too many other posts to follow--but I am excited about this one as I'll be visiting Australia for the first time Sept 2018! Although we will be in the East and nowhere near Perth, its still whetting my appetite. Those Fairy Wrens!! And all the colorful birds you have...I can't wait
  6. Thanks for this review! I am glad that it matched up to your experiences at Porini Lion. I've been dreaming of a return to Porini Lion and perhaps I may combine it with Porini Mara as well.
  7. I must say I'm with you on Puku...after my recent Zambia trip it has become my favorite antelope. I don't know why exactly but they are just too cute and sweet...maybe its the name also...I was calling my cat Puku when I got home (fortunately for him, I've gotten over that.) Ouch on Lynn's foot! Two months is not a long time to heal a broken foot! But as always, the trooper... But ouch also on the lodge...if I ever get to Kafue I'll give that one a pass!
  8. 50 degrees??? Is that even possible? Well, I'm looking forward to this one too although its making me feel really guilty, you doing two at once and I haven't gotten my Zambia trip report started!
  9. ah I've been waiting for this one Off to a good birdy start with that Shalow's Turaco! I've still not gotten a decent look at that one.
  10. I don't know how long this is going to last, but just in case anyone from the US is planning a South Africa trip this winter...SAA is running a crazy sale of around $600 JFK or IAD to JNB. Capetown slightly higher. Jan-March 2018. https://thepointsguy.com/2017/11/nyc-iad-to-south-africa-594-rt/?utm_source=FACEBOOK&utm_medium=social&utm_term=Editorial&utm_campaign=FACEBOOK-100000100863693 I went to SAA's site and put in some random January dates and indeed, got a SAVER fare of under $600 JFK to JNB. That's insane...I'd grab it and make a plan later, if we weren't going to India in February. Hope someone here can take advantage of it!
  11. Me too! I wish I could tag along, but will have to do it vicariously! And I know that Lawson's will do a great job for you. I can't even imagine trying to coordinate such a trip with multiple operators...you missed your calling as a travel agent, I think!
  12. @AmyT glad that the Chase card came through for you! We just booked our Australia trip and I put the deposit and the airfare on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The only thing I did note is that the coverage tops out at $20,000 per trip ("occurrence") no matter how many people are covered (its not per person, but per trip.) This could be insufficient on some more expensive trips. I wonder if the Sapphire Reserve card has a higher "per occurrence" limit.
  13. wow, amazing photos. I am not sure I could have watched that Wildebeest sequence. A fast kill is easier to bear! Never too many cheetahs, that's for sure. I am definitely pondering a return to Porini Lion asap
  14. oh no, this is awful. We all know or at least "know" so many safari travelers from the boards that its hard to keep track of who might be where. I got worried about @Galana as he goes often to Tanzania, but I checked over on Trip Advisor and he's posted, so he's okay. We need one of those "check-in" features like Facebook has after a disaster!
  15. We are doing three full-day safaris and two half days (on arrival and departure day.) Its horridly expensive but as you note, the ability to be in any zone, and of course full day activity, is the draw. I will surely let you know how we make out!

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