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  1. @janzin...can you provide the links where you are getting evacuation coverage for $77...what is emergency evacuation coverage amount...for 2 people I would not feel comfortable getting less than 1 million in evacuation coverage.
  2. My advice is to be careful when relying on any credit card for immediate action. They are a credit card company not an emergency evacuation company. They will not have the expertise to handle an emergency situation like a dedicated insurance company. There are a number of stories about people using their credit cards for rental car insurance and it taking months and months for things to get resolved. I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card but I still buy additional coverage. I would hate to be in the middle of Kenya and needing to get my wife out and having a discussion with someone at Chase. I want the peace of mind to know that a company like Travel Insure will make it happen. Trust me I am frugal and will try everything to save a $ use air miles, green season safari, used camera equipment, but I will not scrimp or rely on someone outside of the travel insurance business.
  3. I got the same email...sounds like to me that living as a group at the Sosian lodge is safer than living in individual in numbers! Amazing the difference a year makes...we were at Sosian last June.
  4. Given the popularity of mirrorless cameras...Canon and Nikon are going to have to change things up to stay relevant in the you never know what they will bring.
  5. Me likey
  6. I have the same dilemma...might leave my personal iPad at home.
  7. Update about Europe to US Proposed Electronic Ban The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued the following statement in response to reports about expanding the #LaptopBan: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued the following statement in response to reports about expanding the #LaptopBan:
  8. Yea I am scheduled to fly to Frankfurt for work on Sunday...this is a typical reaction of DHS...they are always reactive and now they will be putting hundreds of thousands of lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold of airplanes....where if a fire starts there is no way to put it out. Typical gov't.
  9. The issue is that lithium ion batteries and the baggage hold of airplanes do not mix...there are been several reports of fires. So just like DHS they react and create bigger issues.
  10. This is going to be a big deal for us flyers carrying a lot of camera gear and laptops/tablets...
  11. Great start and great pictures...will be visiting Zambia in the near future.
  12. In the airline business a year is a lifetime...hopefully it is Delta. I fly just Delta and get a ton of points.
  13. Very nice indeed....Zambia is on the list and now Kafue is on the top of the Zambia list.
  14. @@Fischwife 1) We always brings snacks with us from home..granola bars, trail mix, malted milk balls, chocolate covered peanuts, cashews...etc. A lot of time we raid the baskets of food at the airport lounges or when we are on the plane.... We like to snack and will eat these snacks during siesta when we do not want to track back to the main dining tent. We double ziploc bag all the food though because ants will be a problem if food is left open. I have yet to go to a safari camp that does not provide 3 meals a day, plus whatever the guest request to a certain level. I once requested a Valentines Day cake for my wife and they made me a cake! I have never seen lunches for purchase. What camp are you staying at in Namibia? 2) There is a certain risk associated with all international travel, but I can assure you depending on the camp that food preparation is taken very seriously in the bush. Food is prepped and washed just like at a restaurant. I did get a slight stomach bug while traveling in Kenya last year, but it was minor inconvienance and thankfully I did not lose my appetite. I think the big thing especially if you are in a camp without running water is to use a hand sanitizer. Snails are not generally on the menu. 3) Flies are one of the most overrated worries when traveling in Africa in our experience. We get bite by more mosquitos sitting on our back patio in South Carolina in one night than in the entire 2 week trips to the African bush. We always wash our undies in the sink and never have any issues with bugs. Last time I went I pre sprayed our outer clothes with this... It works through multiple washings/ironing. I sprayed bags, luggage, hats, gloves, socks, vest....I setup up some hangers in the garage and did everything at once. It dries very quickly. DO NOT use Permethrin on your body.... 4) Cash on hand is very much personal...I take enough for tips plus an emergency stash of $300 USD in small bills. I personally store this amount in various locations in my luggage...sometimes I forget where I put it. ; 0 But anyway if a bag gets stolen some not all your money gets gone. If I need more the credit card comes out.

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