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  1. Given Lions are on their way to extinction i would have thought it makes sense to preserve as many as a possible. With Lions being unable to travel between game reserves there are already reports of inbreeding. We need as much of the genetic diversity in lions that we can save. As for a marketing scheme - Safaritalk did the interview - people can read this and make up their own mind.
  2. Sanwild are in urgent need of money to feed their lions: "How terrible! The SanWild lions were now forced to skipped their feeding as ONCE AGAIN we have been let down by those who promised and undertook to send money for us to feed these very special creatures. I am at my wits end and urgently need to raise at least $2500 with immediate effect. How terrible that peoples' word are simply no longer their honour? Please help us if you can?" https://www.facebook.com/pages/SanWild-Wildlife-Sanctuary/163363760361196 http://www.sanwild.com/ So thought i'd help spread the word - I notice Safaritalk did an interview with the owner a few years ago.
  3. From CCF's Website: Are you or someone you know passionate and knowledgeable about eco-tourism and conservation? Check out this job opening. https://www.cheetah.org/ama/orig/2012_Ap_Tourism_Supervisor__2_.pdf
  4. listen around the 2 minute 30 second mark to hear the masai warrior say he has killed more than 2 lions !
  5. Some suggestions: How about interviewing Aletris / Josh , who are making a documentary on Caracals in Namibia. https://www.facebook.com/caracalcatproject The UK High commissioner for Namibia: http://blogs.fco.gov.uk/marianneyoung/2012/01/19/clever-cheetah-conservation-in-namibia/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BloggerMarianneYoung+%28Marianne+Young+[FCO+Blogs]%29 David Stanton on the smuggling of wildlife from Africa to Yemen: http://www.yemenileopard.org/files/cms/news_articles/No._27_February_29_2012_English.pdf A good topic to cover would be the use of kickstarter.com to help raise funds for conservation projects:

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