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  1. Hi @anocn4 my trip report from this year will be based on our stay at Brian Freeman's camp, which I can highly recommend. We are just trying to find somewhere less expensive to stay for next year which is why I started this thread. I won't be able to tell you about Malaika, if we do end up there, until October 2018! Pen
  2. Getting Ping and staying at that camp costs an arm and a leg the premium for a private vehicle and guide was enough but they added more on if you asked for Ping. Really expensive
  3. Hi and thanks so much for the report back. I have more or less decided on Malaika Camp as among the others they have been operating the longest. They are also giving me a great price for bed and board only. I am going to hire our driver/guide and he can stay at Malaika with us for a KSH1000 per night in the staff quarters. The other camps I looked at seem nice but I am very concerned about their ability to operate in the future and one Olapa was asking 30% up front. Now the political situation has settled hopefully people will return to Kenya. We arrived the week of the first elections and had no problems in Nairobi what so ever. In fact people went out of their way to reassure us. Trip report coming up! Pen
  4. Hi @bettel it is a problem. Hari @madaboutcheetah has warned about illegal camps being set up which made me shy away from a couple of 'new' camps Legends and Olapa. Malaika has been open for a while and they have given me a good price. They are very responsive to my emails. I have asked them for their guide/owner John as our guide in a private vehicle. We are in the process of firming up the booking with them and then have to decide if we are happy to pay the deposit. I am still unsure if we should bring our own guide and vehicle from Nairobi but this will cost us £500 more. I have not heard of the other camps you mention so will look them up. Have they quoted you a price? I would be interested to know. When are you going? We are going in September next year. Pen
  5. @Wild Dogger are you going to continue with this? Really enjoying the detail and would love to see more. Pen
  6. @madaboutcheetah thank you. I have set aside 3 nights for Jodhpur before we go to the local B&B in Khichan for the night. I saw Raas, it does look fabulous but maybe out of my price range this time. Trying to keep costs down so we can do more Tiger safari. Any other place in Jodhpur you know of? Nothing is booked yet, still trying to work out how we are going to get from A to B to Z you have such a huge country! Pen
  7. Wow that is going to be amazing. I have contacted Vikram and he is putting something together for us. Will report back Pen
  8. Thanks @michael-ibk I will have a look at the company you used as see what they can come up with. We went to Kaziranga in 2009 that was an experience! went on a river cruise. Pen
  9. Thank you Hari @madaboutcheetah we should be there at the peak month for the Cranes. There is a nice looking B&B in the village so if we go I expect we will stay there rather than drive from Jodhpur. Busy planning Pen
  10. @janzin thanks so much I will have a look at the company and also the lodge. Are you paying for the half day or full day safari where you can switch zones? Last time we were restricted to certain zones and ended up in a bad one the last of our four safaris. Look forward to hearing how you get on. Pen
  11. Thanks @michael-ibk we stayed in Jaipur last time and want to spread out a bit if we can. What was your itinerary? that will give me an idea, did you use a travel company to arrange your trip? I used a company that supplies a car and driver which were excellent last time but its always a good idea to see what other people have done. Pen
  12. Thank you @madaboutcheetah although we hope to see some different places in Rajasthan, Jodhpur for example we are really keen to see Tigers and perhaps try another park as well as returning to Ranthambhore. Is it difficult/easy to visit Kanaha/Pench, Bandhavgarh as well? I know the distances are huge in India and looking at a map and not knowing the roads makes it difficult. Is there a particular month for the crane migration? Where would we go to see it if we stay in Jodhpur? Pen
  13. Hi @janzin I am forward planning for Feb/March 2019 so when you go I would be very interested to hear about it and see your photographs which are obviously going to be fantastic Where are you staying? We stayed at Khem Villas last time. Pen
  14. Its been 10 years since our last visit to Ranthambore NP and we are planning a return. Is this still the best park to see Tigers? We would like to visit other parks but logistically it might be difficult. Starting in Delhi are there any parks within easy distance that you would recommend. We will be driving/driven. We hope to go to Agra, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur and end our trip in Udaipur. We have quite a decent time, 4 weeks. Any suggestions @madaboutcheetah or anyone else with advice. thank you Pen
  15. Who knew hyena babies could be so cute? With their proud mother or aunty. Masai Mara August 2017.

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