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  1. Thanks he was a very photogenic little chap!
  2. Bahati herself. Very relaxed and we spent hours with her.
  3. The male cub with his shy sister
  4. Bahati's male cub (she is the daughter of Olive). Taken at Brian Freeman's camp Masai Mara August 2017.
  5. Excellent shots of some great action. I love the look the cheetah gives the mother warthog as it chases the cheetah away. We also saw the 5 cheetah on our recent trip, such beautiful animals. Pen
  6. Great to see the cheetah boys. They have been near Brian's camp which is very near Intrepids. Hope to see them. If you finish tomorrow I can read the final instalment of your brilliant TR before we board our flight to Nairobi on Monday. If we see as much as you did we will be very happy 😊 Pen
  7. We do have a vehicle with Brian Freeman that allows you to crouch down inside as the side is missing, if my arthritic knees will let me What ISO did you use and any other settings you can share as I am enthusiastic but not a very proficient photographer Pen
  8. Fig is beautiful but the wildebeest against the sunset is amazing 👍 I shall try that in a couple of weeks time. Pen
  9. Thank you @janzin I have enjoyed this so much, including the Photoshop tips. It has kept my impatience level down so that now you have finished I only have 17 days until we leave for Kenya. Staying in the EKA on our last night so your advice is most welcome on that. If we see half the animals and birds you did it will be a fantastic trip. Pen
  10. All I can say to Babi on the camel is "Well done girl!" Sitting astride an elephant in Kazaranga nearly killed me and if I had known 'Sara' was the word I needed at the time my agony could have been cut short. Pen
  11. I think they may with a company called Pangolin Safari who offer guided photographic trips on the Chobe and the guests get to use the cameras to learn technique with.
  12. This is fascinating thank you for taking time to tell us the 'real' story @pault. Our upcoming trip to Kenya includes the Aberdares, Samburu and the Mara so reading your words brings it that little bit closer. Pen
  13. Oh no we get in with KLM late so two hours transfer is going to be a nightmare but thanks for the warning!

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