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  1. @Chakrathe Koreans were such good friends it was lovely. We swam to the edge of Vic falls as you know, and did yourself 😳 However feeling the Iguazu waterfall pounding on our heads was definitely more exciting! Pen
  2. Thanks @michael-ibk nine weeks and we will be following in your footsteps 😃
  3. The next day we flew back to Buenos Aires for a couple of days. There was a big storm during the night and the falls had changed from rainbows and white water to a huge brownish roaring giant. A few photographs of Buenos Aires to finish. Hope you enjoyed this Trip Report. Pen
  4. The following morning we got up early and walked along the falls walkway on the Brazilian side which starts just opposite the hotel. Guests have until 9am when the first tourist bus arrives. It was beautiful with many rainbows. Devils Throat in the distance In the afternoon we took the wet Macuco Boat Safari booked from the hotel. The boat takes you right under the falls several times. We shared the boat with a group from both North and South Korea!! It was great fun.
  5. @pomkiwi you might be interested in this section of my TR. We flew from Buenos Aires to the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls. From here we were taken to the Brazilian side as we had splashed out to stay at the Belmond Hotel which is inside the park. Our plan was to visit both sides during our three night stay. The week before the boardwalks on the Argentinian side were closed for several days because a puma and its cub were roaming the area. Imagine going all that way and not being able to visit The grounds of the Belmond were also off limits after dark as there was a jaguar spotted the night before we arrived. Needless to say we saw neither of the cats. Belmond Hotel it reminded us very much of the hotels we stayed in on our two trips to India. Impeccable service, great food and a beautiful old heritage building. From our bedroom window. The following morning we took a taxi to the Argentinian side. A small train takes you to the walkway leading to the devils throat. You walk through beautiful forest with thousands of butterflies, coati and monkeys. It was very hot and humid even early in the morning so the spray from the falls was great. We got very wet. You can also see the walkways on the Brazilian side. We were going on a boat trip the following day and could see people in the boats. It is a wet or dry ride! Back at the hotel we took an evening walk and watched the sun go down. It was lovely as only people staying at the hotel are there after the last bus load leave.
  6. @Tom Kellie what a coincidence it must have been very different in the 1970's
  7. We spent the night in Puerto Montt and then crossed to Chiloe Island. First stop was to see the Humboldt and Magellanic Penguins and Red Legged Cormorants. We stayed in Castro in one of the famous stilt houses. We found the perfect apartment to capture the changing sea and sky. It was so relaxing on Chiloe, we would love to go back there one day. Next stop was Puerto Varas where we hoped to see the huge Orsorno volcano. It was cloudy for a lot of the time but we did manage to capture it. We made our way back to Bariloche over the high pass in the Andes. Disaster almost struck when there was a heavy snowstorm and we and several trucks and cars got well and truly stuck. The Argentinians were very efficient and a snow plough got us out in two hours. If it has been the UK we could have been there all night. We flew back to Buenos Aires for the night and left for Iguazu Falls in Brazil the next morning.
  8. @@Alexander33 thanks it was a bit of a challenge setting off without enough fuel! Pen
  9. @@Atravelynn can't seem to find an answer to that! I couldn't either. A gaggle of guanacos. A cuddlesome of guanacos. A pantaguan of guanacos.How thrilling to see them in a nice backgrounds. I do like the idea of a cuddlesome
  10. We picked up a new hire car in Bariloche. Our journey would take 11 days and we travelled in a large circle returning to Bariloche at the end. Our route was Bariloche, Villa la Angostura, San Martin de Los Andes in Argentina and Puerto Fuy, Pucon, Puerto Montt, Chiloe Island, Puerto Varas in Chile and back to Bariloche. Here are a few photographs from the trip as I am sure more detail is not of interest here as it certainly wasn't a safari in the true sense. San Martin de Los Andes Crossing to Chile on the Hua Hum ferry. Villaricca Volcano Pucon And at night Thermas Geometricas near Pucon
  11. Onto the lake and we had our lunch. The towers were so clear although a slight wind rippled the lake surface so no reflections for us! More guanaco at the lake which has a lovely campsite. The following morning we left for El Calafate crossing the border once again. Not being hikers we felt that our 4 nights in Torres del Paine staying in the park and exploring at our own pace was perfect. If we had not been so lucky with the weather things may have been different! We had a late afternoon flight to Bariloche to start the second segment of the trip where we would explore the Argentinian lake district and the volcanoes of Chile. Before we caught our flight we visited the Reserva Natural Laguna Nimez just outside El Calafate. As the taxi took us to the airport they were still queuing for fuel in town!
  12. @@xelas thanks a perfect self driving destination. Pen
  13. Oh I started reading this and find you stopped? Sounds great so hope you continue. Pen

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