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  1. Been looking at Seek Thermal Imaging devices, comes in Android/IOS variants and costs about £200.
  2. Ah yes the local firewater, tried some of it and in my bunged up snotty state couldn't quite identify the potent sour fruity overtone. A couple of sips later it hit me...pear drops, ethyl acetate in your drink is really bad juju.
  3. Bit of a photography experiment, I didn't have a point and shoot so the above shots were taken with my Galaxy S5. More panorama insanity to come.
  4. Just to put things into perspective (groan), we were both in full DPMs, underneath camo netting on a groundsheet. I never realised how staying still in one position could be so physically taxing.
  5. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog Hauxley, nope not an albino but a blue-eyed white. I can only surmise that someone disposed of an unneutered pet (normally a death sentence) but somehow it thrived and produced kits.
  6. A motley bunch of ne'er do wells....
  7. ....when @@kittykat23uk says "some idiot", what she really means is a mouth-breathing plank who was so impatient to get past myself and said AA van, he went off-roading on the verge between the main carriageway and sliproad in said Vauxhall Insignia rep-mobile. To quote a certain Brian Johnson (of AC/DC fame), "Me arse was twitchin' like a rabbit's nose." Anyhow, pleasure to meet you all (again in some cases) and a fang-you to @@Safari Cal for organising the whole shebang. Hope you're enjoying some well deserved Gold Tankards.
  8. Quick question, best place to park as I don't want the new motor going walkies/drivies?
  9. The hare in the second shot looks so disgruntled....
  10. I must be psychic:
  11. If you're wanting pure mentalism, Lamborghini are planning to make a production version of the Urus. However call me cynical but since Tata own Land Rover/Jaguar, any bets that the new Defender will be marketed on name and replace the Discovery/Freelander platforms? Taking a leaf from the premium hatch market (think BMW Mini, Citroën DS3 et al) there'd be short/long wheelbase versions with aesthetic packages tailored for the market. The SWB would replace the Freelander, LWB the Discovery and by rationalising platforms Tata would stand to make significant cost savings. Meanwhile there'd be a rebranded classic Defender, perhaps built in India which would be marketed accordingly.
  12. As requested: Not sure that the choice of rims is particularly offroadworthy....
  13. Has anyone else noticed that the new Defender concept bears an uncanny resemblance to the Skoda Yeti?
  14. Just about to do stuffed chicken thighs on the BBQ for the moglet, this is relevant to my interests. Sadly with all the forced induction going on under the hood of the Super-Skud, it leaves precious little room for cooking. Perhaps my next vehicle needs to be a large normally-aspirated V8.
  15. After reading that article I sincerely hope that karma gives this specimen the curb-stomping he so richly deserves.

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