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  1. Thanks Twaffle....we need something better than normal...looking hard at the Iridium Go! but while it might be best out there might not be much better than my DeLorme InReach ....both use Iridium and I have had good luck with the Inreach but a lot of reviews don't give the Iridium Go much love
  2. My son needs a way to handle potentially critical communications while in the field in Laikipia Wilderness, Mara North Conservancy and the Mara....Understand camps have limited ability and we understand...this is of the nature that a satellite link or something might be needed...any thoughts? Many thanks
  3. Perhaps I misrepresented..He would like to be able to photograph the iconic animals but in a manner that is consistent with his artful style...He has already won Nature's best for his work with bears...He realizes that so many of the African animals have been heavily photographed and doing so uniquely and beautifully is both part of the attraction and the challenge
  4. I sure like those camps...was there this summer and yes very photographer friendly
  5. Was there this past summer and loved of the areas I have suggested...thank you
  6. Thanks is who you think it is...have forwarded this on to him
  7. A dear friend of mine and I have just returned from a two week photography trip in Manitoba where our plan was to photograph denning polar bears. Brutal cold with wind chill reaching -53F but we got some good friend, that is an internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer has never been to Africa and I have been like a constant drumbeat in his ear that he must go..that its special and don't think you will only go once. Well, looks like he has succumbed and has 9 days from portal to portal from Los Angeles, US to get his first experience. Goal is focus on high level wildlife photography rather more of a survey trip. He will be joining this forum shortly but I would like to challenge the forum to get their thinking caps and make some recommendations. Time frame will be this July.. Friend is very much into cubs of all types but will be looking for opportunities for artful shots that are more unique. Thoughts? Many thanks Mosquito
  8. Many thanks Tom...they are now booked and excited....curious about the Big 5 there.....I have heard reports of folks photoing Rhino in the Mara...did they bring some in? Heard Black Rhino
  9. Many, many thanks.....I told the Ladies that SafariTalk was the place to get a good sense of whether it was good or not..certainly some special rates for sure Hope they will sign on and become part of the community here
  10. and maybe the only time in their life (many have said that but the bug bites as you know). They are thinking of the Mara in March and asked my opinion...have not been there during that season but some of what I have read is rainy, bad roads, tall grass and such....but is that really the case? They are not limited to March, just saw a trip at that time....looking for a length of about a week in one camp..... Ladies are all award winning photographers in a variety of categories... Thoughts appreciated
  11. Wow, that's the price of a whole safari for some people. I get yearly coverage with Cover More (here in Australia) at the highest level which covers travel to the USA and Africa (the two expensive destinations) for under $600 per year. Provides luggage, cameras (up to some sort of limit which my gear is all under), cancellations but most importantly and the reason I get it, it provides for medical evacuation or hospitalisation etc. The yearly coverage means that I don't have to cover each trip I go on, I just can go. always smart in how you do things Twaffle...need some private coaching on that as we go, go, go, go
  12. What's that Bryan Adams song? "Please forgive me?, Please forgive me?" or something like that....Been very hectic since we returned home and then we are headed out again Sunday to Canada for Spirit bears, whales and the elk the best I have been able to do is work on one image a day and post to facebook...I promise I will get the reports done...just such an amazing trip with so many images, I must do them properly.... You can get a sense however by visiting our Facebook page Uffman Nature Images....I have been posting an image or so a day with a write up but it's not in chronological order like a trip report...the link to our page is .
  13. Yes she is....We celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary and she gave us a brilliant special serenade of her song about Botswana...amazing voice, amazing lady
  14. Still working on images and all the stuff one does post safari like sending off cameras to be cleaned and more....I have started putting up some of my wife's images on our Facebook page while I work out my trip report, website, blog updates and more....Again I appreciate the help that the SafariTalk community has provided us so on my honor I will get a trip report up in the next few weeks

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