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  1. When such a contarvercial story makes the news ,and puts everybody involved on the back foot ,surley you will defend yourself to the limit ,and in this case the manager of this Maroi ranch ,never mentions the fact that this lion was hunted in its natural state or otherwise at all .So being a ex professional hunter myself ,I know what I would have done .So ever mind the google search thingy ,there are no wild lions or very few and only in a small area ,only on the Botswana border that these people who happen to have farms that border these areas ,lure the cats out of Botwana with various methods ,Anita ,I have done all these things and I know this game inside out.Go and do some more google research and look and read between the lines carefully ,before you make a comment about something you know nothing about !! Never believe all you read on google !!
  2. Thank you Matt for this ,but he still does not comment on this being a canned hunt or not .There are no game farms in that area that I know about where lion occour naturely in their wild state .Had this been the case ,then he whoever wrote this letter for ST would have made a point on letting eveybody know that this was not a canned hunt then.Not that ,that matters now ,it was all above board and legal .
  3. To put this in a nutshell ,just look at the quality or size of the trophies taken in todays hunting areas , as compared to those shot back in the 60's and 70's,very few new records recorded in SCI and Rowland Ward ,takling only Africa here .Lions that have this huge nearly perfect mane ,like the one in question here ,are few and far between in the wild .As you all know the bush takes its toll on a wild lions mane ,not so in captivity.So to my way of thinking the canned lion business is going to become a huge outlet for these big maned lions and we are going to see more and more cases like this one ,as somebody mentioned in a previous thread ,hunters like to boast about their trophies ,so in a few weeks this lady and her lion will be forgotten and some other person is going to be shot at on social media.So I think we must start getting used to this fact ,unfortunately !!
  4. One more thing I must mention,there is a huge difference in the self drive into Zimbabwe and into Botswana ,and the Zim parks are feeling the pinch ,and have been for the last few years,no fault of the fantastic staff that run the parks ,all political as we all know .So this senario has forced the Zim parks to offer tender packages like this to attract tourists to pvt camps ,as they no longer can offer quality self drive areas,that their neighbours can.The infra structures are none exsistant and all the road blocks to get to your destination makes it no longer viable.Border crossings are becoming too expensive and difficult etc. So they would rather the concession holders to do the marketing and attract the tourists to their country. Like Paolo says there are already lots of pvt camps inside Hwange ,how many more can they accommodate ?
  5. I think it looks great on the ladies ,all ladies ,but GW ,it is that fluff around the kisser my china
  6. Only advantage Giraffe springs has over Deka ,is that it is an all season camp ,Deka is not ,don't even try to stretch it to an all season camp.
  7. The problem I had was to get the right info on the various site ,and then ,once in Hwange to find somebody to escourt you to that area,this proved a big problem all over .A lot of the sites on this tender form were on the same form 7 years ago. Deka would work part of ther year ,as one cannot get there in the rainy season ,and the game move back into Botswana through Kazuma Pan and into the Chobe CH 5 areas .Deka is built onto of a small hill over looking the eye of the Deka river ,got water all through winter and there is lots of big game around then. Giraffe springs is also a good spot ,but as Paolo says there is competition ,and this site is an old camp site that did not work before. If I had to do this all over again I would go for Deka ,close to Pandamantega ,there is a short cut to get to the border post and the little village ,30km at the most,all game drive roads till border post ,great area .The logistics of the Kariba ones is way out of my league ,need big big bucks for that and then you are still not sure if it will work.Deka is already a nice little camp site with water ,borehole ,water hole etc dining room ,8 beds ,just needs some fixing up and great game drives all round.
  8. Once again we are at a cross road on this one ,this black rhino bull is how old ? did not see his age mentioned ,but obviously he is not the main breeding bull anymore and poses a risk to the other more viril younger bulls ,he himself is going to get hurt or he is going to hurt the other bull and disrupt the whole breeding cycle ,so basically they are left with two choices ,either relocate this bull or have him hunted ,as this is a black rhino he will generate a huge amount of money ,which would be well spent on the consevation of the remaining black rhino in that reserve.You also run the risk of this old boy getting poached and then all would be lost or he dies of his wounds from a fight with the breeding bull ,which does happen often .So from what has been written and all the publicity this event has created as with the lion saga and Malissa Bachman ,there will always be trophy hunting ,so why not let this hunt take place in the name of conservation ,not many people out there will ever get another chance like this again to hunt a black rhino.
  9. @ you are right in your statement above .It is with mixed emotions I read all this garb about canned hunting and hunting in general .I am just as guilty as this young lady ,in so far as hunting goes ,not shooting the lion illegally ,just in my day we did not have this social media story like today and nobody knew any better.My problem is not the normal hunting on open areas ,like the farm you had ,but this canned story ,there are too many people getting onto the band wagon and they keep far too many lions per ,call it lion farm ,this should be limited then to much less and stop giving permits to people wanting to breed lions ,in the Free State you can farm with lions ,but up here in the old TVL you cannot ! I do not condone this way of hunting ,but there is maybe just maybe a chance that canned hunting will help save the wild lions .Given the fact Botswana has banned all hunting ,and Zimbabwe are running out of huntable lions as is Zambia and most of Africa for that matter.This might then revert those lion hunters into the canned senario and come here to SA.There should be some clause in the canned industry set out by the gov that a % of what is earned goes to the wild lion foundations out there, to help carry on with research and the protection of the wild populations. We are not going to stop the canned lion industry ,might as well get something back from them .
  10. Did some research on the Maroi conservancy ,no lions in that area in their natural state .This conservancy is made up of 8 or 9 pvt ex cattle cum citrus and tabaco farms ,now fenced together to form 17000 acres.This area was void of any lions for many many years and for these farmers to introduce lions onto that conservancy is highly unlikely as they have spent many millions of rands introducing plains game into that area ,except if kept in a much smaller enclosure on this conservancy ,then these lions would qualify as canned lions as they are been fed by humans and do not roam free and fend for themselves.So this lions was a canned lion for sure .
  11. @Rwenzori is this your opinion ,on putting up a fence on the eastern boundry ?? For those of you who do not know that area ,the old SANDF did not have a fence up but sisal plantations all along that border in most areas ,fences do NOT keep these people out ,they just cut through it like butter and the COST factor is huge ,so all you bright sparks that want a fence ,you can fork out the TAX not me .Fence was never used in the old days ,why would it work now. By patroling that area or border on a daily basis will keep the animals away and deeper into the park ,so no fear of anything crossing ,if any it would be on a very small scale ,animals do not like constant movement ,they will move away !!. If a fence would work MY old government would have put one up !
  12. What didkdik is saying is true ,I have seen it with my own eyes,the tannin that the acacia give off paralyse the kudu for a few hours ,and this stops them from grazing further on that tree,so it is telling him or her to go away and graze at the next tree.
  13. Have they not moved the LR factory to India or part there of ??
  14. @@COSMIC RHINO,we are talking about serious off road 4x4's here ,not the above.And for 150,000 UK pounds one could by a hotel here never mind some fancy car .
  15. Answer to the question is ,NO !!! It is only a concept model so far so hopefully it will never get off the ground .Nice for some Sandton rich ladies to hop the pavements with .

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