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  1. Hi Hari As the lovely Wild dog mentioned i am on safari and will be on and off coms for the next week or two so please could you send me an email and we can swap messages about the prospect of combining Kasanka with the October. Bye from a simply stunning Kafue
  2. Hi AmyBatt Would be great to have you come and stay at Musekese. May is too early to visit both camps (Musekese & Ntemwa-Busanga) as Ntemwa will be open in July when the bush/Busanga Plains has dried out after the season time of high water. If you can only make May let me know as it is still a special time to visit Musekese. Already this June sightings of the resident predators have been very good and our 4 male cubs have all survived the wet season and are make there presence known !
  3. If you want an idea of what to expect from Botswana in march a quick fix is to look at the Kwando Safaris website and on the right side yiou will see a link to sighting reports, see what exactly the sightings are like month by month . There are some good mobile safari options also available in March. Check out Letaka safaris.
  4. Hi Imonmm . We can take non sharing singles. Ntemwa is 3 tents as the maximum number of guests there will be just 6 however in fact there is a 4th tent so that in the event of there being singles they can accommodate 2 singles. All driving, although 2018 may see scheduled flight options !! The photo of Tents are those used at Ntemwa, of course each with an ensuite and very comfy...
  5. Guess we will have to see exactly how it pans out . My only point is it such a shame that fewer people will get to visit Zakouma.
  6. No we would not use Tinga for guest who want to truly experience Zakouma as we have been lucky enough to do . Here's a quote from another very reputable guide . Not my words... "Tinga, they will keep the few vehicles they have and then you will be allocated game drive slots and activities depending on whose in camp etc, so if you go there there will be no guarantees as to when you could go out, management will work out for each day."
  7. Wow thats a long reply ! I am pretty well up to speed on everything you mention. Doug's safari next year 2018 is actually my safari, and we have given Doug three spaces so he can take his guests. The safari is based at Camp Nomade.
  8. We have created this discounted special offer specifically members of Safari Talk. Arranged for October 2017 and another planned for 2018, we will take just 6 guests on a new safari which we think will provide you with the ultimate North Kafue safari experience. With such a vast area to explore and so few camps, the feeling of having the Kafue to our selves on this safari is wonderful. The Kafue is re emerging as a key destination for any safari to Zambia. Combining all of the Kafue's varied habitats from Miombo woodland, on the clear waters of the Kafue River and on the vast open grasslands of the Busanga Plains, staying at the highly-regarded Musekese Camp and the new Ntemwa Busanga Camp, run for you by the expert team at Jeffery & McKeith Safaris. The safari is driven by the wildlife and built around your choice of how you might want to spend your days. I will be escorting the safari, and we will be personally guided by Tyrone McKeith or Phil Jeffery whose incredible knowledge and experience, not to mention passion for the Kafue, will help you get the most from your safari. Phil and Tyrone have taken a small slice of the bush and sympathetically and perfectly created two beautiful safari camps where the game literally comes to you. The experience is made so special by the passion and knowledge that Phil and Tyrone have for what they are doing. Predators are thriving, with a healthy population of lions spread across the Kafue. Typical to the woodland habitat Leopards stalk the shadows. Cheetah are often seen. Serval be seen hunting especially on the plains and African Wild Cat, amongst many other smaller mammals, previous safaris have found aardvark and pangolin. Wild dogs are here and although they remain hard to spot, sightings do increase as the dry season passes. Birds are a big part of any safari and the Kafue has an impressive list which your guides will be able to identify. Spectacular flocks of Open Billed Storks swirl over the plains, which are home to some rare and endemic species including Wattled Cranes and delightful Rosy Throated Longclaws. We will explore on walking safaris, game drives both during the day and in to the night, on river safaris, and have the unique chance to sit quietly in viewing blinds and let the game come to you. We have reduced the cost of this safari by $300per person for members of Safari Talk 9 nights ( 1 night Pioneer Camp Lusaka + 4 nights Musekese + 4 nights Ntemwa-Busanga) $5475 pp If you bring friends and/or family on the safari we will extend to them a discount of $130, and we will also apply that discount to bookings where guest are simply recommended by Safari talk members. For more details and photos, see the full Safaritalk special offer itinerary, and if you have any questions, please feel welcome to email me directly @, quoting SAFARITALK SPECIAL OFFER in the subject line, or alternatively feel free to post any questions you might have in the replies below. Tony.
  9. I have to agree African parks do some great work on the ground in these wonderful wildlife areas. I have been to Zakouma and like everyone else who has been there i was knocked out by the sublime beauty of the place and the extraordinary wildlife. Has to be one of my all time favourites. It has been great to tell others about Zakouma and spread the word. So I and many others in the safari industry were sad to see that AP have decided to further minimise the amount of visitors who will be able to visit Zakouma by only allowing a very few of the most top end operators to bring only guests who might go on to invest in AP to assist their conservation efforts in that area. Don't confuse this with the policy they already have of only allowing guides who have visited to bring guests (which is a great idea anywhere). Now you can either go and stay in an old govt camp in Zakouma ( if any descent operator will take you there ) or likely pay a great deal. I equate visitor numbers and publicity to conservation success and although I would not pretend to be an expert on APs reasons it is hard not to think it is crying shame that Zakouma will again move away from the grasp of a vast number of real wildlife enthusiast safari goers, and here I mean international guests, not back packers of even budget travellers. Bangweulu's Shoebill Camp is currently being converted to a Top End camp as described by AP which will mean fewer visitors in favour of increased revenue , again I guess AP have done sums from a business point of view with no consideration for visitor numbers which surely the point. Liuwa, what a fantastic place, but yet another top end camp in place of Matamanene. The Akagera Rwanda Rhino re introduction is a brilliant example of AP at its conservation best, I do hope the inevitable reduction in visitor numbers brought about by the Rwandan govt decision to put up Gorilla Permits up to $1500 per trek does not mean the publicity and possible increase in visitor numbers is not nullified by this trend of charging top $ .

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