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  1. Not to hijack this, but what airline is flying from AMS to TZ and arriving in the morning @Amylovescritters ?? I’m curious as that would eliminate the overnight upon landing...
  2. The pre-existing condition coverage is usually only available if you insure within 14 days of your first payment. The lookback period (how long before you booked the trip did the medical condition occur) really varies between carriers. It's helpful to use and the "compare plan" features to compare the various plans with various carriers. I usually end up going with either Allianz or TravelGuard based on what I'm looking for and which has the best plan for the best price.
  3. @AmyT is back soon (if not already) from Namiri Plains, she will be able to help you with that. She reached out to me a few times from there and said it was amazing.
  4. @anocn4 I don't remember as specifically about where we went, how far we traveled, when I stayed in Olare Motorogi. I know we saw at least 3 prides of lions, and as you know how spread apart prides are by nature, I have to imagine we covered a fair amount of territory. I can speak to Mara North Conservancy as I was just there in February. We covered a lot of ground there because if the resident pride that lives right near camp wasn't around, we'd go to find one of the two other prides (River and Acacia, I believe) that were quite a ways away from camp. We also saw quite a few cheetah that were well dispersed too. I think the conservancies are far bigger than you were exposed to. If Fig is still where she was in 2013, that's quite near Porini Lion Camp and pretty easy to find her. I think one of the main benefits of any of the Mara conservancies (at least in terms of game viewing) is you were allowed to drive that close up to Fig or whatever else you saw. In the Reserve proper, you'd have to stay on-road no matter how far off she was. Also the sightings are much less populated with other vehicles than in the Reserve.
  5. You and I share the same opinion on TA reviews for the same reason. That's not to say their opinions aren't valid, just that most of them are one-timers with no frame of reference. However, I do scrub those reviews to find out clue to things like this, like that they were back for breakfast, or had a long break between game drives. @anocn4 I noticed in the review of the Olare Mara Kempinski that you also had a pretty serious problem with the guiding. That's a whole other discussion but not yet covered here. Those following this thread may want to go read it. As @wilddog suggested, I'd bring both up to your agent, whether they come to you for feedback or not. I'm looping @Lingio into this thread because he recently asked in another thread about Kempinski properties in Olare Orok and he might find this thread illuminating.
  6. I'm another who had the longer game drives morning and afternoon at Porini Lion, but we never did night drives there. At Offbeat Mara in Mara North, we were out 6 a.m. until noon-ish (one day later than noon due to a good cheetah sighting), then out again 4-dinner and we did a night drive after dinner. At Encounter Mara in Naboisho, another nearby conservancy, we were out around 6 a.m. and back in time for lunch, then again 4-dinner. I did bush breakfasts at all three of these camps and it was never an extra charge. Maybe this is something to put on the list to check for when booking "next time"! I'm not casting aspersions on the camp you stayed at, but I would feel seriously ripped off by just 4 hours of game drives in the Mara.
  7. Yes you did well with rhinos in Ol Pejeta. I only saw one very skittish black rhino when I was there. Not even long enough to lift the camera for a photo. And the horn on that one white rhino is crazy! What Sony bridge are you using? I have the RX10 iii and love it!
  8. @Fischwife I just put down a deposit yesterday on Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley/Cusco and the Amazon (Tambopata) for May 2018. I went with Green Tracks out of Colorado who I found out about through @Atravelynn here on ST. George there was excellent to work with, very responsive, put together an itinerary that made sense to me and had lodgings I liked and the price was well within my budget. Feel free to PM me for more info.
  9. Excellent rhino sightings and very close too! You were lucky. I also love the baby birds, how sweet!!
  10. Nice way to end the day! Fig remains my favorite big cat anywhere. She works it for the camera like nothing I've ever seen and she's gorgeous to boot. I've seen other leopards but none with the comfort level for the cameras/vehicles like her.
  11. Another update on the Offbeat Pride from photographer Richard Broadley, who just returned:
  12. I remember when they first got together, everyone was saying it wouldn't last that long at all and was surely a freak of nature. And here we are almost a year later! You were very lucky to get to see them and such action, before they disperse (IF they disperse!).
  13. Lovely lion pics. I could watch nursing cubs all day, although it looks like mamma lion had enough of that in one of those pics! I too appreciated the very diverse landscape of Ol Pejeta. Can't wait to see how Porini Rhino delivered for you!
  14. Interesting change, read here
  15. That first shot with all five boys lined up looking at the wildebeest is awesome!!!

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