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  1. Thank goodness!! Thank you for the update @Lyss!
  2. Potentially sad news...Mara-Meru Cheetah Project just reported that one of the 5 cheetah male coalition has gone missing and the remaining 4 are limping. From Facebook just now:
  3. Since we are mentioning the Emakoko here, I'd like to stress that it is very much deserving of more than a night after landing in Kenya. For just a one night turnover en route to the Mara, I'd stay at the Eka or some place where I won't mind not remembering what I did or saw between my two flights. But the Emakoko is worth savoring. Very nice swanky room, hyraxes running through, incredible food (really, truly, the best I had in Kenya on 3 trips) and the hosts will take care of you extra specially! Not to mention, the awesome Nairobi National Park, which is a fabulous safari experience in itself (game rides included at the Emakoko). Rhino rhino rhino!! LOTS of rhino! So while it's expensive, it's really worth it if you're willing to slow down and savor it.
  4. WOW! Your room at Mountain View Gorilla Lodge was SO much nicer than ours!! We had the same corner shower, but wooden floorboards (that were so soft that my foot went through one the last night we were there) and the sleeping area was not as nicely paneled or floored. We did have to ask for fire each night too but were closer to the main lodge so it wasn't as much of a trek to go request it again! Your neighborhood tour makes me wish we'd spent another day in Kigali. I would have enjoyed that. Looking forward to your trekking report!
  5. @Seniortraveller great! Hopefully you will be able to report back on all this regime change there. I'm going to decide later this month where safari 2018 will be, and I have to admit the Mara is calling, so maybe I'll be there in June!
  6. One last update as Offbeat Mara was kind enough to reply to my question, but yes, Lucky is still alive and he's managed to grow to be the same size as his similarly aged cousins. Could he be the next pride male??? I hope we find out! Talk about overcoming the odds!
  7. @offshorebirder, Mara Lion Project just posted the attached update yesterday. This summary makes it seem like F&J left rather than were driven out, but who knows. Seems the nomads are unrelated (which I guess for breeding is good). The better news is that one of the Offbeat females took a bunch of cubs off with her when the new boys moved in, so so far they're doing ok. I am of course trying to confirm if you-know-who is among them!
  8. Replying to this thread for Offbeat Mara fans. I read on Facebook that the Offbeat Pride, led by the very handsome Frank and Jesse, had been broken up by a bunch of nomadic males and Frank and Jesse driven out. I inquired couple times on the Offbeat Mara FB page and finally learned a bit. From another guest: " I got told frank and jesse had a massive fight . Frank has only 1 eye now and has left the pride , but also jesse has been kicked out of the pride by 4 nomads." And from camp manager Jesse: "Yes Frank and Jesse got driven out in May this year by 4 nomads who we had suspected are their sons but has not been confirmed yet by the Mara lion project! I'm doing so the pride split up and formed 2 large groups of around 12 lions each! But both groups are still within the Offbeat territory." This is interesting because back in February when we were there, our guides said that with the large group of nomads having been pushed out of the Offbeat Pride and also with growing nearby prides Acacia and River, that it was almost too much lion for that area and something like this was bound to happen. The nomads were hesitant to leave the area then, and kept challenging the pride and its territory. So it has played out. I wonder where Frank and Jesse went though. What a very long reign they had. And before anyone can ask, I can't seem to get an answer about Lucky the lion cub. I'm hoping because Jesse says there are 24 lions around, that the nomadic males didn't kill the cubs and Lucky is among them!
  9. Why no to Mara North? There's been plenty of good action there lately (mine included). Have you looked at Serian there? I think exclusive vehicles are the norm and they are known for excellent guiding too. I'm currently torn planning my next safari between Kenya in the Mara and first time to Zambia. My shortlist for the Mara is currently Offbeat Mara, Serian and Kicheche, all in conservancies and all in either Mara North or Olare Motorogi. Naboisho has decent cat sightings but it's a bit of a haul to the Reserve if you go there for a day trip for the migration. Mara North and OMC are in a better position for that.
  10. Ok, now, this is amazing. I say this only half in jest (I think), don't go on another safari. You will never, ever get this combination of notable sightings, I just can't believe anyone else would ever be able to conjure all this up in one trip! This just seems too much to behold/believe!! I think what strikes me most is that young male leopard really held his own against the lion. If you do go on safari again, please take me with you. You apparently are the lucky penny, four leaf clover, rabbit's foot and holy water of safari sightings.
  11. @Gilgamesh do you happen to know which leopard that was? What a beauty but I feel like she doesn't have the cock-sure presence of the lovely Fig.
  12. Geographically speaking Porini Mara and Porini Cheetah, both in Ol Kinyei Conservancy, ARE quite a ride outside the Reserve. This map shows you the geography. On the day trip I did from Ol Kinyei, we had to go through Naboisho and Olare Motorogi to get there, so you spend a good part of the early morning just driving to the gate of the Reserve proper before you're in it and doing a game drive. So that much is true, at least in my experience.
  13. Indeed!! In your first safari you've seen about 7 safaris worth of notable sightings. It'll make your next one hard to beat!
  14. Holy cow! That really did work out for you! And you had exceptional presence of mind to manage to capture all that on camera. Really, really good sequence. When I saw the cheetah get the little warty, I actually said out loud "ahhh, he got him". As it's a dream of mine to see these 5 Musketeers, I'm insanely jealous, but also very very happy for you. Great sighting.
  15. Now the rhino....I'm impressed by that sighting! For on all my three trips to the Mara, I've still not seen one there! Nice spot. And a black rhino at that (known to be more skittish!) I'll be honest, if I was in a vehicle that was plowing through the wildebeest like that I'd ask to stop and/or leave. It's not fun or funny for them and causes unnecessary stress and alarm and what does it gain us as the safarigoer? I've asked to leave sightings before where I felt uncomfortable for the animal (Willow the lioness and her young cubs in Naboisho) so I'm not shy about speaking up.

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