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  1. Lovely start! I am eager to follow along!
  2. @mtanenbaum I don't know much more other than that he's just started that camp within the last year, but I can add that Big John is the guide Arnfinn always used at Porini Lion and he's a guide at Oltepesi. Big John was very well respected at Porini Lion. I also think they've modified the vehicles to tear out the extra row of seats so that you have lie flat ability to be as low as you need to be in the vehicle, almost ground level. That is how Arnfinn preferred to work at Porini and they always accommodated him. I think if you're a photographer, you'd be pleased with the arrangement as they seem skilled in working with serious photogs. I saw the two of them out scoping locations for the next sunrise or sunset, like figuring out what path hippos are most likely to use to return to a hippo pool, etc. to be there and prepared the next morning.
  3. @Kitsafari you were far braver with that snake than I would have been. I'd have been packed and back in the departure lounge in Nairobi in the time it took you to get your camera! Didn't you have a late night encounter with a snake there on the way to the loo when you were there before? Given that snakes are my #1 phobia (and my only phobia) I will say that gave me pause. So far, knock wood, I've not seen a single snake on safari! Lovely lioness sighting. They look so regal.
  4. I started a new topic for this only because it's not "my" shot, but it's one that blew me away when I saw it and I just had to share it here. A few years back I met two photographers at Porini camps. The two of them spent some time with me teaching me some basics (for them, for me it was huge!) on my new bridge camera. I've since followed them both online and continue to be incredibly impressed by their work (and insanely jealous of the number of wildlife trips they go on!) This shot, by Arnfinn, is an amazing cheetah/impala chase sequence he calls "Hunted". His story behind it is on his website. This impala did ultimately meet its end but only after being caught and released 27 times! An even more interesting number is that the entire sequence took 1400+ shots! The other photographer I follow is "LeftJohn" on Instagram. He's just gotten back from Antarctica where he shot some incredible penguin photos, and before that was far east Siberia for brown bears, with the occasional trip back to Africa thrown in. He's well worth following if you like wildlife photography. Any other wildlife photographers worth following online? This is how I live vicariously when I'm stuck here at home!
  5. Good glory! The bellies on those cubs are enormous!! I’m surprised they could walk at all! Excellent capture both by you and your hubby!
  6. @cjt3 have a wonderful trip! I'm looking forward to your TR because you're combining some excellent destinations into one safari. I was in Rwanda last year at this time for gorillas and know what you have ahead of you! Enjoy it, it's all magical (and ridiculously addictive, but you must already know that by now!)
  7. That one leopard photo of her descending from within the tree and looking right at you is worth the trip alone. I so love MNC too, I agree on the misty mornings!!
  8. @mtanenbaum wonderful experience with the birth! You were in the right place at the right time for that! I have the same camera and love it!! Glad you had such a good experience with it.
  9. I think too it’s a good reminder for taking the steps to put things back on course as soon as they start to go off the rails. I learned that on my second safari, if I don’t speak up it’s going to continue to irritate/disappoint. It’s too much of an investment and too far of a journey to not have things go the way you want. I completely agree a sighting in the hand is worth all the bush breakfasts in the world! (I’d also note that it’s a striking contrast because didn’t Enaidura bring you breakfast or lunch out in the bush so you wouldn’t have to leave a sighting?? Or is that someone else?) I meant to add earlier that the shot of the giraffe’s top of the head as it reaches for the flowers on the sausage tree is really unique. You don’t often see that angle!
  10. I’m so sorry for the wild dog sighting but had you not left maybe you’d not seen the handsome male leopard? (Sorry, trying to look for the bright side). Good for you though for speaking up. I hope that the resolution takes care of things for you going forward!
  11. @janzin all your photos are wonderful, but you really do make birds interesting to me, you’ve captured so many so well. So that’s a high compliment from a non-birder. I really wish you more leopards for this trip, I’m waiting to see how it plays out!
  12. @Kitsafari, I knew I liked you! What a brilliant sunriser!!
  13. Happy birthday, Optig! I look forward to hearing your impressions of Zakouma.
  14. I've also been to Porini Lion in February so can compare. I think the cat volume is as good in MNC. The one thing we fell short on was leopard, the resident one spent the entire time treed by lions, but in following Offbeat Mara on Facebook now they seem quite lush with leopards, three that I've counted in the last few posts. Cheetah sightings were better in MNC and there are 3 resident lion prides (Offbeat, Acacia and River) in MNC for a total (last year) of 65 individuals, plus whatever Marsh Pride lions trickle over into the conservancy, which seems to be happening more frequently lately. I tried for Kicheche Bush for November of this year but only to see Fig, which I thought was kind of silly of me in the end so wasn't too broken up when they were already full up. I worship at the altar of David and Kappen at Offbeat and figure a week with them and Ping cannot possibly be beat. I think @mapumbo and @offshorebirder both have TRs here for MNC and specifically Offbeat. And I think the Lipault ladies also covered MNC with Serian a few years back as well.

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