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  1. But it's not an isolated incident. That's the point. You have three Safaritalkers here who have brought up the same thing, to the point where it effected the quality of their safari. In our little corner of the world, that's a significant number. If they'd fully addressed it last year when I reported it, it wouldn't have happened to Pam or AmyT. For most people this is a once in a lifetime trip. I hate to hear from people who go on their safari and "can't even look at the photos from that day" because they're upset about what happened, that's so unfair given how much time and money they have put out for this experience. They don't always get a chance to re-do a safari to "get it right" and not look back with that twinge of regret. I did two more after my first Porini encounter, and it wasn't until my last one that I can say it was free of incidents like this (when Porini guides were out of the picture entirely). At Offbeat, I didn't even know my guides had phones with them until they took them out at breakfast to show us photos of their families. When I asked if they use them for guiding, they said "we don't need them to find sightings". Long-standing reputation notwithstanding, I'm obviously going to recommend Offbeat over Porini when asked based on my own experiences with them both. With David and Kappen, I never saw my guides' heads down in their phones and always felt my experience came first.
  2. Wow, your experience up that mountain makes me want to go! Very enticing!
  3. I was just going to ask if crocs were opportunistic feeders or not, but it looks like we might have our answer.
  4. I too am sad that your TR has come to an end, @pault That is an unfortunate end but what a sighting in NNP! I follow a group of Supporters of Nairobi National Park on Facebook and they're routinely posting photos of idiots like the one you describe, usually locals who think they are immune to any sort of attack by wildlife. I don't get it. Thank you for sharing your stories and most excellent photos!
  5. I perhaps am injecting a bit of personal emotion into this, as it happened to me last year with Porini guides, but now we have @AmyT reporting a problem with the guide videoing and photographing for himself (or Porini's marketing materials) over ensuring her satisfaction at every sighting, and @Pamshelton3932 reported in a review of a Porini camp that she had a problem with guides on mobile phones in her recent experience. Has this become the norm, not the exception? As long as the vehicle is equipped with a radio for reporting emergencies and sharing sightings, why would the guides even need phones while conducting game drives?
  6. @Geoff your photos make me wish I could hear what that wildebeest crossing sounded like! I imagine a rather large "whoosh"? And I think I'd have a harder time watching the few tommies go across than that massive herd of wildebeest! I'd hold my breath waiting for them to get out on the other side! Very nice images.
  7. Yay! I can't wait to read more, thank you for this. (Sorry I can't help you with the photos, I haven't done a TR in the new format yet, maybe someone else can chime in?)
  8. Holy cow @pault how will you ever top this safari for sightings??? From here it seemed epic. Did it seem that way to you? The cheetah sightings, the crossing and that was just the Mara. Just wow. Your giraffe photos are excellent. It brings me to a question, am I right in remembering a journey vs. a tower of giraffes is if they are mobile or not? Or am I just making that up? @penolva happy safari. Looking forward to your TR too!! Wishing you many mighty sightings!
  9. I can't wait for your trip report @Tulips ! Please tell Anthony and Emma hi from me at Emakoko. I so love it there! And all the babies at Sheldricks. And gorillas too! Oh darn, now I want to go with you too!!
  10. I think whatever anyone decides to do on safari is fine. It is your vacation after all. Because I live in fear of skipping the one game drive where the zorilla riding the aardwolf around the pride of purple lions will be spotted, I don't miss those. But that's my own personal neurosis that I need to tend to. The one bit of our chat @AmyT didn't share was that I know there are some folks here who would really be interested to learn what Amy learned from the Cheetah Camp hosts about partnering with Porini and running the camp and how they got to that point. It sounds like the sort of "inside baseball" talk that some might like that we don't often get to hear. @AmyT great photos of the lions with the zebra. I was curious why the lion was so close and the zebras all had their backs turned. At first I thought maybe they hadn't seen the lion, but maybe it's because they knew that one of their own had already been that lion's meal? On one of my excursions into the Reserve, we were allowed to go every so slightly off road to see a cheetah and her cubs. There were KWS rangers there at the time following her and they gave our driver the wave as if "yeah, it's ok, but don't go nuts about it". It was just a hair off road though, not deep into the grass. I also had a similar situation in the Serengeti with a large pride of lions under a tree. No rangers to approve but our guide said a short ways off the road for a "significant sighting" was ok.
  11. I hate when work gets in the way of the important stuff.
  12. Just getting caught up on this now, @pault. Holy cow the Mara did deliver for you, boring it is not. That last lion shot in 145 brought tears to my eyes, quite literally. More than any landscape or anything else, a shot like that just sings "Mara" to me. Incredible. I realllllly need to go back!
  13. I'm starting to think I'm the only one not going on safari with Doug this fall. Maybe I should remedy that???
  14. @Pamshelton3932 I just PM'd you so as not to name names here. The one huge benefit to Porini Mara is you get the Ol Kinyei Conservancy completely to yourself, which explains your not seeing any other vehicles! Ol Kinyei has an excellent reputation for cheetah and lion in particular.
  15. Hmmmm. I am quite surprised to read that there is still a problem with guides on their phones as that was a significant problem for me with their guides that was reported in my TR last year. If guests are not getting the attention they want and expect and the guide's head is down in his phone, that's a serious problem. It'd be one thing if he was sourcing wildlife sightings out of his phone, but...

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