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  1. thanks for posting - great report
  2. Will do - off tomorrow!
  3. 11 nights in zambia next tuesday - mwamba, tena tena, old mondoro and chiawa. Thanks to Geoff, Egilo and Deano for their help!
  4. lovely photos - thanks for posting
  5. fantastic - so just dogs and cheetah (as well as leopards and charging hippos) then.....hope the animals stick around for another month!
  6. fantastic canoe trip - although, if my wife reads your story (and looks at the charging hippo pictures) I doubt she'll be joining me for that part of the trip in three weeks time...
  7. great report Deano. We're visiting both Old Mondoro and Chiawa next moth (after South Luangwa) and looking forward to having your luck!
  8. stunning night photos. I have never previously heard of the park and was unaware that it had such an usual mammal population!
  9. great photos - that rhino looks so much like a black rhino from the side view - shows how the camera angle can be misleading!
  10. Shame you didn't get longer in Nairobi NP - excellent for Rhino sightings!
  11. they're not that common in the Mara - I must have spent over 40 days there over the years and never seen one!! Hopefully you'll bring that luck to Zambia given you are there around same time as me in September...
  12. great report - love the serval shots in the Aberdares. Iv'e always liked that park and surprised it doesnt appear on more itineraries (may be because both the Ark and Treetops are now very dated)
  13. great elephant and wildebeest shot - normally the elephants stay away from the migration herds because of the flies!
  14. Thanks Geoff - it's whetting my appetite for my Mwamba visit in September!

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