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  1. depends if you go air kenya (bigger planes) or safari link - but all prop planes
  2. you may want to consider the Kicheche camps which I'd say are more authentic (and slightly better located) than Royal Mara. I've attached a link to their 2017 rates - suspect they will offer a deal for six nights, particularly if you are honeymooners. For migration, early July is a bit hit and miss as main herds may be in Northern Serengeti or the Mara. If the huge herds have not arrived in the Mara, you'll still see the very sizeable 'resident' herds and all the other animals.
  3. My personal view is that the media have one rule for Africa (Kenya in particular) and a different rule for the US and Europe. Had 9:11 happened in Africa then every Western Government would have 'banned' travel to Africa yet, from memory, no one suggested not visiting New York. Similarly the recent horrendous atrocities here in London. To answer your specific questions... 1) The top Nairobi hotels have first class security but, if your budget can take it, I would stay at Emakoko which is in the Nairobi National Park which means you get an early safari and don't need to go into town 2) Very highly unlikely that any politician unrest will impact the Mara. I actually visited during the election problems they had a few years back - virtually everyone else cancelled (devastating the local economy) and the reserve was empty yet it was 100's of miles from the area where there was some admittedly pretty bad trouble. Adding further balance, I personally wouldn't visit the coast near the Somali border and would think hard about the Lakipia area near Mount Kenya (where there are land disputes), These areas are very far away from the Mara (a two hour flight) 3) If you go on safari to Africa you need to be able to cope with small planes or very long road trips! The flight from Nairobi to Mara is usually on a 40 seater. 4) Coincidentally, it was Royal Mara that I stayed at when everyone else cancelled a few years ago. It's in a good area and the tents are great - although felt a bit odd that it was owned by a New York lawyer! There are loads of options - what is your daily budget? Tanzania, Botswana and SA are likely to cost more (Botswana a lot more) with air links to Seychelles less good. We went to the Mara for our honeymoon 28 years ago - you'll love it
  4. We've just returned as well and loved both South Luangwa ad Lower Z. Even managed to persuade my wife to do the Old Mondoro (Discovery channel) canoe trip! Absolutely fantastic - albeit that being charged by an elephant (off the bank and into the winter) whilst in a canoe was an experience! Trip report to follow.
  5. thanks for posting - great report
  6. Will do - off tomorrow!
  7. 11 nights in zambia next tuesday - mwamba, tena tena, old mondoro and chiawa. Thanks to Geoff, Egilo and Deano for their help!
  8. lovely photos - thanks for posting
  9. fantastic - so just dogs and cheetah (as well as leopards and charging hippos) then.....hope the animals stick around for another month!
  10. fantastic canoe trip - although, if my wife reads your story (and looks at the charging hippo pictures) I doubt she'll be joining me for that part of the trip in three weeks time...
  11. great report Deano. We're visiting both Old Mondoro and Chiawa next moth (after South Luangwa) and looking forward to having your luck!
  12. stunning night photos. I have never previously heard of the park and was unaware that it had such an usual mammal population!
  13. great photos - that rhino looks so much like a black rhino from the side view - shows how the camera angle can be misleading!
  14. Shame you didn't get longer in Nairobi NP - excellent for Rhino sightings!

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