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  1. they're not that common in the Mara - I must have spent over 40 days there over the years and never seen one!! Hopefully you'll bring that luck to Zambia given you are there around same time as me in September...
  2. great report - love the serval shots in the Aberdares. Iv'e always liked that park and surprised it doesnt appear on more itineraries (may be because both the Ark and Treetops are now very dated)
  3. great elephant and wildebeest shot - normally the elephants stay away from the migration herds because of the flies!
  4. Thanks Geoff - it's whetting my appetite for my Mwamba visit in September!
  5. good sightings in both South Luangwa and Lowe Zambezi - hopefully they will stay until we arrive in September !!
  6. Hi I didn't know I had to as someone had earlier posted an instigram link form Anabezi so assumed this was ok? It was posted on the Chiawa facebook account. Is the full link better?
  7. another picture here Edited, Matt
  8. Thanks for sharing. Next September, we are doing 11 nights in a combination of SNLP (including Tena Tena in Nsefu sector as well as Mwamba in the main park) and Lower Zambezi - already looking forward to the Nsefu sector based on your report!
  9. PIng is freelance now and part owns a cpm in the Triangle
  10. Planning a safari to Zambia in 2017 and a bit disturbed by this. Does anyone have any experience of the impact at South Luangwa. For example, can you had gunshot from Tena Tena which, I think, is close to the Game Management Areas?
  11. Great report Deano. I'm in the process of booking a trip next September and its really helpful. To my surprise, the best camps are already getting booked so we are thinking of doing Lower Zambezi (Chiawa 2nts, Old Mondoro 3nts) followed by South Lungwa (3nts each at Tena Tena and one of the Norman Carr camps on the Western side of the river. Any view on these camps and which Norman Carr camp to visit - my wife likes the look of Mchenja? Most people also seem to do Luangwa first but I guess it doesn't matter which way round...
  12. Great report Antee. Am so pleased to see Amboseli area so alive with game. I lived in Kenya between 1977 and 1981 and, in those days, it was THE park to visit. It then seemed to go downhill but great to see that it has recovered. I haven't visited the Mara conservancies since November 2012 - Ol Kinyei looks good, are the cattle numbers intrusive or a good mix? PS: I'm pretty sure that Fig still patrols the Olare Oroj conservancy - I think we were the first to see her as a cub in Nov 12 and will be surprised if she has moved into the reserve!
  13. Thanks for the interview - just booked 11 days in Zambia next september, half in Lower Zambezi at his camps. Some dates already unavailable at some of the best camps on certain dates (good for the industry) up so doing LZ before Luangwa.
  14. No pictures I'm afraid but my infra red trip camera caught some funny behaviour on the attached you tube links!
  15. I see that BA are stopping flying to Lusaka from mid October. Its a shame as it makes it much more difficult to get to from the UK. We'll find a way but it will effect visitor numbers from the UK

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