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  1. So here goes. Like the road to H*ll it was paved with good intentions but never lead anywhere til now. But I did start out very promptly by starting my year at the Water Lily Lodge in Kasane. Just too bad my best birding had been the day before in Chobe. Into every life a little rain must fall and as you will see from what follows we certainly had a Big Year for that. So out of bed to greet the New Year and pack the car for our return to Namibia for the last few days of our trip to Victoria Falls and back. In the garden we have been First Footed by a Holob's Golden Weaver. It looks like I have forgotten how to post so will add one more and then quit to find out more. On our drive to the Namibian Border we passed through part of Chobe NP and saw a small family of Southern Ground Hornbills. We were headed for a long drive to Camp Kwando so did not linger for birds.
  2. Good to see your proverbial hat in the ring again. Southern Africa will provide aboost esp with @Peter Connan alongside. California may surprise. Some great wetland down near the border. Good luck4 Like thisk with your quest.
  3. Adding my like to the birds especially the Kestrel. Missing from my 2017BY would you believe but determined to nail one in 2018. You had quite a storm I see.
  4. UFO? With enough red wine and Jaegermeister it may be ET on his bike next time?
  5. Thanks. I am not sure if it will require fancy camera work or fancy footwork. Perhaps both? E.G. or EBC? xxx. Barn Owl. Halali Waterhole. Etosha. The gunpowder was damp.
  6. And even more to come and not an EBC in sight. (they will come later) 581. Hartlaub's Gull. Walvis Bay. 582. Caspian Tern. Walvis Lagoon. 583. Sandwich Terns. Walvis Bay. Note the two left foreground. 584. Cape Cormorants. Cape Cross and Walvis Lagoons. 585. Bar-tailed Godwit. Walvis Bay. I included the 2nd shot to show the ID marks. 586. Cape Shelduck. Swakop River. The dirt on the lens was from pushing through Tamarisk bushes and not seeing they were covered in film of mud which only became apparent when it dried..The perils of a wandering snapper. 587. Common Waxbill. Swakop River. 588. Wattled Starling. (juv) Desert Breeze Lodge. 589. Crowned Cormorant. Swakopmund Salt works outfall. 590. Damara Tern. Swakopmund but I ain't saying where the nest site is. More to follow soon:- The observant among you will have spotted at least two more to come but will that be enough?
  7. They sometimes still do but I cannot guarantee doing 100 species while the boat turns round. The whoopers will be gone by then anyway.
  8. So why not give it another go? It won't be as succesful as my first which was beginner's luck and I am happy to publish my travel plans for 2018. Starting obviously in Namibia when I awoke to the New Year in Sossusvlei (not literally but close by) and already have bagged a few. Even the Speckled Pidgeon on my Hotel window ledge is in the bag now. Once home and domesticity cleared up we can start in earnest with the locals with a chance of nailing a few winter migrants before they go and then to await Spring. No plans to visit southern latitudes this year, at the moment, but I do have a pressing invite to Brazzaville and once I find it on the map I might be tempted to take it up. So mainly Scotland and Europe at the moment by car. Year end undecided but somewhere warm. So to start my year, here are my starter for 4 even though the rules are silent on finishing one year before starting another., 001. Cape Sparrow. Canon Lodge,Fish River 002. Dusky Sunbird. Canon Lodge, Fish river. 003. Mountain Wheatear. both phases. Canon Lodge. fish river. 004. Pale-winged Starling. Canon Lodge. Bonus bird- Southern Masked Weaver.
  9. Again I see nothing wrong with that shot. I would be happy with that. I think sometimes we are too picky on details (as you will have noticed with some of mine.) The game is to get a photo, not necessarily a portrait. To paraphrase a well known saying:- "What's got is history, what's missed is mystery."
  10. Some good results there. Well done. Should I upgrade to Agfa? I find these glass slides a bit of a pain now and when I put my head under the cloth the birds often bugger off before I can focus properly!
  11. One Whooper for a Golden-eye and Pintail? Our regular over wintering Golden-eyes have not shown up for two years since the council fixed the sewer outfall. A day over here with me would/should get you Whoopers, Choughs, Brent, Hen Harriers, Peregrines etc., and a whole lot more. (So why have I not got them on my list yet??)
  12. Poor weather continues but I managed to put a couple more in the Bank during a brief spell of sunshine yesterday. 42. Whooper Swan. Cronk Sartfield. IOM. 43. Robin. Smeale. IOM. and then on impulse I took my camera along when walking into town to shop this afternoon. 44. Canada Goose. Ramsey. IOM. 45. Mute Swan. Ramsey, IOM. 46. Hooded Crow. (you can wait for an adult Herring Gull) Ramsey, IOM. 47. Sleepy Redshank. Ramsey. IOM.
  13. Another step toward 580 follows. 571. Cape Teal. Walvis Bay. Normally a banker from Etosha but they were not in evidence so I was pleased to find them here. 572. White-fronted Plover. Cape Cross. Always a banker at the coast. 573. Little Stint. Walvis Lagoons. 574. Kittlitz Plover. Swakop River. Again hard to find this trip hence the quality. 575. Cape Sparrow. Desert Breeze Lodge. Swakopmund. 576. Greater Flamingo. Walvis Bay. 577. Lesser Flamingo. Swakopmund Salt works. None at Walvis so got lucky with single stopover. 578. Grey Plover. Walvis Bay. 579. Chestnut-banded Plover. Walvis Lagoons. 580. Curlew Sandpipers. Walvis Lagoons. And so to the next batch.
  14. Good photos there. I see you borrowed my camera for the Greater Spotted Eagle!!
  15. Don't play poker with him. Count your fingers!!
  16. My word is my bond.
  17. Recount. I seem to have two #37s. So Shelduck should be #41. I am not making it that easy to beat me.
  18. Great photos.
  19. This offering needs a great leap of faith on a couple of birds. Here goes. 562. Verraux's or Black Eagle. Etendeka. 562. Karoo Chat. Etendeka. 563. Mountain Chat or Wheatear. Sesreim and Kuiseb Gorge. 564. Cape Wagtail. Swakopmund. 565. Double-banded SandGrouse. Etendeka Conservancy. 566. Dusky Sunbird. Etendeka Camp. 567. White-backed Mousebird. Etendeka and Swakopmund. (Desert Breeze Lodge) Hold your breath... 568. Black-necked Grebes. Swakopmund Salt works. Best I could do. 569. Kelp Gulls. Cape Cross and Walvis Bay. 570. Greater Cormorant. Swakopmund Saltworks. Getting there.
  20. I have it on the best authority that you need MORE than one!!
  21. GPS coordinates? Be careful who you invite. Some rum beggars on this forum. No names!
  22. In front of your wife too? Thanks for picture #7. Removes all doubt about my own "Black-winged White Tern"
  23. Blowing too hard to fly! Birds are not daft! I have not got over the doorstep today either. Nice Treecreeper by the way. One of my bogies too. But on my target list for 2018.
  24. Am I allowed to use swear words?
  25. Are you going to add thr Great Tit from the Blue Tot photo too? Waste not want not..

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