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  1. Hmmm! I think I might draw the line at a roadkill or Fossilised Dodo.
  2. True. The missed targets from this trip would almost have clinched it. I can thoroughly recommend Galloway and the Solway coastline for a winter trip. 60 years since I went up there in winter and the new reserves have truly transformed wildfowl numbers. And they are highly visible. Those Barnacle were not from a hide but from a public road as were the Greenland Whitefronts, the Scaup, Golden Eye and Red Kite! Other birds seen but not counted were Great White and Little Egrets, Whooper Swans, Greylags and Pink feet. I actually released a GS Woodpecker that had got trapped in a Squirrel trap. Good in summer too for Redstarts and Flycatchers etc., My B&B has nesting Kites and Buzzards and Barn Owls.
  3. So here goes. Like the road to H*ll it was paved with good intentions but never lead anywhere til now. But I did start out very promptly by starting my year at the Water Lily Lodge in Kasane. Just too bad my best birding had been the day before in Chobe. Into every life a little rain must fall and as you will see from what follows we certainly had a Big Year for that. So out of bed to greet the New Year and pack the car for our return to Namibia for the last few days of our trip to Victoria Falls and back. In the garden we have been First Footed by a Holob's Golden Weaver. It looks like I have forgotten how to post so will add one more and then quit to find out more. On our drive to the Namibian Border we passed through part of Chobe NP and saw a small family of Southern Ground Hornbills. We were headed for a long drive to Camp Kwando so did not linger for birds.
  4. Neither did I until I saw your photo. A quick trip to Wikipedia confirmed my I/D as I have seen them elsewhere if not in Egypt.
  5. Now to shadow my friend @xelas His Whitefronted Geese 'albifrons' do occur but come down from Arctic Russia whereas 'flavirostris' come to me from Greenland. 482. "Greenland" White-fronted Goose. Ken Dee RSPB reserve. @xelas only found one Barnacle Goose. Where I went there must have been 20,000. A small part of the wintering population from Svaalbaard. Nith Merse, Glencaple. We did get closer too. 483. Barnacle Goose. Mersehead RSPB reserve. 484. Water Rail. Wigtown Harbour Wetlands. 485. Pintail. There were hundreds but I only got decently close to one. Mersehead RSPB. Home again with a list of missed targets still to do..
  6. So I took a long Weekend away to keep the numbers moving and to 'improve' on some of the EBC's of past posts. By chance several of my new ones seemed to match @xelas in Italy which I thought might get me branded as a 'Stalker'! Later. Now for the refreshers:- In earlier at #87 and not really bad enough to be EBC but I could not resist this:- Wigtown Harbour Wetland. Then the male Goosander at #135 could always be improved on so:- Whitesands Caul, in the middle of Dumfries town. and a really 'generous' EBC #172. became "fully legal" with:- Wigtown Harbour Wetland. So now to some counters:- 475. Long-tailed Tit. Caerlaverock Woodlands. I did my best but just as I had them a 'very nice man and his dog' came to ask me what I was doing!!! No such excuse with the next one. 476. The bugger flew just as I clicked. Red Kite. Airds Farmhouse. My lodging for 4 nights. 477. Greater Scaup. River Nith estuary. Glencaple. 478. Golden Eye. Castle Douglas. Or should it be 007? Not many birds share their names with James Bond. 479. Tree Sparrow. Mersehead RSPB reserve. (With House Sparrow in front!! ) 480. Willow Tit. Ken-Dee RSPB reserve. Now to an unusual double:- 481. OK. My first day I scored this and was very pleased but I went back again. and She was still around two days later. Lucky me. Wigtown Harbour Wetland.
  7. There is certainly a 'feral' population in Netherlands. It only takes two to start a flock. Good luck with the 'Beardies'.
  8. Enjoy the trip. The birds can wait.
  9. A worth while outing indeed. Strange to relate I have been out ticking a few new ones too and we have several in a surprising overlap as you will see later. Your Barnacle Goose and Bar-Headed Geese are escapes from a collection I think. The "Snow" looks very much like a Bar-Headed with a bit of something else in the mix. Or another escape??
  10. Coming in a bit late to your latest batch. As others, the Black Heron is a great shot and of course I love the Boehm's B Eater..
  11. Some very unusual birds here. Well done. The Weaver really had me on the edge of my seat. Nobody has taken up the challenge of the mammal. Not a Mink but "Egyptian" Mongoose. Did you name the bird in the same shot? It could count!!
  12. Congratulations on the 300 up. The Helmet-Shrike and Black-shouldered Kite do it for me.
  13. A great collection. Some cracking birds there that could tempt even me down under (if I can find a flight under 12 hours.)
  14. That's what swings it for me too. The only distribution map that shows Malawi is "Sinclairs" and you need a magnifying glass for that. Maybe that's why birds don't bother with them?
  15. I would like a few 'quiet' days if I could get a photo of a Water Rail like that. Nice collection.
  16. Well done with the lifer. Cute beggars. (Very handy as their call will bring lots of mobbers.)
  17. A bright sunny morning with settled forecast sent me south looking for some decent photos. Failed! As did the sun. Nevertheless there was some wheat in the chaff. First a repeat so no score:- #136. Common Eider. We had the female way back but males were in eclipse. They look much smarter now. Derbyhaven. IOM. 474. Brent Goose. (Light-bellied race) All the way from Greenland just to help nudge me towards 500. How kind. I hope they send for their neighbours!!) Langness. IOM.
  18. Welcome back and looking forward to seeing the full bag..
  19. I can see why. Th distribution maps are no help either as mine says neither should be around Lake Malawi. If I HAD to toss a coin on the balance of probabilities it would come down on Burchells but I don't think it is! Well done! Some nice pics in this batch. The two doves shine through.
  20. Congratulations on 200 up. Quite an achievement for Europe and it shows what can be done.
  21. We can also tell you when your are 100% right. Spot on and you even got both in the one frame. The Holub's is a female but you knew that!! A good collection from South Luangwa.
  22. Common fault with many cameras. The A/F takes the larger object or the foreground. I have run out of swearwords at times when that has happened. However the tail has it. Clearly white with broad black terminal band. Western Banded Snake-Eagle. (With a very Buzzard like head)
  23. Now you are really 'Pro' with such photos and accessories..Zvezda's first entry shot. I would love to see it zoomed back a bit to show the inbound reflection.
  24. Hmm. @Soukous In enlarging you have whitened the tail. In the original it looked darker and I was not sure if it was bird or branch. It's all very well me saying what it is not (Brown SE.) but I am supposed to help with what it is!! Failed! I am torn between Western-banded Snake Eagle, right bill colour and tail fairly showing black band after white and just a Common Buzzard. Is there anybody else out there with a suggestion? Snake-Eagles should NOT have feathered 'thighs'. Your other photos are very good so keep em coming.
  25. I think @Soukous saw its brother in S.Luangwa too.

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