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  1. Even so I think the Red belly speaks volumes. "African" invariably has a black/grey belly. Rufiventris I suggest. Great photos and yes the Cuckoo-shrike is a belter.
  2. And now for something completely different. A BIF. Actually the first Common Kestrel I have seen for ages and I never even got one for BY2017 at all. So I am making the most of this one that flew over. 69. Common Kestrel. Over Ballakesh Plantation. Just look at that blue sky. No Photoshop here. WYSIWYG! Now we enter EBC territory although I am fairly comfortable that I well get these birds later in the year. But......oft said so I will score the more improbable one. 70. Can you see what it is yet? Point of Ayre. And finally with no score just a suffix. 70B. Common Guillimots. Good to see them coming inshore again. Point of Ayre. .
  3. Not done all of today yet. I got called away. 67. Great Tit. Ballakesh Plantation. 68. Chaffinch. A nice male in the Pink, pink! Ballakesh Plantation. Indeed the more observant of you will note it is in the same tree as the Tits and Blackbird .Even our Plantations are small over here.
  4. Another day another sortie if this snail is to catch the tortoise let alone the hare although I did say at the beginning that this year would not/could not be so productive. A shame really as I did so want to do justice to the nice new Nikkon that I won for BY2017. Thanks Matt! To commence with a special for @elefromoz as these are simply irresistible and at times even downright insistent. A lovely springtime singer. 43 Mark 3. And an improvement on last time's Blackbird. We can always get a better one. They are like buses. You can wait for ages for the first one to come along. 65. Eurasian Blackbird. Ballakesh Plantation. Isle of Man. Time to get on with the scorers:- 66.Blue Tit. Ballakesh Plantation. Isle of Man. Feeding on new buds.
  5. They get everywhere these days. Can't keep em out!
  6. Good to see you off to a good start Michael. Some nice 'Banker' photos there. Long-tailed Tits come high up my list of favourites. As you say "black" is rarely truly black. Even the non favorite Coot is shot with colour in the right light.
  7. As the others. The Malachite stands out IMO.
  8. Loved the snake too. Keep em coming.
  9. More great photos. Congratulations on hitting the ton. More!!
  10. Ha. We used to cook snipe by grilling over a piece of toast to catch the juices. You guess the rest. I actually like guinea fowl. More nice shots in today's good weather @Dave Williams which I shared. No doubt you are now sharing what rolled in later! Yuk.
  11. Right so lets get the numbers correct. This is 64. 64. Pink-footed Geese. Thurot. IOM. Worryingly they were flying south not north west for Iceland. Do they know something we don't? 65. Blackbird. Ballakesh. I will get a better one no doubt but I need to get some in the Bank to add weight to the Hares and Tortoises. But at least today the birds had started to sing having passed St. Valentines Day. 55. Dunnock. Ballghennie. Just to cheer us up.
  12. Even more great photos. Hoopoes. The species/sub species/races can only really be told apart in flight when the amount of white on the wings can be seen. There is said to be a small difference in the tips of the crest, seen when raised? You do have two races there FWIW. I am with @Dave Williams. Some of these 'splitting experts' would make train spotting difficult. For gawd's sake keep them away from Butterflies.
  13. Cos he is a closet flasher?
  14. @TonyQ Gosh yes. One would think that with so few it would be easy to remember. Just shows what lack of use can do to one's brain. Abject apologies. @Dave Williams I watched The Thomas Crown Affair but never saw any Whimbrels. Just footprints in the sand. Must try harder! I am I AM!
  15. Visibility was not good today due to smoking dust trails from speeding Hares, Rabbits and a Tortoise that pushed me aside. However some progress was made during a lunch time break:- First one of my favourite little waders, So darn hard to get eyeshine though. 60. Ringed Plover. Point of Ayre. Isle of Man. Next a ringer. The bill says it is a Whimbrell, the head and time of year say not. No score. What do the experts think? Cranstall. Isle of Man. No doubt on the next one. 61. Eurasian Curlew. With juicy worm. Point of Ayre. Isle of Man. 62. Eurasian Starling. Clinging on for grim death in the gale. Ballaghennie, Isle of Man. 63. Black-headed Gull. Ramsey, Isle of Man. Winter visitor only to these shores. Just look at the Mediteranean azure of the sea. And finally, fresh off the plane from South Africa just for @xelas Our very own Yarellii. 64. The Original, accept no wishy washy pale Euro imitations, Pied Wagtail. Ramsey, Isle of Man.

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