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  1. Sariska indeed is a very beautiful park, since the terrain consists of valleys sightings are not as frequent as other tiger reserves. The current tiger population is 13 including 4 recently born cubs. There is a good chance of seeing cubs of ST2 this winter while those of ST10 are in non tourism zone. Slowly tigers of Sariska are making a comeback, high time we humans give them their due space & rest of the villages move out. To know more about Sariska Tigers read my blog post
  2. Tiger attacks forester in Kundaal area of Ranthambhore. The forestor Gheesu was supervising road repair work when the tiger attacked him and dragged in inside, park management managed to recover the body with great difficulty as tiger was not ready to leave the body.Culprit assumed to be T24. More details in my blog post
  3. supreme court has now lifted ban on tourism at tiger reserves with immediate effect, most of the parks would resume safari tomorrow itself....more details to follow
  4. absolutely correct. do not see changes getting implemented this season, so in all possibility thing would remain as it least for this season.
  5. yes, i was present in court room & judges are more than willing to open reserves, guess they never wanted to ban tourism. Barring few odds, in all probability they would allow tourism as per new guidelines.Check out my blog post for more details.
  6. Sangeeta, pls do post the pic...will try to id
  7. Ranthambhore tigers are all set to get new identity, a name. From the current practice of using Alphanumeric names like T1, T2 & so on, the department is now planning to get full names to all 52 tigers including 25 odd cubs. Here are some of already assigned names with their numeric codes: T16-Female-Machli T17-Female-Sundari T19-Female-Krishna T25-Male-Zaalim T39-Female-Noor Cub of T39-Male-Sultan Cubs of T19 Male Cubs- Aakash, Suraj Female cub- Chanda T6-Male-Romeo T30-Female-Husnaara To know more about these tigers you can also visit Tiger Profiles section on my blog.
  8. Latest update: The ban continues till 9th Oct, next designated date for hearing by court
  9. kitty: Ranthambhore opens for visitors on 1st Oct & all other parks by 15th Oct....
  10. next hearing on 3rd October, in all likelihood the ban will be lifted with immediate effect on 3rd as agreed in principle during yesterday's hearing.
  11. since the matter is subjudice right now, forest department has not opened the online booking system & it is surely impacting bookings. Guess people have adopted wait n watch policy.
  12. Update on tourism ban case: the case will come up for hearing in court number 9 tomorrow. Case is scheduled at number 3 for hearing.Government has filed an affidavit asking for release of interim ban along with submission of newly drafted eco-tourism guidelines. fingers crossed, most likely one more date coming our way......however expecting the ban would be lifted shortly...
  13. to read the full article click Some Pictures of Ranthambhore during Monsoon...a visual delight
  14. Text copy of court's ruling in the said matter. It has asked all the concerned parties to file objections if any before 22nd Aug, next date of hearing...
  15. The Supreme Court has banned tourism in core areas of all tiger reserves of India till further notice As a result safari in all parks of India including Kabini, Jhirna zone of Corbett, zone 6-8 & Quaal ji area of Ranthambhore has been stopped effective today. The h'ble judge was preety upset with state goverments of tiger states for being unable to meet the deadline set by court to demarcate core & buffer zones of park twice. While the governments were fined for delay & ban was placed on tourism activities in core area till final order is passed, court has fixed 22Aug as the next date for hearing. The original case was filed by Bhopal based NGO against MP government to stop tourism in four national parks of MP- Panna, Kanha, Bandhagarh & Pench. The said case was rejected by state high court & therefore had come in supreme court for hearing. Impact on Ranthambhore: Since i do not have much knowledge on ground realities of other parks, would restrict myself to impact of this judgement on Ranthambhore: Tourism will come to a complete halt in Ranthambhore as the entire area of Ranthambhore which comprises of Ranthambhore National Park, Sawai Mansigh Sanctuary & Kela Devi Sanctuary is marked as Critical Tiger Habitat(CTH) so no tourism activities can be conducted in these areas. The areas which are so called buffer areas, where the court wants all tourism activities to be conducted does has been declared so only 28 days back & does exist on papers only. With passing of Forest Rights Act which allowed people living near forests to have right over forest produces, NTCA had come out with the concept of CTH wherein in areas marked as CTH would not be covered by FRA. Therefore entire forest area which was earlier marked as core & buffer was hence classified as CTH aka new core. While this was a smart move to protect human activities in tiger homeland, the same move has now become a painful item. While we would come to know the fate of wild life tourism in India post the verdict, I am hopeful that the ban would be lifted soon probably before Oct 1st, the date of reopening of parks in India after mandatory close period of 3 months. In all likelihood the laws related to tourism could be more stringent- for good or worse only time will tell. As a citizen of India it is my right to roam in jungles of India & no law can take this away from me. Even the objective of setting up project tiger, the parent body for tiger conservation in in India also supports peoples ability to save our National Animal in wilderness.

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