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  1. RT @BornhereinSA: To all with no housing, jobs or education: These 3 men stole your futures and will live in luxury in Dubai. #Gigaba #Zuma…

  2. Giraffes have now been bumped to "Vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List. This is from Etosha last month...
  3. Quiver tree forest, Keetmanshoop...
  4. Two attempts from our recent trip through Namibia. This one from the Namib Rand Reserve...
  5. Okaukuejo waterhole, Etosha. 24mm focal length.
  6. The famous "white boys" of Etosha...from our recent trip.
  7. @@Wild Dogger very nice!
  8. A magnificent male lion I photographed at Okondeka in Etosha last month. This pride has two prime males in control.
  9. @@buddy4344 some really cool renditions here mate!
  10. This was one of the most interesting, awesome, insane sightings I've ever had on safari. Not going to rehash the whole story here, but you can read the whole account (with more pics) here: Not the best photo, and a bit of a crop as it happened at a fair distance, but being up a slope we could see it all play out.
  11. Loved catching up again...lovely photos and so glad you got the dogs on a kill! This time of year is hit-and-miss because of them denning in the thick jesse.
  12. @@hubertj looking forward to the rest of your report! great start!! @@Big Andy@@wilddog it's not Big Vic, note the notch of the elephant Hubert posted sits higher up on the ear, and it's wider. There is also another one looking similar to Vic called "Little Vee". Vic is also the biggest bull in Mana by bulk.
  13. @@janzin cheers - I actually used a D800, will amend the post to reflect that
  14. Between Kiboko and Peninsula crossing, Mara Triangle, last year around sunset (our camp in the Triangle allows us to be at these spots at first and last light)
  15. I keep being obsessed with wider angle views of traditional wildlife. Sometimes to my detriment as I probably miss out on other worthwhile images and compositions. This herd was moving towards a mud-hole in the Mara Triangle earlier this month, and anticipating their obligatory wallow-and-drink stop I had our driver position us right at this spot. Shot at 24mm

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