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  1. What exactly is "reputation activity"? My reputation was ruined long ago already??
  2. @elefromoz I spent a year in Australia and did a camping trip into the center around Uluru & Coober Pedy. Where are the large sand dunes located in OZ? I was in Namibia end of May to mid June 2014. Curious what you heard about the Himba visits. The Himba were the main reason I headed that far north and they were all very welcoming. I was the only visitor for the first half hour so there was more attention on me than I would have liked because as soon as I saw them with their skin covered in red ochre paste and their magnificent hair I instantly, in my mind anyway, became a National Geographic photographer and would have preferred to fade into the background more while looking for that magazine cover shot. Those last lioness photos you posted were painful to look at. Did you ever hear back from Africat? Cheetahs!! Again lucky you as I didn't see any in the wild my whole time there!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write your trip report, I really enjoyed the read and viewing your photos. I agree the country is not for everyone however I still dream of the dunes in Sossusvlei and my day trip to Sandwich Harbour where the dunes meet the Atlantic. Such a magical place! I flew into Sossusveli and then onto Swakopmund where I picked up a guide and headed north to the Angola border. Grootberg Lodge is stunning and one of my favourites! Even the night the wind howled and howled and I wished I'd paid more attention to exactly how the chalets were affixed to the ridge wondering if I might just end up being blown down the canyon! I booked the Himba visit and it was just me, a driver and an interpretor. We covered some amazing landscape on our way that I doubt would have been seen from any of the regular roads traveled. Agree Okaukeujo is not the best accommodation but how can one not go to such an iconic place. Thought I had a chalet booked but on arrival it wasn't so. So jealous you saw so many cats!
  4. Glad to see you back Jochen!
  5. Glad I'm not the only one who goes on safari with a point & shoot! Pop tarts on safari?
  6. Excellent photos and a wonderful beginning...can't wait to hear more!
  7. Good to know Kingfisher - thanks for posting!
  8. What a great story - thank you for sharing it with us!
  9. There's tons of valuable information and inspiration from trip reports found here! Altho the horrible Canadian loonie made me have to cancel this years safari the choice of 2 Porini camps in the Mara was based on trip reports here. Selous & Ruaha & Kwihali for future also came from TRs here.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to write this trip report as I've enjoyed following along. What a bummer your vehicle broke down a 2nd time and a guide on social media is simply unacceptable! Would be interested in photos of the camps & tents if you happen to take any.
  11. This is such a joy to read and your photo sequences allow me to feel, at least for the moment like I'm actually there. I felt Fig's pain sitting in that tree - such expression in his face! Your capture of the cheetah in flight is amazing!! Did you request your own vehicle or just got lucky as has happened to me several times when travelling solo.
  12. Is there such a thing as too many cheetah? Reading this with much interest and even more envy as I had planned a safari to Porini Mara & Lion camps for this June but had to cancel when the Canadian loonie tanked increasing the cost by 47%. Fingers crossed things will look better in 2017 and in the meantime I have your wonderful trip report to enjoy! Would also like to hear your thoughts on Porini accommodations etc. Thanks bettel!
  13. Wonderful report & photos Julian! Thanks so much for taking the time. Am currently researching Selous & Ruaha myself so am really looking forward to your next installments. Keep it comin'!
  14. Love seeing Himba walking down the street with the other 2 girls in their trendy cuffed jeans!! Such an interesting contrast. Your night shot is gorgeous! Looking forward to more.

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