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  1. My wife and I own and run a place called The Ranthambhore Bagh - www.ranthmabhore.com - good place for photographers and the more serious wildlife watchers
  2. I live here and do one such session almost every month
  3. 25 pictures from the 40 odd safaris that I went to in Ranthambhore in April 2016. Got another 20 to go in May, starting from tomorrow afternoon.
  4. India has the most accurate figures. There are camera trap images of over 80% of the tigers that are reported from India. The number of tigers that a reserve like Ranthambhore (where I live) has reported, is in reality, almost 10 less than the actual number. The big threat for tigers is not poaching but habitat loss. Poachers will not wipe out tiger but global economic growth surely will.
  5. In one of the many ancient "baoris" or step wells in the Ranthambhore tiger reserve in India, I witnessed an amazing natural history moment on the 25th April 2016. An Indian Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa) had caught a Bull frog. As the snake tried to swallow the frog down, the frog inflated its body and kept trying to force himself out of the snake's death grip. The struggle between the predator and the prey went on for about 10 minutes and I could see that the frog was bleeding in a few places. After about 10 minutes when it seemed as if all was nearly over for the frog, the frog, surprisingly managed to break free of the snakes jaws to disappear in the mucky water. The frog's escape was so fast that we could not even get one shot of that. The Rat snake is a very aggressive hunter but the Bull frog is no push over.
  6. In my opinion these 20 tigers will be the ones that most visitors will get to see in Zones 1 till 8 in Ranthambhore tiger reserve. I have not included T 6 and Sultan as I doubt if they will come back to the tourism zone. There are a few other tigers that are occasionally seen in Zones 1 - 8 but I do not have clear ID marks of those as yet. Will keep adding them as and when I get the data. I do not have many pictures from Zone 9 and 10 (as I rarely go there) so I have not included the tigers that are seen in these two zones.
  7. Masai Mara, Kenya
  8. Tsavo east national park, Kenya
  9. Sangeeta - I will do that. The video is blocked in the US because of the music. I made the slide show on iPhoto and all I had to do was select the images and the software did the rest for (technically challenged) me.
  10. Hi, Rhino, lots of deer and lots of birds - you don't have much of a choice except for Kaziranga. This park has a very small window basically from January to March end (then the rains take over). You would be awesomely lucky to see a tiger there though (despite the fact that it has some of the highest density of tigers in the world). For tigers I would recommend Ranthambhore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench or Tadoba - in all these parks would have to be very lucky to find a tiger without any other vehicle. I would strongly recommend that you do 3-4 days in anyone of the above tiger parks and then take a flight to Guwahati for Kaziranga. Regards
  11. I cannot imagine repetition being a problem in Kanha. Maybe Bandhavgarh, but there are always different animals/birds out and about, even if the route is identical. There are some trees and boulders that I can still see if I close my eyes due to the many identical Bandhavgarh runs I did in the last two trips. There are often chital, which are captivating for their small stature and shy gracefulness. Sambur deer are a nice find because they are the largest deer in India. You might see a muntjac or barking deer, which in my experience has been an omen of exciting things to come. A jackal or two during your trip would be reasonable. Photographing fast moving wild boar on the forest perimeter is a challenge. You can spend a lot of time admiring the male peacocks in various states of repose or display. A glimpse of something really cool like a sloth bear or a leopard can buoy your spirits through a couple of less than stellar game drives. The above pertains to Kanha as well as Bandhavgarh but in Kanha you also have a shot at seeing dhole (wild dog), hard ground barasinga with their magnificent racks, and gaur (Indian buffalo). I think Bandhavgarh has gaur but they are usually in a part of the park that not many visit. Not sure if there are any dhole in Bandhavgarh, but seeing them is very unlikely. The interest your group has in birds is to your advantage because there are some interesting, coloful, fascinating ones in each park that you can seek out in addition to mammals. What can get long (not necessarily repetitve, but a little tedious) is the waiting. Sometimes we waied an hour or more in hopes of a tiger with no results. I even got a nap in once. During the wait, we can sometimes turn to birdwatching and be rewarded, but sometimes it is just completely quiet. That's just part of how it works in the Indian forests. But it is different from most experiences in Africa. Thanks from me too. Can you provide suggestions on the best way for a solo traveler to enjoy Ranthambhore for about 4 days? I am wondering about the transport situation. I thought a private vehicle in Ranthambhore was more costly and difficult to arrange than in the other parks. Are there good group options, such as sharing with people from your lodge who are highly enthused about wildlife, who avoid bouncing around in the vehicle, who don't want to head back early to eat, who want to get an early start, who are interested in a variety of species, who are willing to linger at sightings, etc.? Thanks in advance for any insight you can share. Private game drives in Ranthambhore (for just one person) can be tough to get and very expensive but you can share with some others. I share a lot of drives with some of my friends and regular clients. The trick in Ranthambhore is to book more than 90 days in advance and then you do have a lot of options. A good time to plan for would be March-April. Let me know if you want to share the drive with 2 or 3 others (that way you pay for one third or half the drive). I would not recommend sharing with more than 3 others as it can be very crowded then. Can organise it without much of a problem.
  12. Vikram would probably know better as he does the tours. I know from my experience and most of the trips that I do are either for myself or for a vey select group of photographers who travel with me. Basically I could not really be called a tour operator, as such, as I probably organise less than half a dozen tours in a year The game drives will almost never be repetitive in any park. A lot depends on you. If you explain tot he driver in your first drive that you want to see everything they will pretty much show you everything. In fact they would love you for it.
  13. Hi, For one Vikram from Wild World India (yes he is my brother) is back from his trip so his mails should be working. On Day 1 - You can skip staying one night in Delhi if your flight lands in the daytime. If the flight lands in Delhi late in the night (as most do) then you have no choice but to spend some time in Delhi - it could just be a few hours till the daylight. Delhi to Agra is a three-four hours drive, so you could drive straight to Agra though that may be tiring, after the long flight. I personally would skip Delhi. Bandhavgarh - Is definitely one of the best places to see tigers. I am a photographer and would almost never go to any park for less than a week. If you just want to see tigers then the 7 drives that you have planned out are more than enough. You have to be very unlucky not to see a tiger in 7 drives in Bandhavgarh. If you are inclined to take pictures then I would recommend adding another day to Bandhavgarh. Add another day or two - You could add one more day to Bandhavgarh and/or do one day in Chambal Safari Lodge for Gharials, Crocs, many birds (Indian Skimmer is the speciality) and one day in Bharatpur - this year they have a lot of water and so will get lots of birds. Or you could do Kanha for two or three days. If you want to do two tiger reserves - then you will be cutting your time really short in both the reserves. You could do Kanha (as it is close to Bandhavgarh) but in that case do Kanha first and then head to Bandhavgarh (from Agra - its a overnight train to Jabalpur and then three hours drive) as it is easier to get to Khajuraho/Varanasi from Bandhavgarh. Tiger sightings - The four best options for tiger sightings (they are not too tough to find in any one of these reserves) are Ranthambhore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Tadoba. You can do Bandhavgarh and Kanha as a loop without wasting too much of time commuting. If you try any other combination you will loose one full day travelling. Tadoba - I am not too much of a fan of Tadoba. I use to be a regular there till about five years ago when it was not widely known. It is now too chaotic (on a good day) and really pathetic on a bad day - too crowded with the wrong kind of crowd. The one great range in Tadoba is Kolsa (very quiet) but finding tigers there is not so easy. Do let me know if I can help in any other way. Regards

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