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  1. Wonderful report. I leave for Zimbabwe and Zambia in two weeks and will be at Musekese for three nights. Tswalu sounds very interesting.
  2. You are obviously a talented photographer as your pictures are stunning. I had the privilege of spending over an hour with a lioness and her cubs years ago in Ndutu with no other vehicles, but they weren't as young as the little ones you saw. A very special sighting!
  3. Wonderful news. It will be a very special safari.
  4. I can't believe it is you Kathy. Wonderful that you were able to return to Africa again. Carl are finally going on our third trip in November to Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  5. Three months from today we leave for Zimbabwe and Zambia. We will be spending one night in Victoria Falls, three in Hwange and meet up with Doug on November 13 in Mana. We have two nights in Chitake before our adventure with Doug to Kafue and Liuwa Plains, ending in Livingston on November 30. Time can't go fast enough!
  6. It will be great to meet up with you. There is four in our group, including Doug Macdonald as our guide. Your bird pictures are stunning. What camera did you use?
  7. Love your pictures. When in November are you at Musekese Camp as my husband and I will be there November 20 for three nights.
  8. I found this quote (author unknown) after my first African safari in 2006 which sums up how I feel and why I am returning for a third time this November and would go more often if I could afford it. "Once you have visited Africa, you never leave it and Africa never leaves you. It's dust, mostly red, sometimes white, often black, settles on the heart...and remains forever...". When I was in Zambia I meet a 80 year old doctor from the UK who had been returning to the same camp for 10 consecutive years. When I asked him why he kept coming back his reply was "why would I go anywhere else". That statement has stayed with me ever since.
  9. @@amy, I start my trip with Doug in Mana Pools on November 13. He said we will be joining his clients that afternoon for their last day with him. Could you possibly be with Doug on the 13th?
  10. @@pomkiwi I just found your trip report.
  11. @@AmyT I leave Vancouver November 7 and have three nights in Hwange without Doug and then start our adventure with Doug in Mana Pools on November 12. Doug said we will be with four other guests the afternoon of the 12th. Could you be one of the guests?
  12. Pomkiwi how was your trip to,Chile? Especially interested in the Atacama Desert as I have four nights there in February on my Argentina and Chile trip.
  13. I am now on countdown to my trip with Doug M in Zimbabwe and Zambia. 25 long weeks to wait! AmyT when will you be with Doug?
  14. I'll be in Kaufe in mid November and hope I don't melt.

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