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    Just booked our first trip to Africa
  1. Oh so lovely images. Looks like a hugely successful trip.
  2. A well rounded trip with lots of variety, good job in all the planning.
  3. The sharpness of your images put most of us to shame. I was thinking "short back" was an expression that meant hard working. I can't believe you hiked up that mountain and camped, I got short of breath just reading about it. I would give give my eye teeth to have visited the village but I would have wanted to take too many portraits. Really good stuff Paul.
  4. How can this not be better dealt with?!
  5. @ImSA84 No apologies necessary, hope there's something that you can gain from the tutorial. I also drug my feet making the switch from Aperture to LR/PS. If I can help let me know.
  6. Sausagetree.....my first lodge on my first trip to Africa and a favorite for a lot or reasons but mainly for the variety of activities they offer.
  7. Thanks Doug for taking the time to include all of the details, what an interesting and varied trip. The river float and camping look particularly inviting. Well done.
  8. @Peter Connan. Thanks Peter, the tight crop image is when my D800 started to think about going on strike and was so poorly composed this was all that I could come up with. My hero David Lloyd would have been more creative and had a winner.
  9. What a great birthday trip!
  10. Agree with @marg .......canoeing on a very small channel of the Zambezi river filled with pissy pods of hippos.......I would stare at my shoes, paddle furiously because if I didn't see them they wouldn't see me and that method worked......several mock charges but we made it through the gauntlet alive. Thrilling and so beautiful but I was flat out scared at times.
  11. Another great report, keep 'em coming.

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