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  1. Crested Serpent Eagle (Bandipur NP) Crested Serpent Eagle (Kabini) Changable Hawk Eagle (Kabini)
  2. Thanks @kittykat23uk and @TonyQ, I do have a few in my archive. Here is a beautiful Short Eared Owl: Cheers, Kartik
  3. Thank you @jeremie and @Atravelynn, I am glad that you liked the trip report and images . @jeremie: I have sent you a longish reply to your email. Hope you've received it. Cheers
  4. Asian Koel
  5. @TonyQ : Fantastic. Loved the Puffin picture specially. To me your 'Robin (baby waiting for return of parent)' looks a good fit for a wren to me.
  6. Apologies for being very late in updating the trip report. My friend (Raghu) and I visited Tal Chapar and Bikaner during late Nov 2016. Was planning to write the trip report for a long time, but just did not get around to do that. Finally I have written the first part of the trip report, that covers Tal Chapar visit. You can find it at: http://wildwildindia.com/trip-report-tal-chapar-bikaner-2016-part-1/ Tal Chapar [2016] Trip Report
  7. Yellow browed bulbul Disclaimer: This (and the previous two images) was made from a hide.
  8. Continuing this post: Red Spurfowl : Around Mudumalai White Cheeked Barbet
  9. Thought of sharing some of Indian bird images here from my archive. Himalayan vulture, Uttarakhand Sociable Lapwing, Little Rann
  10. Thanks Tom. Glad that you liked the images. :-)
  11. Telia cubs (Dec 2012) - Tadoba Ranthambhore 2008 (Berda cub)
  12. First few images remind me of days when when residents of Bera used to go spotlighting in the night for leopards and baiting was rampant. I believe some of the area has been declared a protected area as Jawai Leopard Reserve.
  13. @Galana: With your on greater spotted. Very high on my own list. So far I only had distant views via scopes.
  14. @janzin: While the cost of flight may be $30, the cost of transportation to Jaipur airport may add a little more to that number. Jaipur to Delhi flight time is a little over one hour. Also, based on my personal experience (own as well as family's collective experiences) I would strongly suggest you stay away from an airline called SpiceJet.
  15. @@janzin : your revised itinerary looks good. Bharatpur around March may not be that great. I would advice to skip the last morning drive, your train journey and 20+ hours flight sounds exhausting. In anycase your would have spent 3.5 days in RTR by then. You also have an option of taking a flight from Jaipur to Delhi.

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