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  1. Probably too little and to late.
  2. What can I say?
  3. I've just been told by a friend in SA, that Tau game lodge has burnt to the ground after a fire that started in the main lodge at 3am. The fire was under control, but they ran out of water. No reports of any injuries at this stage.
  4. Madikwe SA
  5. Sunset in Africa Nikon D3300 18-55 Lens.
  6. Off to Madikwe tomorrow for four nights, staying at Tau Game lodge. Any one visited recently, what can we expect at this time of year? Anything in particular that we should take with us?
  7. Laser eye surgery will cure the problem.
  8. I have no problems with grouse shooting.
  9. I would love the opportunity to shoot an elephant,..........................................................Through the lens of a camera.
  10. Wonderful photo's and nice to see a human in there. So many of us forget to include photo's of us!
  11. Totally unacceptable. The baby should not have been taken on the trip. Endex!
  12. A wonderful report and thanks for posting the photos.
  13. A nice touch and congratulations too you both.
  14. Cotton would be my first option, with a fleece & jacket for the cold nights and mornings. As for Millets/Blacks, I have found they are only useful for 'camping' clothing. And most of that seems to be synthetic. I know this is more expensive. But sometimes you literally get what you pay for. I will also look in the departement stores and other High Street shops.
  15. Now I have searched the topic. But, I could not find the info I required. I was always led to believe, that cotton shirts and trousers where the best items to take on a safari. However some suppliers including this one seem to prefer man made materials. Would these items be o.k for general daily wear? Or would I be better with more traditional cotton? Sorry if this has already been covered.

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