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  1. Thanks @Tom Kellie. This is only the start ;).
  2. Click New Content in the Menu -> .
  3. Not much we can do with the way that looks. Added back in!
  4. I have been adjusting it. I will take a look.
  5. I'm not sure how it worked before, this question might be best for @Game Warden . In the future just add images to your message in the PM.
  6. Old attachments are still rebuilding. It will take a few days before everything is 100%.
  7. Another cool feature when notifications work is that built in browser notifications now work. Not sure if IE11 has that support but I know Chrome / Firefox has this functionality. You will be alerted by your browser if you aren't viewing the forum of a new notification.
  8. Can you explain a little do you mean the aesthetic side or the amount of content that is actually being pulled?
  9. The activity streams are a very powerful new feature with this software update. Be sure to create a new stream with the forums / content that you prefer by going to the Activity tab -> My Activity Stream -> Create New. Search and activity streams may not show 100% of the content because things are still rebuilding. Nothing was lost in the upgrade this includes posts and topics, everything was upgraded over it just takes time for it to rebuild correctly. Some posts may look oddly unformatted until the tool can fix it.
  10. Is this better or worse? Right now it's at 85% fluid width. It might appear fuller on your desktop but less on your laptop?
  11. What issue are you having specifically? The same as the others with the pages looking like ? Can you go into Developer Tools in IE, and make sure that everything is assigned to IE9 and not lower? In the Developer Tools there is a setting where you can check how things look in IE8, IE7, etc. Mine was set at 'Tweaks' for some odd reason, setting it to IE9 worked fine.
  12. I did some testing on IE and it looked horrible when 'Compatibility' mode was switched on for IE, when I switched it off it looked fine even in IE7. Follow this to turn off compatibility mode for IE, . For those who don't want to click the link. Click this highlighted icon , IE 7 I believe this is just before the web address.

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