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  1. On our first day of real hiking in the Taman Negara in Malaysia we set out for a 6 hour jungle trip looking for snares and replacing camera traps. It was a very very very hot day, but anything is worth it to help the endangered Malayan Tiger.
  2. and the walking part of the trip slowly begins...
  3. I only like to visit places that don't over breed or let the public pose for photos with tigers and lions etc... I try to be careful to only give my money to places that have conservation in mind...but if I ever return I will look into that facility. As for the park- my next video after this one will start my journeys there. I liked the park a lot, but MYCAT does need a lot of help in keeping the poachers out so the wildlife can return. This video features my visit to the Batu Caves:
  4. thanks for your comment. maybe I will try going in the spring then, since I went only once (in sept) and we could only see bears/wolves via the telescopes
  5. amazing shots! did you feel the park was over crowded and people were way too clos to wildlife near the road??..or were a lot of these photos taken on hikes. Just curious.
  6. We also took in the local zoo which was good as in the Jungle hikes we wouldn't see much wildlife due to forest cover and the group making a lot of noise. I have heard the zoo has come a long way. The welfare of the animals looked good and it was started to get more into conservation. I would suggest a 3 hour visit to anyone traveling in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa.
  7. Last year at a zookeepers conference I was asked if I wanted to go along on a debut trip of American Zookeepers to join a cat walk which is a conservation effort by MYCAT to keep the Taman Negara park safe for Tigers and other wildlife. The Malayan Tiger may be the least known of the remaining six sub species of tiger and their numbers are down to around 250. Long story short, I was totally for the idea and a year later I found myself there with 14 other keepers. Before we went into the jungle we spent a day exploring Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, which is where the video report starts. Video one finds us at the bird park. I hope you enjoy the series. For more info on MYCAT look at:
  8. After a long night of drinking and hanging out, it was time to hit the river one last time and then fly home. I loved Brazil and hope to go back one day. I wish the best for the Jaguar as they are an amazing cat and I hope there will always be enough habitat for them in Brazil.
  9. a long day of hiking and going down the river...sometimes ya win...sometimes ya lose.
  10. Thank you. many reviews for these 5-6 day "Jaguar trips" that go from the river (staying on the house boat) to inland (staying at a lodge) obviously point out that they saw more and enjoyed the river portion a lot better. But you have to take it as it is and hope for the best.
  11. A short video that takes us from the river to the Rio Claro lodge.. which many feel isn't as fun as the river portion of these Jaguar 5-6 day trips. channel now has allowed me to bring my total donations since I started this back in 2008, to now over $14,000 to help wildlife. So thanks for watching.
  12. We awoke and before heading back up on the Transpantaneira road we decided to spend another 3-4 hot hours on the river.... I thought it miht be like India in which I saw tigers and was very appreciative, but was left with still wanting to see a large male. Not sure why, as female and cubs are amazing. After a nice bird of prey scene, I started packing up my gear and using my shirt to block as much sun from hitting my already burnt face as possible. I actually started to drift off a little and wonder what the next part of the trip would being me, when I heard our guide say the perfect words: "Jaguar..Jaguar!"
  13. The Malaysia trip is half work and half personal time. It will probably be the last trip with my current video camera as it is dying a slow painful death.
  14. Yes the other boats (4-5 of them) all seemed to have a little cover they put up. Like a 6 foot canopy type thing).. I just used my shirt and hands. It was indeed very hot. I lived in Tampa for 8 years, so I have some experience with the sun draining you. Its not a good feeling, that's for sure. As far as another trip, this spring I am going to Malaysia to learn about the Malayan Tiger (probably wont see one, but will do a few jungle hikes.)
  15. Sorry for the month wait.. So after a short rest at the house boat we took off in our small boat and after a few minutes ran into a boat watching a tree... Odd we thought, until we realized there were some Jags around that tree. I wish it was 20 degrees cooler so I could have really enjoyed the moment...but the sun wasn't treating us too kind that day. Sun burn and Jaguars- a nice way to spend the day. I think in total we sat for over 5 hours in that boat.. what is the longest you sat in a wildlife viewing situation?? (I remember doing about 5-6 at a lion kill once as well)

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