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  1. Thanks for the bump! I still have mine from ebay, mostly used when bbq weather comes round these days......
  2. Thanks for sharing, glad my advice on posting Google pics really helped!!
  3. The lower the f number, the wider the aperture so you're not losing it on the Sony, you're actually getting a wider aperture. I.e. letting more light in.
  4. That's easy for you to say, @@jeremie. Seriously, that's pretty impressive and great news.
  5. Oh man... serval, honey badger WITH cub and then the last pic...... just stop now.
  6. No idea but the rest of the URL would remain intact and can't really change otherwise it would be useless. E.g. like changing it's address every week. You can also use ?.jpg. -no?.jpg
  7. OK I worked out a method but it's not great...... You right-click the image in your original link, select something like "Copy image location" and add "-tmp.jpg" to the end of it. EDIT: Copy Image Address in Chrome. The link will end in -no so you make it end -no-tmp.jpg
  8. I can now get the pic to show in the preview but that message appears at the same time - it's like it's saying yeah it's a pic but I'm not letting you use it! See the attachment.
  9. TESTING..... "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."
  10. Thanks for posting. Scary and positive reading at the same time. I'm surprised at Kenya for only having ~25,000 elephants. I used to think Tsavo had more than that alone - reading the report I know think this is perhaps from years gone by. Of course, it would be impossible to count every elephant, I suppose. Northern Cameroon, 83% carcass ratio. My word. (that's 8 bodies found for every 10 live elephants).
  11. @@SafariChick I was shocked too, so much so I didn't add any of my thoughts simply because I haven't been so don't know the full story HOWEVER this level of treatment on any people, let alone an indigenous one, is unacceptable. They're on the same continent, in the same country yet it is a totally different world.
  12. Serval! yeah man

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