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    I like to travel to remote places and view the wildlife and visit with the humans. Closer to home I enjoy walking around in our parks picking up garbage and weeding out invasive species. I also like walking around our parks without weeding or picking up trash.

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  1. I can make my photos the size of my choosing by double clicking on them and choosing a size.
  2. Nifty indeed.
  3. I made this one small. This one is bigger. centered
  4. When time allows, please state how to insert photos from safaritalk albums after the update.
  5. OOPS, the above photos and text box that I put in did not appear.
  6. PRACTICE SCHMACTICE Type some text about this small image I made this image the size I wanted Make these images smaller to fit across the page. dlkg sdlkg dslkg sdlkg sdlkg sdl dgjkhkhhjkhjk This fancy new update opens up a whole new world.
  7. @Game Warden, #119 does indeed lead to my albums. The trick is one has to read what is on the screen.
  8. firefox I have found that i can get to individual images, but not albums. I'll keep looking and also try Chrome.
  9. @offshorebirder, you can return to your birding offshore. I can get to my gallery now. Thanks anyway!
  10. This means you can get to your gallery. Can you tell me how you did that? I don't see my gallery of albums anymore and I used to be able to get to them easily. Thanks for your help
  11. Great waterhole antics!
  12. Very sad. May Krisztián Gyöngy rest in peace and may the rhino population in Akagera flourish.
  13. The apples from Woolworth's (last year) is a great start and my interest is piqued for Marco's Pan tree house. "with this in mind it would be a good idea to carry a small bottle of something like surgical spirit or ecalyptus oil" I know you are referring to keeping the charger clean, but don't I recall that you always travel with eucalyptus oil? I see you have answered that in #15. I knew eucalyptus oil sounded familiar. Hope it worked well for chargers, toenails, and shaving! Welcome home!
  14. A Xelas sighting along with everything else! That skink in the secretary bird's beak is a tremendous catch for you both.
  15. To get ready for an upcoming trip in the US, the pink and purple undergarments have been carefully packed. You know how some people photograph a can of Spam around the world, or a stuffed animal? A local grocer is even promoting international photos of its distinctive shopping bag. Maybe I should do "Undies All Over." Then again, once is enough, and perhaps even too much.

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