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    I like to travel to remote places and view the wildlife and visit with the humans. Closer to home I enjoy walking around in our parks picking up garbage and weeding out invasive species. I also like walking around our parks without weeding or picking up trash.

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  1. Me too. I even planned a S Luangwa trip once because I was missing puku. Some great shots of them. White fronted bee eater exposé! I see the lion activity was just as good at night. Wonderful night time shots. Liked your hint on afternoon river trips for good conditions. So let me ask, after Kafue, literally what else?
  2. Excellent closing credits and photos. That photographer who took our pics at the Roadrunner deserves credit to for really capturing the moment as well! It was not only that moment, but the vibe of the trip. Great friends, great guiding, great driving! What a winning combo. "And so I could not stop running, running around, looking for something new" Not just a figure of speech. He actually was running around. We are off again! "And that´s it from me, Cheers Ethiopia, hope to see you again. (Without Injera though. )" Oh dear, I made a special dietary request with Doug Macdonald for lots of injera!
  3. That post-first-rain smell, along with the rainbow had to be a great multi-scensory experience.
  4. We have discussed some sort of identifying insignia before. It's a good idea. How nice the rains coincided with your movements. You are right that the more ground you can cover in the general southern Sergengeti/Ndutu area, the more you'll see. Since I did not wave to you from the vehicle, I'll give you a virtual wave now.
  5. Nice try with the pangolin and great work with the long haired brown hyena who even has locks blowing in the breeze. I like your signature! Splendour is a perfect title for Namibia!
  6. We saw the same cheetah brother kill! But YOU got the pangolin. Holy Cow, what a sighting! Wow! The lions on the kopjes and playtime with the mother with the wounded paw is also very familiar! Dry times still produced in Kusini.
  7. "beyond what we could imagine" is wonderful start. At least one of you got an aerial view of the crater. We were in just about the same place at just about the same time.
  8. This will be a great trip report! We know you saw gorillas.
  9. How exciting you'll be climbing Kili with the full moon, @dlo. Those extended full moon calendars are helpful. The moon is more predicable than the wildes. Late January is when Ndutu often starts pumping. You could hedge your bets with some time in Ndutu, some time in Serengeti (maybe around Moru Kopjes) and maybe even some time in the very southern part of Serengeti, Kusini (which means south). Another approach is to stay put in one area and do some day trips to different regions in search of the herds. From Ndutu to Central Serengeti is about 3 hours if doing a game drive between. If you allow at least 4 days, you should be able to find big herds, whether in Central Serengeti, Kusini, Ndutu or moving between these areas. I have not arrived as early as Jan for migration in the past. The earliest has been Feb 8. Jan 21 - Arrive Serengeti/Ndutu about Jan 25 -- A bit early but you can find the herds Feb 19 - Arrive Serengeti/Ndutu about Feb 23 -- PRIME migration time in Ndutu!! Possibly last? Oh no. When you mention "attempt no. 5" are you implying you have not seen big herds in attempts 1-4?
  10. to page 2 -- such wonderful lion activity. No wonder you had such great skimmer shots, there's a breeding colony!
  11. That interconnected-ness in CR's signature is being tinkered with by us.

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