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    I like to travel to remote places and view the wildlife and visit with the humans. Closer to home I enjoy walking around in our parks picking up garbage and weeding out invasive species. I also like walking around our parks without weeding or picking up trash.

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  1. My first female guide was in Botswana, Heidi Dednam. We did a mobile safari of about 10 days. She was outstanding.
  2. Good plan. Now if only my state would institute a similar ban. But that won't happen because about 3 years a law was passed that outlawed the outlaw of plastic bags. It's like they are being worshiped. We pray at the alter of the plastic bag.
  3. Enjoyed the shocking secret Bibi tale. Like mother, like son! The most shocking part is that Bibi was likely not shocked at all. We hit a bird once on landing in a small plane, but it hit the windshield. Certainly got my attention. Wonderful sightings big and small. You did a great job on the lion kill in the rain. Thanks for the primer on rutting, in the plains and the restaurant. Lion kill in NBO Nat Park is more than you could ever hope for. Hope the lion population there can thrive. Antics like that guy out of his car might threaten the poor cats cuz if they attacked him they'd probably be killed. Your BFF silhouette is amazing, like your whole trip!
  4. And Grevy's no less! Wow. All the confusion over 1A or 1B or 1E terminal is something the rhinos will never have to contend with. So nice you saw nursing rhino calves. They need to grow up strong and sustain their species. Same for the Grevy's foals! Seems to be a little inconsistency in the breakfasts, from one of the best ever to the questionable tamarillo. It appears you overcame the odd tasting vegetable with no lasting effects. "this year I get to see important processes , mud wallowing" What a gem of an observation! You got some nice muddy rhino shots too! Rhinos were out in force for your visit.
  5. The CR trip reports are a bit free form and unconventional so it is understandable they may not be recognizable as a trip report initially. Part report, part philosophy, part musings. A trip report of a different "stripe" for sure! But lately Lewa has loomed large.
  6. Go Gray Whales! Thanks for the PG monarch info, @Patty. Nice the #s were up, but still a struggle for the monarchs.
  7. In fact, ziplocks are required for your liquids on the airplane. I am sure you'll be fine if you don't litter, which you wouldn't anyways. So much for one of my standards that I always take on every trip--a garbage bag. Thanks for the warning.
  8. Old Mondoro, one of my favorites, and how much more so with cheetah. The ele was a talented star of the page 2 video. Your B&Ws are perfect to convey night time, especially the leopard. That impassible quote seems rather Mary Poppins-ish, Peter Pan-ish, or a similar children's tale-ish.
  9. Those would have been pleasant dreams, for the most part. I should have written: I have "met" some ST members in my dreams. Only in my dreams. Others, I have had the great pleasure to meet in person and spend weeks traveling with them in person! The ranks of members I have met in person are set to expand some more!
  10. I've "met" ST members in my dreams. Only in my dreams.
  11. That did not take long for your kids to come around!
  12. I was upset and distraught momentarily over 2 reports, one safari and one not, but I got over it. However you decide to organize the report(s), the nice thing is that when anyone searches for a topic that is contained in your report, the info will come up. So often when I am googling stuff about travel or researching trips, up comes safaritalk!
  13. I too hope the driver, who seems to have borne the brunt of the attack, recovers quickly, Odd about the dollars.
  14. I just finished Bibi and the genet, or perhaps the leopard and then Bibi and the sandals. I'm just glad no Bibis were hurt in the making of. Striped hyena! Yay! That crowned crane would make a perfect photo book cover. It's those morning exercises on the airstrip that are her secret. And who can argue with success!? Your star shot looks great. It was worth all the drinks to get it. Love your myth busters, celebrity name dropping in all. You spotted a zorilla and a tiny leopard cub! You've earned your Junior Ranger status for sure. Looking forward to the rest of your adventures!

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