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    I like to travel to remote places and view the wildlife and visit with the humans. Closer to home I enjoy walking around in our parks picking up garbage and weeding out invasive species. I also like walking around our parks without weeding or picking up trash.

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  1. Maybe masks should be required in Kibale and Chambura like they are in Mahale. It could help. We don't have chimps to spare!
  2. Nice job on the pied kingfisher. The eles occupying your camp are understandable, but it should not happen with other people, and such opposites! Keeping your cool and integrity, even in the more difficult situation perhaps earned you the wild dogs in the court of bush justice. The ostrich show continued, I see. Do you feel like your photo skills improved as the trip continued? I think it looks like it! The Bushmen paintings added a cultural touch to your wildife-centered trip. Nice job with the sable. I am still in sable hunting mode, even though I've been home for 2 about months. Eles crossing, way to go. What did you say to the zebra to make it smile? I think those bee eaters were perched on the end of your finger--very close. You documented the stuck vehicle in the water with the jack well. The giraffe put on a show. You got abundance and variety of nature to go along with your adventure, and all on your own! That's an accomplishment.
  3. What struck me on page was the vast emptiness vs the giant baobabs. The waterhole was very Etosha-like. Love the ele and the jackal for size comparison. The ostriches in motion are great. Self drive was a success for you. Great report that will inspire others.
  4. Malawi--you get around! Your investigative approach is to be applauded, along with your stats. 5 firsts and 100 birds in 2 days is impressive.
  5. " Moral of the story: Keep your cool (not my strong suit), have a backup plan, and roll with the punches. Cheers! " And don't forget the champagne! That adult male and cub together is quite a sight! Hope your husband's back holds up for the entire safari.
  6. Such an ethereal feel for that first B&W.
  7. What a fabulous family trip! What an eye opener. And you had great sightings! Sorry about your wife, but we've all been there and understand it can happen. Glad Zarek worked out so well. I'm sure he is another reason your grandchildren will have wonderful memories of this most generous trip!
  8. The locations you mention ARE synonymous with adventure. Welcome home! Looking forward to your adventure, that I believe incorporated a coup.
  9. What a wonderful cultural segue! A fine philosophy, and not just for safari.
  10. Thank you. I hope those extra points can translate to good luck! I had those same feelings. What a privilege to be able to compare and contrast such wild spaces.
  11. Cute little lion cubs! The dogs keep performing. Love that leaping impala--fully stretched!
  12. The real life safaritalk connections continue to grow, as you point out @xelas. Thanks!
  13. My Buzzoff bug suit is very dorky and uncool in a fashion sense. Kit's bug suit, on the other hand, could even be called stylish! @pault, Sorry, I am still not sold on Marmite. But nice try!
  14. Excitement of its own "nature." I'd be pretty excited over a dingo dog.
  15. It was your birthday but the lions got the gift, if you can call the tattered binocular cover a gift. That eland calf was likely in a numbed state of shock for much of the ordeal, until it succumbed to death. But I understand your sadness in witnessing that kill. Overall a stellar trip!

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