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  1. To include an image within the text is easy. Open the post box and click on the following image from the menu bar: This will open a pop up box - enter the complete URL for the image - this url can be found by the following. Right click on the selected image and go to properties. This will bring up the image properties. The address can be copied from here, (making sure you select the whole address which will end in the image type, eg .gif or .jpg) and pasted into the address bar. Then click okay and you will see entered into the text the URL of the image you wish to include, surrounded by brackets with an html tag - [img ] and [/img]: when you make the post the selected image will be displayed. Here is my example: The image has been centred by highlighting the bracketed URL and clicking on the centre button. Please think about the following: how big the image is and whether it is suitable to be posted within One must also consider copyright issues and should you wish to include an image which is not yours then please seek permission first from the copyright holder. Matt
  2. This is a thread for those Safaritalkers who have been to India to share details of operators, lodges/camps and guides with whom they have had positive experiences, and can recommend. Also, if you are a trade professional based in India and provide accommodation and safaris in the parks, please also feel free to contribute, but mention what your personal interest is, eg Tour Operator, Safari Guide, Lodge Owner/Manager or Wildlife Photographer/Artist. Please provide: Company name and contact details/website. Location, including parks in which the company operate. Price PPPN including break down of all ancillary costings. Type of accommodation. Itinerary if possible. Any other relevant details. If posting as someone who has used this service, please link to your trip report as well, if you have written one. Please note, Safaritalk is neither promoting nor endorsing any of the safaris detailed below and has not received any inducement from those operators included. Always research the marketplace and find what it right for your needs. Prices and details are subject to change and you are recommended to contact each operator personally and to seek feedback from other Safaritalk members who may have used these services.
  3. Show us your birds in flight photos. Please include details, where, when etc and camera/lens specs. Thanks, Matt.
  4. And best times of the year. Please lets make just a list of the camps, parks/reserves and countries where one can confidently expect to see wild dogs on Safari. (Always remembering nothing is 100% guaranteed). Please do feel free to include website of said camps and recommended guides there. Camps/lodges and reserves, operators etc are also welcome to post details of their wild dog sightings and action in this topic. Matt
  5. So how many days have you left before you leave on your safari? Got all your packing done? Excited much? Last minute checks - what are they?
  6. Who will get the ball rolling? River crossings, herds, predators on the move... small description, location and equipment details please to accompany the image. Matt.
  7. Please include where and when taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details about the sighting. Thanks, Matt.
  8. Let's see pics and videos from your bush flights, the planes, the pilots, the take offs, landings, (and landing strips). Looking out the window etc. Where were you flying to and from? When?
  9. So who can start me off with a powerful dagga boy in bush? Let's see those buffalo...
  10. Which is your favourite safari destination and why? Take the poll above and then share your reasons below. Just click on the reply button, say which you voted for and what it is about that place that puts it on the top of your list!
  11. Please include species details, when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details about the sighting. Thanks. Matt.
  12. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details about the sighting. Thanks, Matt.
  13. African, Indian, European, American etc. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent information about the sighting.
  14. Please include where and when taken, equipment and exposure details. Who's to go first then?
  15. On safari, or travelling through Africa, what equipment is in your bag? List your gear here: Make, model, lenses etc and your reasons for using it.
  16. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent information from the sighting. Thanks, Matt.
  17. BTW, @Csaba a nice sighting! Thank you for sharing it with us here. Matt
  18. I have no idea about these companies, but, even if a reasonably small amount, you could always donate it to a reputable Africa wildlife NGO. Also, @Brian's Art for Animals uses Youtube advertising income and donates this to wildlife charities - perhaps Brian can chime in and let you know how he does it? Matt
  19. @pedro maia Great stuff: we'll have to arrange a Portuguese language safari one of these days Matt
  20. Who will start the ball rolling with an African image - the subject of which begins with G?
  21. Dik-diks, Duikers, Grysbok, Klipsringer, Oribis, Steenboks, etc. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details from the sighting. Matt.
  22. Okay, so let's remember that this topic/sub forum is for members reviews - so please feel free to start a new discussion if necessary: if you would like to add your updated review of Porini Mara Camp in this topic, please do. Thanks, Matt
  23. Here we can highlight Safaritalk members most memorable images: favourite photographs, taken anywhere in Africa, India or elsewhere on your travels: wildlife, landscapes, people, architecture etc. Comments invited. Please include brief details: where taken, equipment etc.
  24. Reports To read the full article click here.
  25. How influential is Safaritalk in your safari decision making process? How aware of Safaritalk are people, especially those who make repeat visits to Africa? How much of a niche website is Safaritalk and what can be done to extend its reach? How can operators, properties etc., be further encouraged to promote themselves and engage with Safaritalk's audience? (Operators feel free to contribute to this topic, especially of your experiences with using ST and what it means to you.) Thanks, Matt

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