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  1. Show us your birds in flight photos. Please include details, where, when etc and camera/lens specs. Thanks, Matt.
  2. So, who wants to get the ball rolling? Please provide a little background info, where, when etc with camera details if you can remember.
  3. So how many days have you left before you leave on your safari? Got all your packing done? Excited much? Last minute checks - what are they?
  4. Please include where and when taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details about the sighting. Thanks, Matt.
  5. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details about the sighting. (Note - there is already a topic for the Lesser Kudu which can be found here.)
  6. Who will start us off with their hyenas? I know there have already been some great shots posted on Safaritalk, let's get them together here... Matt
  7. Let's see your pics of baby animals taken whilst on safari. Don't forget to include when and where taken and technical specs as well. Matt.
  8. Capturing the beautiful and subtle lighting, what a magical time of the day... Here's mine to get things started. Sunrise over Africa. 05.30 hrs, summit of Kilimanjaro.
  9. To include an image within the text is easy. Open the post box and click on the following image from the menu bar: This will open a pop up box - enter the complete URL for the image - this url can be found by the following. Right click on the selected image and go to properties. This will bring up the image properties. The address can be copied from here, (making sure you select the whole address which will end in the image type, eg .gif or .jpg) and pasted into the address bar. Then click okay and you will see entered into the text the URL of the image you wish to include, surrounded by brackets with an html tag - [img ] and [/img]: when you make the post the selected image will be displayed. Here is my example: The image has been centred by highlighting the bracketed URL and clicking on the centre button. Please think about the following: how big the image is and whether it is suitable to be posted within One must also consider copyright issues and should you wish to include an image which is not yours then please seek permission first from the copyright holder. Matt
  10. Can we come up with a concensus for say five grass roots conservation/community NGOs which could be a featured partner to which we could donate? I.e., have their logo/branding on the footer of each page, which would link directly through to their own website's donation page? We could choose five different orgs annually, and of course, there would be no pressure to donate, but by having their logo and a brief note about Safaritalk's supported organisations, it would be easy to do so. And, would benefit those orgs by giving them more exposure. If you think it's a good idea, let me know in comments below: if everyone suggests an organisation, (preferably grass roots, based on the ground, in country), in their follow up post then members could vote for their five favourite options using the like button: we could come up with a shortlist to which everyone agrees? Let me know your thoughts: and how we should come up with a shortlist - the implementing itself of including the logos and links will be easy for me to do.
  11. Is anyone having problems embedding their Youtube videos? Let me know please. Thanks. Matt
  12. Okay - we are up and running on the new software: I appreciate it will take a little while to get used to, but please report any bugs, problems, issues, questions etc., in the replies below so I can begin to address them one by one. Thanks, Matt.
  13. And best times of the year. Please lets make just a list of the camps, parks/reserves and countries where one can confidently expect to see wild dogs on Safari. (Always remembering nothing is 100% guaranteed). Please do feel free to include website of said camps and recommended guides there. Camps/lodges and reserves, operators etc are also welcome to post details of their wild dog sightings and action in this topic. Matt
  14. An idea for a forum based on members locality, (especially for the bigger items). I've brought this up before but it gained no traction, but it was mentioned this week in a post, is it worth having a subforum where members can list their for sale and/or wanted photographic items? I'm sure with members upgrading gear, by passing it on to other Safaritalkers it would help their photography, but obviously there would have to be a caveat emptor, and any such transactions would take part between buyer and seller, not Safaritalk. What are your thoughts?
  15. Okay everyone: Macro lenses at the ready... To get the ball rolling... here's a little guy I spied on a public road in the Limpopo a few years back. I hope s/he made it to wherever they were going!
  16. What are the new features you've discovered and like, that are useful, that weren't on the old site? List them in the replies below in case other members haven't yet found them. Thanks, Matt
  17. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and post processing details. Thanks, Matt.
  18. Upload your macro and close up images here: please include scientific name if known, where and when taken and tech specs. Thanks, Matt.
  19. Please include a few details, location, camera and lens specs etc. Thanks, Matt.
  20. @modleski - I have edited your post #28 so as to remove the quoted content from your email exchange with an agent and the agent's name. I have also edited a couple of follow up posts as following the above there were comments that were out of context. Thanks, Matt.
  21. Dik-diks, Duikers, Grysbok, Klipsringer, Oribis, Steenboks, etc. Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent details from the sighting. Matt.
  22. I've been lucky enough to meet Dikdik, as you know when I visited South Africa a couple of years back, Kavey and Predator, and it seems that more and more of us are bumping into one another. So who have you met? Any photos? On a personal note, I'm really glad that this is happening, and friendships are being forged through Safaritalk. It's great that personal recommendations are leading to others having some great safaris. Matt
  23. This is a thread for those Safaritalkers who have been to India to share details of operators, lodges/camps and guides with whom they have had positive experiences, and can recommend. Also, if you are a trade professional based in India and provide accommodation and safaris in the parks, please also feel free to contribute, but mention what your personal interest is, eg Tour Operator, Safari Guide, Lodge Owner/Manager or Wildlife Photographer/Artist. Please provide: Company name and contact details/website. Location, including parks in which the company operate. Price PPPN including break down of all ancillary costings. Type of accommodation. Itinerary if possible. Any other relevant details. If posting as someone who has used this service, please link to your trip report as well, if you have written one. Please note, Safaritalk is neither promoting nor endorsing any of the safaris detailed below and has not received any inducement from those operators included. Always research the marketplace and find what it right for your needs. Prices and details are subject to change and you are recommended to contact each operator personally and to seek feedback from other Safaritalk members who may have used these services.
  24. Who will get the ball rolling? River crossings, herds, predators on the move... small description, location and equipment details please to accompany the image. Matt.
  25. Let's see pics and videos from your bush flights, the planes, the pilots, the take offs, landings, (and landing strips). Looking out the window etc. Where were you flying to and from? When?

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