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  1. @michael-ibk @Atravelynn, many thanks for the mentions: Safaritalk would be but a blank web page if not for you the members making it special. In a way, it's almost that I've provided the paper, you are the scribes. Thank you so much, Matt
  2. @douglaswise Thanks for the details and photos from this trip. I hope it serves as an inspiration to families with small children that a quality safari experience is possible and away from the crowds. Matt
  3. Then why not rebut the viewpoint without making mention of how another expresses themself using English language, e.g., Or, if you feel that the person's use of English makes their point unclear, ask them to clarify? Otherwise, any member who does have a problem expressing themself in English, may well be put off from posting in future. Matt
  4. @douglaswise Are we really going to start attacking other members use of English, on an international forum where it may well be that some members first language is not English? Or that perhaps some members may have difficulty writing and expressing themselves in English? (But that who take the time to contribute because they are passionate about Africa and wildlife.) I would suggest that if that is the case, then we should step back and consider how we use the forums....
  5. @modleski - I have edited your post #28 so as to remove the quoted content from your email exchange with an agent and the agent's name. I have also edited a couple of follow up posts as following the above there were comments that were out of context. Thanks, Matt.
  6. BTW, @Csaba a nice sighting! Thank you for sharing it with us here. Matt
  7. I have no idea about these companies, but, even if a reasonably small amount, you could always donate it to a reputable Africa wildlife NGO. Also, @Brian's Art for Animals uses Youtube advertising income and donates this to wildlife charities - perhaps Brian can chime in and let you know how he does it? Matt
  8. @pedro maia Great stuff: we'll have to arrange a Portuguese language safari one of these days Matt
  9. Okay, so let's remember that this topic/sub forum is for members reviews - so please feel free to start a new discussion if necessary: if you would like to add your updated review of Porini Mara Camp in this topic, please do. Thanks, Matt
  10. namibia

    @garito01 I'm looking forward to the next installment. Welcome to Safaritalk and a Namibia trip report is a great first post. Now, get uploading those photos... Matt
  11. How in a case of HWC such as this can the damaging affects of the elephants be mitigated, quickly, and the villagers be compensated, again, quickly so as to avoid reprisal attacks against the elephants? Does a financial payout down the line help the immediate issue of loss of crops? How easy is it to herd the elephants up and move them on? How would it be financed and what is to prevent them from returning? Are there too many elephants in this area and what are the underlying reasons causing them to move into this area?
  12. Reports To read the full article click here.
  13. @Dave Williams And a perfect 10 score for a fantastic series. Stunning. Can you tell us a bit more, tech specs etc? Matt
  14. @SAFARILEGEND If you have the video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, just copy and paste the URL into a reply. Matt
  15. @johnweir Wow, that horned adder in photo #13 was hard to spot, I only managed by expanding the shot to its full size. Amazing camouflage. A great report and sequence of photos and highlights the importance of tourism stake holders working hand in hand with local communities to conserve wildlife and environment. Matt

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