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  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you to @everyone who has chipped in with covering some of the costs of the new Safaritalk upgrade. Your help is much appreciated. Matt.
  2. Welcome to Safaritalk @beverly - please do take a moment to introduce yourself by starting a new topic in this subforum. You'll no doubt be aware that many Safaritalkers have visited Sheldrick's in Nairobi, and, for instance, you can see @twaffle's wonderful black and white photo essay here, and read my own, archive interview with Dame Daphne here. And do feel free to share your photos and volunteering experiences from your time on the ground in Kenya Matt
  3. @COSMIC RHINO I edited your initial post - it was hard to read with the formatting, also please stick to reporting news articles as outlined in this post. Thanks, Matt
  4. @CaroleE You can always pad it out with more photos
  5. I'll swap my soup for your nature walk @Tom Kellie
  6. If you could change careers and work in the safari tourism industry, what would you want to do and why? Operators and camp owners/industry professionals, please feel free to jump in and tell us if you made the move from one career path to another in the safari industry. I'll tell you what I would like to do if I had the time and necessary qualifications, (of which I have neither): I would like to cook at a small bush type camp, concentrating on vegetarian and vegan cuisine: it's a personal interest of mine - I volunteer cooking for homeless people and enjoy cooking for friends and family so I could see myself cooking in the bush: @Bugs @Soukous and @Peter Connan have already been guineau pigs and that was with extremely limited equipment and ingredients... So what would be your dream job? And what is stopping you from "going for it"? Matt
  7. How influential is Safaritalk in your safari decision making process? How aware of Safaritalk are people, especially those who make repeat visits to Africa? How much of a niche website is Safaritalk and what can be done to extend its reach? How can operators, properties etc., be further encouraged to promote themselves and engage with Safaritalk's audience? (Operators feel free to contribute to this topic, especially of your experiences with using ST and what it means to you.) Thanks, Matt
  8. Well done @janzin The rarest of the rare, a two headed lion! What luck!
  9. Always a good idea not to include an email in one's post, so as to prevent email harvesting but in terms of spam members/posting, ST has quite rigorous software controls to prevent spam bots joining and posting crap. Very occaisionally one might get through, perhaps through a physical registration, and if @anyone spots such a post, please report to a moderator rather than engage in replying. Thanks, Matt
  10. @janzin Lovely - the first ST photos I've seen this morning and what a selection. Those silhouettes are sublime, don't forget to add them to this topic. Matt
  11. @Antee I've edited out your email address so as to prevent it being harvested by spammers - if anyone is interested, get in contact with Andreas initially through a PM and then swap emails via that medium. Matt
  12. I think that bar, with the old magazine links, (which I need to remove and I have a plan for something new there), displays as an ad, which means those using adblockers won't see it. Same rule applies for the rotating special offer safaris banners towards the top of the page. Matt
  13. No advanced editor, everything is included within the reply box now. No ability to change fonts, unless members really want it, and then if need be I can set that up, due to some of the choices perhaps being difficult to read. To preview, click on the last icon, a little magnifying scope over a piece of paper. Matt
  14. @JohnR What do you think the new max size should be? As is, or larger?
  15. @xelas Sometime in October, I launched it in 2006. You all made it what it is. Thanks for the compliment, give yourselves a pat on the back too. Matt

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