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  2. Wonderful report! It's really taking me back, not only because of the gorillas but because you stayed in the same lodge as well. Glad to have played a role, however tiny, in motivating you to get to Rwanda. Judging by the incredible photos, it was well worth it.
  3. This is truly heart breaking. There is a quote from Annabele Carey from LWC in the article so it certainly appears this tragic news is true. Time will tell if the various species can rebound.
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  5. What a memorable visit it was with you and Zvezda, @xelas ! Lots of very good species as you are showing here. ( the 'feldegg' is a subspecies of the Yellow Wagtail, though, as far as I know)
  6. so happy that you got to see a leopard and so close and clear! we never found one-but it gives us a good reason to perhaps return!
  7. BY250 / SI046 Great Spotted Woodpecker - Dendrocopos major BY251 / SI047 Grey Wagtail - Motacilla cinerea (race feldegg)
  8. BY248 / SI044 Common Shelduck - Tadorna tadorna BY249 / SI045 Short-toed Eagle - Circaetus gallicus
  9. BY246 / SI042 Little Bittern - Ixobrychus minutus BY247 / SI043 Squacco Heron - Ardeola ralloides
  10. BY244 / SI040 Little Ringed Plover - Charadrius dubius BY245 / SI041 Common Redshank - Tringa totanus
  11. When @PeterHG stopped in Slovenia, where else to rake him and his wife then to Škocjanski zatok. This time it was Zvezda having the camera. BY242 / SI038 Little Tern - Sternula albifrons BY243 / SI039 Common Tern - Sterna hirundo
  12. I can't bring myself to click "like" but thanks for the sad update @pault. I hope it turns out better than feared and that the Wild Dog and herbivore populations can be rebuilt.
  13. This never ends. Here's more of the same... Not sure if posting this here will help these animals, but the PH mentoned below is a member of the 'ethics is everything' association (ZPHSA) who thinks it is okay to bait & call out animals from a protected area to then kill them in a hunting area. It is my hope some of the Zim Pro Photo Guides on ST will read this and take some action - at least bring it to the attention of their board, or tell us why it is okay to do this. I don't mean to put you guys in a spot but @Doug Macdonald, @Ant Kaschula, and the other photo guides who belong to the association, please could you all follow up on this? Posted today (Sept 21, 2018) on FB. Below is the quoted content from Save Big Cats: "Word coming out from Hwange that a Lion hunt is in progress on the forestry boundary of Hwange & that hunters have set up several bait sites to try and lure out 2 well known lions called "Mopane" & "Sidule". They are apparently doing call-ups & bait to lure them out of the protection of the photographic concessions in the forestry area. It has not been confirmed whether this is a "legal" or "illegal" hunt but there is suspiscion of a "quota transfer". The PH on this hunt - apparently Tim Schultz was also the PH involved in the incident outside Hwange where a South African client was killed by an elephant when shooting into a breeding herd. These lions have become well known photographically & have frequented Hwange Main Camp, Nyamandlovu & forestry areas which are regularly visited by tourists to the park. Time to do what you all do best & fight!!!! Share the hell out of this to bring as much attention as possible.... NOTE - This image is not of the males #SaveBigCats #LionStrong #Lion"
  14. Words fail me. Thank you for all the overloads, and all the other photos too!
  15. And one more photo from June balcony birding; also this ID with a little help form my friends . BY241 / SI037 Linnet - Linnaria cannabina
  16. Tragic if true. If anyone hears anymore I hope they will let us know. Fingers crossed in the meantime.
  17. Started on this today, @Caracal - thanks so much for sharing these. It makes for fascinating reading.
  18. I agree, that gravel road is ok to drive
  19. we've been visiting KTP for more than ten years and never flown JOH to Upington. The trip can easily be driven over the course of two days (even in one day, if you decide to hurry), so by flying you gain one on each leg max. Not worth it for us, especially since renting a vehicle in Upington will be so much more expensive than renting it in Jo'burg As others have said: a 4x2 is sufficient for all the major road. If you do get stuck, just wait until a 4x4 driver comes by, they will help you out
  20. As you say, flights to Upington are crazy expensive. Driving from JHB can easily be done in about 9 hours if driving over Van Zylsrus. Lots of people will warn you against this road, but you need not be concerned, this road is well maintained. You definately don't need a 4x4, the Avanza will be fine.
  21. it wouldn't surprise me at all: even in a super-controlled and mostly fenced enviroment like Kruger in ZA an entire pack was recently wiped out by canine distemper
  22. Having just returned from Etosha I would say that there is very little difference in the temperature between the two. Expect it to be hot. You do risk early rain in November so on balance I would say the earlier you go the better
  23. Thank you so much! Husband is. Ow going to be able to breathe...😎
  24. Our guide at Chobe Game Lodge, GAO, was the BEST of the 3 places we went to this May. She loved her job (many many years) and her excitement at each and every bird/animal was infectious! She would stay at any sighting as long as wanted by our fellow jeep-mates and took us out from 6-11:30 or 6-1:30 when we saw amazing sightings: for example, wild dogs on a chase and later lying around on ground, a series of crocs dragging a lechwe down a river and then devouring it (we watched for more than an hour!) Surprised that this place, which was WAY too impersonal and large for my tastes, had the BEST guide.... we also stayed at Kirkmans and The Hide in Zim, FYI.
  25. Fantastic start of report! Love the photos and your descriptions! More please.... am curious about your mobile experience.... thanks for taking the time to do this Vikram!
  26. @Tulips Wow, so many good sightings and you are only a few days in. I'm so glad you good to see your leopard -- and one so photogenically posed in a tree for you. It's such a thrill to see one for the first time. They are so beautiful and graceful. I love everything else, as well, though. It may sound funny, but I haven't yet seen a leopard tortoise or Secretarybird, so those would excite me! And the shot of the ostrich with the Crowned Crane is great! I hope the rains didn't interfere with your safari too much, but the area sure needed it. Things are looking more lush than I was expecting. We will be in Laikipia in early February, so it will be interesting to compare and contrast. Looking forward to more.
  27. Hi Game Warden, Nice to get your topic. I have recently visited Kanha National Park, India for wildlife Safari and stayed at Singinawa Jungle Lodge. Overall it was a great experience to experience the safari over there. The details of the lodge or accommodation is like: Company Name: Singinawa Jungle Lodge Website: Location: Village Kohka, PO Tehsil Baihar, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh 481111 Contact Details: +91 124 4908610 Type of Accommodation: Cottages & Bungalows How to Reach: Reach there by air, train or road. Nearest station and airport is Jabalpur and it will take nearly 4 hours from Jabalpur to Singinawa Jungle Lodge by road.
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